M. Parfait – Chapter 9

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“It’s midnight. One half of Paris is making love to the other half.” -Melvyn Douglas

Chapter Nine



Something is tickling my back as I regain consciousness.

“It’s time to wake up.”

His voice is soft but his beard tickles as he places gentle kisses all over my naked back.

“Stop!” I giggle when he finds a sensitive spot.

I’m on my stomach, lost in the pillowy comfort surrounding us wearing only a sheet from my waist down.

“Rise and shine, sleepyhead.” He pulls away the sheet, and his hands start a careful exploration of my body.

A low moan escapes my throat when his nimble fingers move between my legs. “Mmmmm, Edward.”

“Time to wake up, sweetheart.” He pauses his teasing, waiting for a response.

I crack open my eyes to see Edward bright-eyed and smiling back at me.

“Maybe just a few more minutes. It’s still dark outside.” I bargain while my body relaxes under his tender touch, and I start to drift back asleep.

“Bella, I want more than a few minutes.” He removes his fingers then kisses my temple. “I need you, again.”

I feel the bed shift as he moves between my legs.

“Again? We just—” I lose my train of thought and sigh when his hands start massaging my cheeks.

His hands move lower to my thighs, positioning me on my knees with my ass in the air. The cool morning air on my skin is a stark contrast to the heat from Edward’s cock as he glides it through my folds with ease.

I welcome the warmth of his body when he leans over resting his chest against my back, kissing my neck.

“Yes, again, Bella,” he whispers next to my ear. He moves my hair to one side, while his cock toys with me moving slowly back and forth along my slit. “I always need you.”

I melt at his words. He’s insatiable.

Edward tilts his hips to where his cock rests at my puckered opening. “How about here? Do you want me to take you here?”

My body immediately tenses, and I’m suddenly wide-awake as Edward chuckles and goes back to moving his cock as before.

“Uh, I don’t know. I’ve never—”

“It’s okay. When you’re ready, let me know.” He shifts his weight onto one arm then a hand moves down between us.

I feel his thumb resting where his cock was hoping for entry moments ago.

He presses on the opening and my hips move away in response. “It’s something to work up to doing, and it’s important for you to be relaxed.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?” I’m a wimp when it comes to pain.

Edward shakes his head and removes his thumb, causing my body to flatten on the bed and relax once again. “Not if I prepare you properly. You might actually love it.”

“The jury is still out on that one, but maybe someday I’ll be willing to try.”

“That’s all I ask. Keep an open mind.” He leans down and kisses my shoulder while guiding his cock back to my opening.

With my limited movement, I’m able to push my hips toward his and barely able to get the tip inside of me.

“Do you want it, baby?” he taunts, staying just out of my reach.

“Edward, stop teasing me.” I moan, wanting to end his torture. My lower body lifts up again seeking his, but he evades my attempt at guiding him farther inside.

“My dirty girl. Your pussy is begging for my cock.”

I try to open my legs wider, but I can’t because his legs straddling mine are preventing my movements. “I thought you needed me,” I whine.

“Oh, baby, you’re right. I do.” He thrusts his hips forward and buries his cock inside of me in one swift movement.

“Edward.” I gasp. There are so many new sensations coursing throughout my body. I am helpless on my stomach in this position, but just let myself feel and relish his demanding invasion.

“Bella,” he grits out. “So fucking incredible. Keep your legs together. I’m going to fuck you like this.”

Edward doesn’t give me long to adjust to his size and begins thrusting back and forth immediately. “Baby, this is going to be quick.”

He woke me up twice in a similar manner throughout the night. At first, I thought I was dreaming, only to finally wake and find Edward buried inside me each time in various positions, drawing the orgasms from my body in ways only he knows how.

Now, my exhaustion is at an all-time high. I also may have a slight hangover, but I refuse to let him think I can’t hold my champagne.

Edward speeds up as he pushes his body in and out of mine until he is gasping for air.

My hands push against the headboard helping to hold my body in place.

His hips slam against mine with one final thrust as his body pulses inside mine in record time.

“Oh, Bella.” He growls then collapses on top of me, squishing me into the bed.

I love the feel of him covering me everywhere. It’s a closeness I’ve never experienced until Edward. However, breathing is going to be an issue soon.

A slow smile spreads across my face. “What a way to start the day. I’ve come to the conclusion an Edward alarm is my favorite way to wake up.”

Neither of us makes a move to change our position, but Edward supports his upper body with his arms, which allows me some much-needed deep breaths.

“I’ve left you breathless.” His mouth nibbles on the edge of my ear, then sucks on the sensitive place behind it.

“Suffocation isn’t the same.” I chuckle.

Edward’s voice is soft and tender. “I don’t think I will ever get enough of you, Bella.”

“I hope not,” I whisper. I turn my head to press our lips together in a sweet kiss, feeling overwhelmed with my need for this man.

Edward must feel the heaviness of our mood, because he changes the subject. “What are we doing today?” He moves to the other side of my neck.

“Mmmmm, this is good.” I look toward the windows to find light just starting to brighten the sky. “We could go see more of the city. I have a special place I want you to see.”

“Oh yeah?” He pauses his assault on my neck. “I want us to go check out Père Lachaise Cemetery later this afternoon.”

“Really? A cemetery? Sounds kind of creepy.” I fake a shiver.

“Trust me. This will be one you won’t forget.”

“Okay. Maybe afterward we can go check out the Louvre. It’s open late tonight so it may not be so crowded.”

“I think we have a plan. However, I’m not sure how to leave this bed.” Edward thrusts forward, reminding me that though he’s only semi-hard he’s still nestled inside my body.

I moan at his reminder while he nibbles on my shoulder.

“Edward, we should get up and get ready. We need food and to explore more of the city.”

With one more kiss on my shoulder, he climbs off my spent body. “You don’t seem in any hurry.” He bites my lower cheek and playfully smacks my ass a little harder than I am expecting.

“Hey!” I reach around to hold my cheek, but Edward’s hand is there first rubbing away the sting.

“Did you like that? Fuck, Bella. There’s so much to try with you. I may need to give my dirty girl a spanking later.” He smiles with a twinkle in his eye.

I push up my body and move to a sitting position, keeping my ass from getting his spanking now. “I don’t know. Maybe?” I let out a groan, feeling my body full of sore muscles.

Edward’s face is full of concern. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you? You have to tell me when I push you too far.”

“I’m fine. Trust me. We are using muscles that have never been used before now, which makes them a little achy.”

“Are you too tired to go out?”

“And miss Paris? No way. I hardly got any sleep last night with you waking me up constantly. It’s not my fault.”

“I let you sleep for a few hours, then I couldn’t wait any longer.” He wiggles his eyebrows and moves off the bed. “I have needs that only you can satisfy, sweetheart.”

I watch him walk to the bathroom ogling his naked body, then fall back on the pillows.

“By any chance have we met those needs?” I wonder, staring at the ornate ceiling above.

He leans out of the bathroom with his toothbrush in his mouth and grins. “For now.”


Our hotel arranges a taxi to take us to the Île de la Cité and our first stop of the day, Sainte-Chapelle. With Edward’s love and passion for stained glass, I knew this was one of those stops we couldn’t miss.

We are both blown away by the gothic architecture and exquisite windows featuring extremely detailed stories from the Bible. It’s a gorgeous sunny day, which brings to life some of the most breathtaking creations I’ve ever seen.

Edward and I find a seat and marvel at the incredible beauty found in this secluded church.

“It’s astounding. I’ve never seen anything like it, and to think it’s one of the few remains from medieval France.” Edward looks around in awe.

“I’m amazed it survived World War II and the French Revolution. It’s truly a hidden gem.”

Edward reaches over to lace our fingers together. His eyes bore into mine with extreme gratitude. “Thank you, Bella. This absolutely blows me away.”

I lean in and give him a quick peck on the lips, as a larger guided group begins to fill the church pews. “Come on. Let’s go check out the prison next door.”

We walk around the Conciergerie and learn more about the French Revolution with the self-guided tour. While the building holds some astonishing architecture, it is a little eerie to know this is the place where most prisoners waited their turn at the guillotine. Marie Antoinette is one of the most famous, but many died here from the plague spread by rats from the Seine River.

Edward and I don’t stay long and make the short walk to Notre-Dame mesmerized by the French Gothic architecture of the cathedral once we arrive. After waiting in line, we shuffle inside the crowded church to view some more amazing stained glass, but it’s nothing like Sainte-Chapelle. We are then directed up the stairs to check out the gargoyles and look out over Paris.

“Are you very religious?” I wonder, staring out at the bustling city, snapping a few photos.

“No, not really. That seems quite odd with my job, doesn’t it?”

“Here, turn around and we can try to get a selfie with a gargoyle.” Edward and I get cozy while I take the photos then slide my phone back in my pocket.

“Not really. You’re more artist than anything. I was just wondering since it would seem you are probably working in churches quite regularly. Are you ready to head back down?”

“Sure. Sometimes, we do a site visit, but most installations are completed locally. They usually send us photos of damage then use local contractors to remove a window, and ship it to us for repair.”

“Oh, that makes sense.” I grab onto the railing hoping to keep my balance on the steep steps.

We make it back down to ground level and outside the church. The lines are long by now with a huge crowd milling around the entrance. We accidently bump into various people while trying to make our way back to one of the footbridges to cross the river.

“Geesh, I’m glad to be away from there. I’m not a fan of crowds.” I look at the bridge. “Hey, this is one of those bridges with the locks.”

“What does that mean?” Edward wonders and looks around.

“Love locks? You haven’t heard of them?”

“No.” He shrugs.

“Well, tourists, I guess mostly, buy a lock and lovers write their initials and a date on the lock then fasten it to the metal of the bridge thinking it will last forever. They throw the key in the river as a symbol of unbreakable love. I was reading about this several years ago. Unfortunately, the weight of the locks causes structural issues for the bridge. They’ve since removed something like forty-five tons of them, but they keep popping up. I’m sure the city will continue to remove them, which is kind of sad but necessary.”

“It looks like a bunch of barnacles.”

“Yeah, it does. There was a main bridge where they were. I think, the Pont des Arts. When the panels of locks were removed, people started leaving love locks on the other bridges along the Seine.”

“People can’t help themselves. It is the City of Love after all.” Edward leans in and steals a kiss.

I smile at him and know how easy it is to get lost in his beautiful green eyes. “You’re right. I can’t help myself when it comes to you either.”

We interlace our fingers and walk across the bridge, noticing a vendor selling locks on the other side.

“Do you want to buy a lock? You could have it as a souvenir,” Edward offers, as he goes to pull out his wallet.

“Sure.” I peruse the offered selections.


I look over at Edward wondering what can be wrong.

“My wallet is gone.” He checks and rechecks his pockets.

“Are you sure?” I start to look around thinking maybe it just fell out of his pocket on the ground.

“I still have my phone, but no wallet.” He sighs.

“It will be okay. Let’s think.” I start to formulate a plan. “What was in there?”

“I don’t know. Some cash, my ATM card, and a couple of credit cards,” he tries to recall.

“You need to call your bank first and tell them what happened. Maybe they can wire you some money.”

“Okay, I should have the phone numbers in my contacts.” He scrolls through his phone trying to locate the correct number.

I lead him over to a bench, look out over the Seine, and enjoy the tranquil view, while Edward, who is anything but tranquil, makes his first call.

Twenty minutes later, Edward wraps up the call with his bank and moves on to call his credit card companies. Fortunately, I still have my wallet and let Edward know where I’m headed by pointing toward a nearby vendor to grab us some food.

I return with drinks and crêpes just as Edward is ending his call.

“I got you a ham and cheese crêpe. I hope you’re okay with mushrooms, olives, and tomatoes. It’s just how the guy made it.” I hand him a bottle of water too.

Edward looks relieved. “Thanks. I’m starving. What did you get?”

My solid, chocolate heart beams with pride. “Nutella and banana.”

“So you do like bananas,” Edward confirms, taking a large bite.

“I’m pretty flexible on those. Your dad is quite passionate when it comes to fruit?” I recall his outburst about banana pudding when we were all waiting for Emmett to wake up in the hospital.

Edward shrugs. “Not just fruit, he likes to argue about anything.”

“Were you able to make all the necessary calls?” I catch a drip of warm Nutella in my mouth before it falls on the ground.

“Nice save. And yes, I’m all done. My bank is going to wire money, and I can pick it up at any Western Union, which they said are in most post offices here. I told them where we were staying, and they have several locations in the area. Thank goodness I left my driver’s license and a few other credit cards I knew I wouldn’t need with my passport in the hotel safe.”

I finish chewing another bite. “That was smart. We should only take what we need with us. I’ll leave most of my stuff in the hotel safe when we get back tonight.”

“It probably happened when we were leaving Notre-Dame.” Edward finishes his crêpe.

I’m nodding my head in agreement; that’s the only place we’ve encountered so many people today. “It’s easy to get distracted with those crowds. There are a lot of people jostling you as you try to escape. Let alone, the people who are stopping and actually trying to scam tourists.”

Edward leans back and takes a deep breath. “Well, we still have your wallet and cards. I think we should continue our plans for the rest of the day.”

“I already bought our tickets for the Louvre, and we can hop on the Metro to go check out the cemetery you wanted to see.” I finish the last bite of my chocolaty goodness.

He grins. “You don’t realize it, but you’re going to like it too.”