M. Parfait – Chapter 8

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“Even the pigeons are dancing, kissing, going in circles, mounting each other. Paris is the city of love, even for the birds.” – Samantha Schutz

Chapter Eight



“Edward, come on.”

“Do you really think it’s a good idea?”

“Yes, it’s a great idea. It’s a champagne kiosk at the top of the Eiffel Tower. I need to partake. They wouldn’t have it up here if it wasn’t a good idea.”

Edward shakes his head, not buying what I’m selling. “I’m going to pass on this one, but you go ahead.”

I’m not sure if it’s drinking champagne in the morning or just the drinking itself. Edward says he is feeling better today; however, I’m not going to push him. So, I pay my thirteen euros and enjoy our view from the top of the tower.

“Isn’t the sunrise gorgeous?” Someone should pinch me, because this feels a lot like dreaming. I can’t believe I’m here.

Edward’s warm arms surround my body, as I sip on my second glass of the day. He doesn’t need to know, but I already had a glass and two macarons back at the hotel while he was getting ready. There wasn’t much left in our bottle, but I’m certainly unwilling to let any go to waste on my watch. I also took note that my macaron supply is dwindling so I need to find another supplier during today’s outing. Fortunately, I have two in mind.

We woke up early and made the trek to the top of the Eiffel Tower. It was our first time using the Metro, but we figured it out easy enough after walking from the hotel to Boissière station then took the sixline to Bir-Hakeim station followed by a short walk to the tower. With few fellow passengers at this hour, it was worth the early alarm, as we are now watching the sunrise while the city slowly wakes.

“It’s amazing, but cold up here with the wind whipping at us.” Edward shivers.

I nod my agreement and down the last of my glass. “Let’s go back down.”

We leave the Tower, happy not to be stuck in the now-long lines waiting to shuffle through security then make the trip up to the top.

“What’s next on your agenda?” Edward looks around at the crowd.

I try to think, already a little buzzed this morning.

“Let’s make our way down the Champs-Élysées and go up in the Arc de Triomphe. There may be a store or two I’m interested in stopping at and doing a bit of shopping along the way.” I give him a sneaky grin, as we walk along the sidewalk.

“Okay, I can do shopping. I have a store in mind too, but maybe a little later on our way back.” He smirks.

I’m not sure which store he’s talking about, but I’ll play along. If he’s willing to go to mine, then I’ll definitely go to his.

Several bright red sports cars parked along the curb catch my eye. “Edward, look! I could drive a Lamborghini or a Ferrari in Paris!” I pull him in their direction, thinking about the possibilities.

“Bella, I’m not sure that’s something you should be doing sober or not.”

“Hey! I’m a great driver, and I’ve only had a bit of champagne. Don’t be such a party pooper.” I look over the cars in wonder and whisper, “Do you think I would have to do a breathalyzer? Because I’m pretty sure I could pass at this point.”

“Pass or not. This is Paris. The traffic is crazy.” He looks around at the other cars racing by us.

“I’m positive they have a guy who goes along with you and makes sure you do all the right things. It’s only eighty-nine euros. A once in a lifetime chance, Edward.” I read from the sign, then turn to give Edward my best pout, which usually works to get my way.

“I’ll make you a deal. If you can tell me how many dollars, then we’ll do it.”

Shit. My brain can’t think, which I’m sure is his point.

He senses my distress and chuckles knowing he’s won this round. “How about we come back to this idea another day?”

I let out a small sigh. “Fine. Another time.”

Edward puts his arm around my shoulders, and I interlace our fingers, then wrap my other arm around his waist. We walk a leisurely pace browsing storefront windows along the tree-lined, cobblestoned streets.

I look up at Edward to find him relaxed and smiling as we walk. He catches me staring up at him and leans down to place a sweet kiss on my lips.

“How about we grab something to eat and a coffee?” He looks around for a suitable café nearby.

I smile widely. “I know the perfect spot. It’s just ahead.”

It doesn’t take long for us to arrive at my intended destination. I stop in front of the doors of Ladurée with Edward chuckling and following behind me.

“This is like your headquarters for alcohol and sugar,” he teases, and pulls open the door, allowing me to enter first.

“Hey, I think this one also serves food, so you will be happy, too. Plenty of protein for my growing boy.” I pinch his cheek.

“Keep that up and something else will be getting pinched.” He warns, but pinches my butt anyway.

“Hey!” I jump and grab his hand. “Come on you.”

A hostess directs us to a small table with two chairs, and we discuss all of our options on the menu, which is entirely in French. Fortunately, my ability to read French is better than my ability to speak it, which makes finding our favorites on the menu much easier. I decide on a chocolate croissant with a hot chocolate, because Edward gives me the hard side-eye when I look too closely at the champagne selections. He orders an omelet with ham and veggies and a coffee.

“Oh Edward, look!” I point to the sign. “It says they will deliver locally within two hours. Isn’t that great? I can just have them deliver macarons to our hotel from here on out.”

“How convenient for you.” He sips on his coffee.

I marvel over the glass cases packed full with a huge variety of pastel macarons and an array of pastries that look like individual edible works of art.

Our food arrives and Edward eats as though he was never sick, not leaving a crumb on his plate. He’s right. His bounce back is spectacular, but I already know he’s amazing.

I enjoy the perfect breakfast of chocolate with a side of chocolate. However, my breakfast companion makes everything even better. He’s my very own, Monsieur Parfait. Edward doesn’t know I call him the French equivalent of Mr. Perfect in my head, and I hope it won’t slip out. He would tease me relentlessly if he knew.

Edward settles our bill and leisurely enjoys another cup of coffee, while he waits for me to finish. When I do, I walk over wide-eyed and giddy to the glass cases, and purchase another box filled with a dozen new varieties of macarons. With Edward pulling me out the door, I reluctantly leave one of my new favorite places.

The walk to the Arc de Triomphe from Ladurée only takes us about ten minutes. I snap a bunch of photos along the way including plenty of selfies with Edward. When we finally arrive, we use the underground tunnel from the Wagram exit of the Metro to avoid the swirling traffic filling the roundabout.

With our advance purchase tickets, we skip the lines and make our way up the over two hundred and eighty stairs to the top. I’m sweaty and winded when we get there, but Edward looks as fresh as ever.

The views of Paris are nothing short of spectacular. We spend about thirty minutes at the top. I take plenty of photos of the city from this unique perspective before we make our way back down. The structure itself is huge and a magnificent homage to those who fought and died for France.

“Where should we go next?” Edward looks around at the busy Paris traffic, then leads me back to the underground tunnel.

“How about we head in the direction of the Louvre and maybe checkout the Jardin des Tuileries?”

“It works for me.” Edward leans down and leaves a peck on my lips. “I’m game for anything.”

After about thirty minutes, I can see we have almost reached our destination, but Edward decides we need to make a detour.

“Trust me.” He smirks, guiding me in another direction.

Immediately, I realize his intentions when I find myself standing in front of Agent Provocateur.

“Edward! We can’t go in there.” I spin around and look up into his twinkling green eyes.

“Why? This is something for both of us, and you said you were interested in making some additions and upgrades. This seems like the perfect opportunity,” he says with a devious grin.

“It’s way too expensive.” I look back at the store.

“Let me be the one to decide on that. I understand they serve free champagne,” he taunts.

Shit. Edward has learned my Achilles heel. Of course, now he’s going to use it against me.

“Fine, but I’m only doing this for you,” I warn.

“Right.” He chuckles. “You keep telling yourself that.”

I grab onto Edward’s hand and hold it tightly as we enter the store.

“Bonjour, bienvenue à Agent Provocateur,” the saleswoman greets us.

“Bonjour, parlez-vous anglais?” I ask with fingers crossed.

“Yes, my name is Gee. How can I help you?”

I’m sure I blush a hundred shades of pink as my eyes take in all of the barely there lingerie surrounding us. “I think we would just like to look around at the moment.”

“Certainly, if you would like to try anything on, please let me know. You were smart to bring a second opinion with you.” She winks and moves to another section of the store.

Edwards whispers near my ear, startling me from the racks of unmentionables. “Someone has an admirer.”

I whisper, “You don’t know that. Maybe she meant it for you.”

He chuckles. “I don’t think so.”

We walk around the store, and it turns out Edward has a lot of opinions. “Yes.” “Maybe.” “I would need to see that one on.” I don’t think he turns anything away until I have more than a handful of items to try.

Gee reappears suddenly. “You have made some wonderful selections. Would you like to use one of our private fitting rooms?” She reaches for the items I’m juggling.

“That would be great.” I’m happy to hand them over and follow her toward the back of the store. She uses a key to open a fitting room door, hanging my selections on a rack inside.

Edward looks at the chairs sitting in the waiting area outside of the changing rooms. “Should I wait here?” He points.

“Oh no, monsieur. There is plenty of room for you inside. I’m sure Mademoiselle would prefer it as well. Let me know if you need any different sizes. I will be happy to help.” She smiles, then returns to the main area of the store, leaving us alone without any others in the fitting room area.

I feel Edward nudging me forward before I have a chance to move. “You heard her. We have things to try. Move that ass, sweetheart.” He swats me lightly.

“All right, Mr. Pushy.” I grin, as he closes the door behind us.

We enter the room and check out our surroundings. It is quite large for a fitting room and is decorated with bold yet subtle colors of purple and red with touches of black throughout. Edward makes his way to an upholstered, comfy looking chair in the corner. Oddly enough, there is also room to accommodate a velvet chaise lounge and a huge black-framed mirror leaning against one of the walls.

There’s a curtained off area next to the rack, so I grab the first thing I see and get started. I’m wearing only my nude-colored underwear behind the curtain when I hear a knock on the door.

“I got it.” I listen as Edward moves around the room and opens the door.

My curiosity gets the better of me, and I peek around the curtain. I find Gee standing in the doorway holding a tray with four filled champagne glasses. “Champagne?”

“Of course.” Edward opens the door a little wider.

“I will leave these here. Let me know if you need any refills.” She moves toward a table I didn’t see next to Edward’s chair and leaves the tray of crystal glasses.

“Merci,” I say, getting her attention.

Her eyes linger in my direction, then she smiles and leaves us alone once again.

I finish putting on the first outfit. It’s a black baby doll set, which is the most modest of Edward’s selections, even though the cups of the chest and panties are entirely see through.

Since I had no idea of Edward’s intentions for this shopping trip, I got lucky by wearing my nude underwear today. I can try everything on over those and it won’t detract from how the lingerie will look without them later.

I step out from behind the curtain and go to make a beeline for the champagne when Edward stops me.

“Hold it right there.” He puts out a hand to prevent me from advancing any farther.

I pause and instantly feel self-conscious. My buzz from my morning champagne is completely worn off, and I’m more than ready for a fresh glass. I use my arms and hands to prevent revealing myself to him. “You said I could have champagne. It was part of the deal, and trust me, I’m going to need it with what’s still left on the rack.” I point back toward the curtain.

Edward chuckles and twirls a finger indicating he wants me to spin around. “First, I need to see what you’re wearing.” He gently tugs my arms and hands away from my body.

I do a slow spin, giving him plenty of time to admire the view from both front and back.

“Well?” I watch his face carefully with worry he won’t approve. “What do you think of this one?”

“Mmmmm.” Edward’s eyes linger on my chest then continue to drift lower.

“Keeper or no?” I wait and start to fidget under his perusal.

His eyes move back up my body then our gazes lock when he finally gives me a crooked grin. “Definitely a keeper.”

I release a huge sigh of relief and walk over toward the table near him with the tray.

He doesn’t stop me this time, but I let out a squeak when I feel his hand run up and down the back of my thigh, playing with the edge of my panties.

With a glass in hand, I take a quick sip then down the remaining contents in two gulps. I consider another glass, as Edward interrupts my internal debate.

“Um, Bella. How about you sit on the chaise?” He points in its direction.

“Oh, okay.” I move over to the chaise and sit tentatively on the edge, as Edward whips out his phone.

He already has it pointed in my direction when he asks, “Can I?”

Edward wants to take photos.

Oh, dear.

I knew this was coming after our discussion.

Can I do this?

If he wants photos, then I must look good. I glance down and do a quick survey, hoping all of my parts are fairly concealed, then cross my legs in a more posed position. I lean back, pulling my hair up and allowing it to spill over the curved back while my entire body adjusts to the sensual curves of the chaise. My back naturally arches in this position, which pushes my chest upward leaving me completely on display. I feel sexy and can only hope Edward likes the view. I keep my eyes closed and take a few deep breaths while trying to relax and let the champagne ease my nerves.

“Bella.” His voice is a low whisper. I can hear him move around me knowing he’s getting various angles.

Clearly, the people here knew what they were doing by putting the chaise in the fitting room, and Gee’s encouraging Edward to wait within the confines of the room tells me she’s well aware of the shenanigans that take place back here. However, I had no idea I was doing a private fitting and photoshoot today.

“Open your eyes,” he requests, as he lets out a deep breath he’s been holding.

When I do, I look directly at Edward’s phone giving him my most seductive smile. “‘Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.’” I barely get out the famous line from Titanic between Rose and Jack before losing my composure and my giggles take over. Despite my attempt at humor and lighting the sexually charged mood, Edward never stops adjusting his phone and taking pictures.

I’m ready to move us along, so I ask, “Are you ready for the next outfit?”

Edward slips his phone in his pocket, then leans in for a kiss more passionate than I am expecting. I’m breathless and a bit off guard when he finally pulls away.

“Let’s hope I don’t have a heart attack from some of them. This one alone is making me extremely hard.” He adjusts his tightening pants.

There’s a bit more sway in my hips, as I make my way to the other side of the curtain. I hope I always have the same kind of effect on Edward as he does on me.

Throughout the afternoon, I try on various body suits, bra and panty sets, slips, and corsets in a variety of colors with only a few exchanges for different sizes with Gee’s assistance. The lace, silks, and satins feel like a dream on my skin, and I’m sure Edward has plenty of photos indicating my own arousal and excitement at this impromptu fashion show.

I down my third glass of champagne when Edward can’t take anymore and puts away his phone.

His voice is raw with want and need. “Hands on the mirror and spread your legs.”

I feel a warm, relaxed buzz throughout my body, as I brace myself and comply with his instructions.

“Farther.” He pushes my feet wider and his hand slides my underwear to the side, slipping two fingers inside of me.

I moan at his touch and my eyes close in bliss when he starts easily pumping his fingers in and out of me.

He whispers near my ear, and I feel his breath fan out along my neck. “Such a naughty girl. So wet. Practically begging me to fuck you right here. Is that what you want, Bella? For me to make you come on my fingers, or maybe you want my cock?”

I pant and groan as he speeds up his movements. “Edward, please.”

Edward slides his other hand into my hair, grabs a handful, and tugs my head back. “Look in the mirror. Look at you. Panting for my cock.”

When I do, I’m shocked at the woman before me. She looks sexy, confident, and completely enraptured by her lover who plays her body like a fine instrument of pleasure.

“So greedy.” His hand moves from my hair to my chest squeezing and moving from one breast to the other then pinching and pulling each nipple into a stiff peak.

“Ah, Edward,” I whine, needing more of everything and squirming against him.

“Hold still. You’ll come when I’m ready for you to come.” His fingers pumping inside me slow slightly at my impatience.

I stare into the mirror, my half-lidded eyes full of lust. My nipples pucker tightly against the thin silk bra, begging for more of his touch. My breasts are scarcely contained inside of the bra and threatening to spill out from his constant fondling. They beg for release, as I push out my chest toward his hand hoping he won’t stop.

“I know what you want. Such a tease making my cock so hard.” Edward carefully watches my reactions in the mirror.

I look wild with my long, dark hair flowing every which way over my arms and shoulders. The black and nude bra and panty set with garters and hose looks like I’ve been carefully tied up with straps or ropes for some BDSM fantasy. The nude color of the material matches my skin tone perfectly.

Any worries I may have had about Edward’s current plans here in this fitting room have long since vanished with the contents of three champagne glasses. My inhibitions are completely nonexistent, as my hands grip the frame.

I’m jarred from the fantasy before me when I feel Edward remove his fingers, grab my hips roughly, then thrust his cock inside in one smooth motion. He lets out a growl of relief, as I moan at the intrusion.

“You’re mine, Bella.” He gasps and tightens his fingers on my hips. “You feel so fucking good. This is going to be quick.”

My knuckles are turning white while I hold tightly onto the mirror when he starts to move. My eyes find his reflected ones not wanting to miss a single bit of his desire for me and hoping he sees the same reflected back at him.

He pushes me forward slightly, causing my back to arch, as I watch his hands boldly explore my every curve over the silky lingerie.

His pace isn’t slow by any means, and I know this is going to be over fast as his breaths are heavy against the bare skin of my back. It has been a nonstop slow tease since we entered the store, which is about to end in our mutual pleasured release.

Edward continues his firm touches, rubbing and stroking me everywhere while leaving fiery kisses and occasional bites on my shoulders and back.

“Edward.” I whisper his name like a strangled plea. “Mark me.” Our eyes connect in the mirror once more while he firmly pushes and pulls my body to meet his.

“Yeah? You want it, baby? You want my come?” He gives me a sly grin.

I’m helpless but to hang on and watch the erotic dance between two lovers peak when he slips his hand inside my panties. Two fingers come in contact with my clit sending me over the edge after only the slightest of touches.

“Oh, yes Edward. Yes!” I gasp out at the sensations.

He prolongs my release never ceasing the movements of his hand. I gasp and grit my teeth with my entire body clenched while falling over the edge into waves and waves of pleasure.

I’m panting loudly, and push my ass toward Edward as he continues to pound his body into mine. My whole body jerks and sways in the mirror with his every plunge inside of me.

With a few more thrusts, Edward lets out a primal but quiet roar when he finally pulses and releases. “Oh, Bella. Fuck!” He slams into me, holding us together tightly.

I feel his chest against my back as he tries to catch his breath.

“Baby.” He chuckles and places a kiss on my shoulder, then slides from my body.

“I guess we’re taking all of these.” He pants and waves his hand to the rack.

I’ve tried on every outfit, and well, this last one we have definitely tainted a bit.

I chuckle and point to the thong which is thoroughly destroyed and soaked by both of us. “Definitely this one. Let’s hope Gee is understanding about its…status.”

I feel Edward’s come start to trickle down my legs and go to grab a couple of tissues when he stops me.

“Can you leave it?” His eyes plead for my consent, as I notice his jeans pooled around his ankles.

He pulls up his pants tucking himself back inside, then grabs his phone from the pocket. Edward bends down and snaps a few photos of his handiwork, moving me over to lean against the curved back of the chaise as he spreads my feet farther apart.

“I should have made a video of us. That was incredibly hot. This is, too,” he tells me, as he stares at his phone, flipping through the current images.

I stand up straight, move away from the chaise, and use a few tissues. “I’m going to go change, then we can pay for your selections.”

“Sounds good.” He’s completely entranced by his phone and returns to the corner chair, while I make my way behind the curtain.

When I’m finally dressed, we walk to the counter to find Gee ready to ring up our purchases.

Her eyes find mine and she smirks. “You had lots of success, no?”

“I did. Your lingerie is amazing. It feels so wonderful against my skin.” I hardly blush at this point. I’m loaded with three glasses of champagne and just had dressing-room-against-a-mirror sex with the most perfect man in the world. Let’s just say, I’m feeling pretty incredible.

“I’m so glad. Your payment, sir?” She prompts Edward from his own post-sex daze.

He hands over his credit card, and I try to see the total but only get a brief glimpse.

“Are you staying nearby?” she inquires. She carefully wraps each selection in tissue paper, then places it in its own box.

Edward signs the slip and hands it back to Gee. “Yes, at the Saint James Paris.”

“Avenue Bugeaud?” She verifies the location then compares his signature with his credit card.

“That’s the one,” Edward confirms.

“Good, then I will have your purchases delivered to your hotel for you. You probably have other plans for today? No reason to carry it all with you.”

We both look at each other, then break out laughing. “I don’t think either of us has a clue what those are at this point.” I giggle, probably revealing too much about what has transpired in the fitting room.

“Ah, well enjoy the rest of your afternoon. Au revoir.” She winks at me one last time.

“Merci, Gee. Au revoir.” I give her a small wave, then Edward grabs my hand and leads me from the store.

“Well, that was amazing.” I can’t help but smile from ear to ear.

“I’m glad you had a good time.” He looks like the cat that just ate the canary.

“A good time? No, Edward. I had a great time. Now what should we do?” I’m feeling no pain, but my feet want to dance along the sidewalk. I manage to spin in front of him with his guidance.

He pulls me into his arms, then dips me backward. “How about we go wander through the Jardin des Tuileries, since we are still so close. Maybe we can grab some food and have a picnic of sorts.” He gives me a quick peck on the lips and pulls me back upright into a standing position.

“A picnic in Paris!” I jump up and lock my arms and legs around Edward as he holds me against his body. “What could be more perfect than a perfect picnic with Mr. Perfect in perfect Paris?” I exclaim.

“That was quite the tongue twister. Mr. Perfect, huh?” Edward grins with this new information and waits for my perfect explanation.

“Oh, shit. You aren’t supposed to know about that.” I point to my head. “It’s supposed to stay up here. I’m sinking ships with my loose lips.”

Edward kisses me on the cheek and carries me in the direction of a food cart. “I know for a fact that you don’t have loose lips.” He kisses me again. “They are quite tight actually. Just how I like them.”

“You are such a dirty boy,” I whisper-yell.

I slide down Edward’s body, and he steadies me once my feet hit the ground. We pay for a couple of sandwiches, then start walking toward the gardens, wandering through the perfectly sculpted green hedges.

“If I’m a dirty boy, then what does that make you? My dirty girl? You do smell like sex.” He wiggles his eyebrows up and down.

“Me?” I unwrap my sandwich and take a large bite.

“Yes, you. Here’s a question for your champagne marinated brain. Why didn’t Gee interrupt us during our visit there? Because every time I try on clothing in a normal dressing room, the salespeople are constantly checking on me.”

I frown in confusion. “Well, she did check on us. She brought us the tray of champagne, plus got me some different sizes, then—”

It finally dawns on me. “No!”

Edward nods and takes another bite of his sandwich.

“Oh my goodness!” I cover a hand over my mouth. “You think she was watching us?”

“Probably on the security footage. Which means…”

He waits for me to catch up, but I have no idea what he’s getting at.

Edward finally leans in and gives me the answer. “There’s video of me fucking you in that dressing room.”

Oh shit!

“Edward! Do you think we’re going to be arrested?” My mind starts working overtime. “For I don’t know, public indecency or, or…” I can’t even think of the words. “Intoxication? I’m really starting to feel those three glasses now. Or indecent acts or hell, I don’t know what they would even call it, being bad tourists.” I throw my hands up in the air in frustration.

“I doubt it. This is Paris. I would imagine that isn’t the first time someone has had sex in those dressing rooms. Plus we did purchase everything you tried on, which left Gee with quite the commission. I think they’re just going to let it slide, but that doesn’t mean Gee didn’t keep a copy for herself.” Edward grins, as realization spreads over my face.

“You think she did?” I’m stunned and staring at my partially eaten sandwich.

“It’s a possibility. She did have eyes for you,” Edward teases, and finishes his food. “Maybe I can give her a call and have her make me a copy.”

“Oh, Edward. You and your obsession with these photos and videos.” I roll my eyes and hand him the rest of my sandwich.

“Bella, you have no idea how enticing you are, and absolutely breathtaking in every single one.”

“Okay, that’s it. Give me your phone and let me see,” I demand.

“If I let you have my phone, you have to promise not to delete any.”

“I promise.” I hold up my hand like a scout, but since I wasn’t one, I end up putting my hand over my chest because that’s what Americans do when we say the pledge of allegiance.

Edward unlocks his phone, finds the pictures from the store, and hands it over to me. “Let’s sit on a bench.” He throws the remains of our picnic lunch away.

We locate a bench far from the main path and sit. I start going through the photos finding some of the most amazing and revealing photos I’ve ever seen of myself. I’m shocked, to say the least, and since I’m still a little buzzed, it doesn’t take much to turn me on once again.

There are hundreds of photos, and I’m stunned by how I look in them. It’s that same confident, sexy woman I watched being fucked in the mirror. She looks incredible, and I can see why Edward is so proud of them.

I hand him back his phone and watch as he pockets it.

“What did you think?” He pulls me to his lap where I’m straddling his hips.

“I’m not really sure right now. I’m so turned on, I can’t think.”

Edward’s mouth crushes against mine, his tongue demanding entrance. His kisses are fiery and insistent, bruising my lips in a way never to let me forget I belong with him.

“Edward.” I gasp as I break away from his lips.

He continues down my neck, leaving what feels like another mark there, but at this point I could care less. Mark me up. I’m yours.

While we appear to be alone in this section of the garden, I don’t want us to get caught.

“Edward, we can’t do this here.” I look around for other people.

He moves down farther to leave kisses over my blouse-covered chest, tugging on the material with his teeth. “You’re right,” he agrees reluctantly. “Let’s go back to the hotel. Did you have any other plans for this evening?”

I lean back a bit. “Hmmm, let me think.” I hold out my fingers ticking off each item. “Macarons. Champagne. Naked Edward. Nope, I think that’s it.”

Edward lifts me off his lap and helps to stand me in front of him, then leans down and throws me over his shoulder.

I shriek, finding myself upside down and loosely holding onto my bag, which contains my beloved macarons.

“I better not lose my macarons, Edward!” I threaten through my fit of laughter.

He smacks my ass, and I squeal again. “Let’s go work on that list of yours, and hopefully, our purchases will arrive soon, then you can do another fashion show for me. Or maybe something more like a striptease.”

“Only if I get more champagne out of the deal.” I can’t believe I’m negotiating while holding onto his perfect ass.

“Sweetheart, you’re a horny drunk. Your Mr. Perfect will have them send up a bottle just for you.”

Oh dear. He is perfect.

Edward chuckles. “I heard that.”