Off the Grid

Off the Grid by ghostreader24 will be published as . . .

Off the Grid (The Michigan Wildflower Series: Book One) by Kay Richard.

Summary: Through years of dedication, Andrew Clarke has evolved from his humble Midwest beginnings to become one of Hollywood’s most highly sought-after actors. He has taken roles often overlooked by others, turning them into opportunities and showcasing his undeniable talent. While Andrew has built a career admired by his contemporaries, it has come at a price—the ever-present scrutiny and constant intrusion into his life away from the cameras. With this grueling pace and lack of privacy, his once ideal life has lost its luster and he is rapidly approaching burnout. After Andrew demands a long-overdue break, his assistant puts his rigorous schedule on hold and arranges the perfect month-long secluded retreat.

When her grandmother was unexpectedly injured, Ellie Snow left college life behind and took over the management of their family farm nestled within the woods of Michigan, transforming it into a profitable business. Currently in the middle of a busy fall harvest season, she spends exhausting days alongside workers, hustling to meet demand. Together, they gather apples from the orchards and pumpkins from the fields—all bound for the local cider mill. Her recent renovations of the old farmhouse into a fledgling bed and breakfast have brought some unexpected attention from a guest desperately seeking solace. 

Surrounded by the simple comforts of life, Andrew savors every moment on the farm, but especially those of his blossoming friendship with Ellie. When their friendship turns into something more, will he trade his life full of red-carpet premieres for the dirt roads carrying him back to a love he finds off the grid?