M. Parfait – Chapter 6

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“For women the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time.” – Isabel Allende

Chapter Six


My nervous fingers shake slightly, as I unbutton his jeans and lower the zipper. Most of the time Edward goes commando, but sometimes he doesn’t. I can never predict; however, today, I find him wearing gray boxer briefs.

The fabric is soft against my fingers, but what lies underneath is hardening with every teasing pass I give. My fingertips move up to his waistband and pull down his underwear, freeing him completely to the cool air of the room. I watch Edward’s cock twitch and stand out from his body at full attention.

When he lets out a slight moan then sighs, I freeze in place. My eyes check to see if he’s awake and whether I’m busted before I even get started.

With no other reaction from Edward, I take him in my hand and wrap my fingers around his cock. I marvel at how silky the skin feels for something so veiny and rigid.

My curiosity finally gets the best of me, and I lean in to lick the head, tasting the salty liquid that gathers there. Feeling more confident, I wrap my lips around him and pull him into my mouth using a light suction.

“Mmmmm.” Edward starts to stir and his hips shift upward, pushing his cock farther in my mouth.

I pull away worried I may choke if I take in too much, too quickly. Breathing through my nose, I try again and make another successful pass up and down his length. Each stroke allows my confidence to build and my throat to relax a little more, until I can fit him almost entirely in my mouth and throat.

“Bella,” he whispers, and brushes several strands of my hair away from my face.

I pause my motions and nervously glance up at his face, hoping he isn’t going to stop me. His lust-filled eyes are half-open watching my every movement, and he urges me to continue.

“Keep going, sweetheart.” He lets out a gasp, as I take him in again. “Your mouth feels so wet and warm.”

With each pass my nervousness and anxiety decreases. I hold the base of his cock with one hand and continue to set a nice, easy pace, while my other slides past his jeans letting the back of my fingers gently rub his balls.

Wisps of hair fall all around me with my increased movements, and my teeth occasionally graze his length causing him to moan. I only pause briefly in frustration to tuck my hair behind my ears in an effort to keep it under control.

His voice is raspy. “Let me help.”

Edward’s hand comes to rest on the back of my head, then he starts gathering my long brown hair in one hand. Once it is in a makeshift ponytail, he takes control and moves my mouth up and down slowly over his cock.

The pull of my hair arouses me in ways I never imagined. I feel my own pleasure increase, and I surrender to Edward’s movements.

With my hair and mouth under his unwavering control, I let my hands drift. One goes back to holding his balls, lightly tugging and playing with them, which causes Edward to hum his approval. The other unties the belt of my robe and pulls back the sides. My hand slides between my legs, and I moan around his cock, when my fingers make contact with my swollen clit.

“Oh, baby.” His voice impatient with want and need. “Are you touching yourself?”

I try to answer “yes,” but it’s muffled with his cock in my mouth, which causes Edward to groan at the vibrations I’m creating.

He moves my head a little faster, and I know I’m close. Hopefully, Edward is too, as I’m not sure how much longer I will last.

Two of my fingers pause outside my wet opening then slide easily inside. I grind my hips against my hand, yet it isn’t enough. I’m frustrated knowing only Edward can satisfy me there and go back to rubbing my clit.

“Keep going,” Edward encourages and pants. “I’m almost there.”

Knock. Knock.

My hands freeze in place, even though Edward keeps moving my head, not missing a beat.

Anxiety pulses through my veins, and I start to panic. There’s someone at our door.

They probably have a key.

What if they use it, and find us here in quite the compromising position?

I moan at the thought of being seen or even getting caught, when Edward tugs on my hair a little harder getting my attention.

“It’s our food.” Edward groans, then his hips lift up off the sofa, pushing his cock deeply down my throat, causing me to sputter. “They will leave it. Stay with me. Focus, Bella. Don’t stop. Move your hand faster.”

I comply and focus once again on the feeling building between my legs. My hand moving faster than before we were interrupted. I’m teetering close to the edge, but need more.

As if sensing my need, Edward switches my ponytail to his other hand, continuing to move my mouth up and down his length, while his free hand reaches inside my robe, squeezing and massaging my breasts until both nipples harden to stiff peaks from his touch.

The new sensations from his hands overwhelm me, and my orgasm builds intensely like a roller coaster almost ready to plunge over a peak. I moan around Edward’s cock and fall into utter bliss, as waves and waves of heat and pleasure roar through my body.

“Look at me, Bella,” he demands. “Don’t you dare stop. I’m going to come in your mouth and you’re going to swallow every drop.”

I nod proudly at knowing my body is bringing Edward great pleasure. I close my eyes and surrender to the feelings, when I feel him pulse and empty in my mouth and down my throat.

“Ahhhhhh…Bella!” Edward rumbles, holding my head to his hips.

I start to panic but swallow quickly while trying to keep breathing through my nose.

His cock starts to soften in my mouth, then he yells out in relief. “Holy shit!”

Edward pulls on my ponytail, removing my mouth from his cock, then lifts me up on top of him. My entire naked body is flush against his clothed one. He fuses our mouths together in a fiery kiss filled with heat and desire. His tongue pushes past my lips searching and tasting every crevice of my mouth, while continuing to fan the flames of passion.

I’m breathless and panting when he pulls away and starts licking and nibbling a path to my ear.

“Edward.” I gasp. My eyes close when he sucks on the spot just behind my ear.

His mouth on my neck awakens other parts of my body, causing my legs to open wider and my hips to thrust against his cock nestling between my legs.

“Mmmmm, baby.” He sucks with more force on my neck, only to break away for a brief moment. “I’m going to mark you,” Edward whispers against my skin. “Everywhere.”

He looks up and gives me a mischievous grin, then reattaches his mouth to my neck leaving a path of kisses, and I’m sure more love bites.

“The food?” I manage to ask, but it’s difficult to concentrate when I feel his hands move under my robe.

Edward grabs my ass cheeks, squeezing and spreading them, then moving me higher on his body so my breasts are in line with his mouth. He sucks on one then the other while gliding me back and forth over his cock with ease. He suddenly shoves himself deep inside me in one easy stroke.

His pulls away from my chest and groans. His eyes close tightly. “Oh, Bella. I couldn’t wait any longer. You’re so tight and perfect. I had to be inside you.”

I moan at the intrusion and brace my hands on his chest, letting my head fall forward.

He sighs and moves my hair away from my face. “I can’t ever get enough.”

“I know. I feel it, too.” There isn’t anything that feels more right than when we are joined together. I’m addicted to this connection between us.

“Move for me, baby.” With Edward’s hands on my hips, he guides me up and down. “I’m going to mark you again.” I can hear the excitement in his voice, as he stares down between us, watching where our hips meet and grind together. “With my come.” He growls.

I groan at his words because everything about him excites me. I lean down to kiss his lips. “Is that a promise?” I taunt, and start riding him with more vigor. My breasts bounce faster in his face, and I pause briefly to pull off my robe, throwing it to the side of the sofa.

“Most definitely. You like that, don’t you?” He tucks his arms behind his head, as he watches me take control and fuck him.

I’m a sucker for his dirty words and innuendos. However, I know I flush with embarrassment, when we hear how wet I am, as the sounds of my movements echo throughout our room.

“Trust me, baby, I like that, too. Don’t ever be embarrassed. Knowing how wet I make you is such a turn on for me.” His hips lift up off the sofa to meet mine, while I grind down onto his.

His fingers reach up and trace the spots his mouth left on my neck and chest. “I like marking you. Do you like them?” He looks up at me with a knowing grin while waiting for my answer.

“Yes.” I go back to moving my hips up and down, feeling the beginnings of my orgasm building again, so I speed up my movements chasing my release.

“It means you’re mine. Do you like being mine?” His gaze is intense, as he waits for a response.

“Edward.” I’m having trouble focusing.

“Do you? I want to hear you say it.” His hands move to my thighs, then to my hips.

“Yes,” I manage to grunt out.

“Do you like fucking me? Because from here, it looks like you do.” He groans, as I sit up and change the angle he enters me.

A smile breaks out widely across my face and I chuckle. “It’s growing on me. I like being on top.” I speed up my movements.

Edward’s face grows serious. “Do you think our neighbors or the hotel staff can hear you? I don’t. I don’t think you’re being loud enough. I want them to hear us. You. They need to know who makes you feel like this. Because it’s me. Only me.”

His hands come back to find my breasts, squeezing and shoving them together.

“I’m going to fuck these gorgeous tits one day, Bella,” he says, playing with them. “They are the perfect handful. I’m sure you will like that, too.”

Exhaustion is starting to take over my muscles, and I’m not sure how much longer I can last.

“Are you ready to come for me, sweetheart?” Edward moves his hands between us, holding onto my inner thighs. His thumbs linger and come close to where I need him most.

I let out a bit of a squeak when they finally do come in contact with my clit, then he barely gives me the touch I need. I try to grind harder on him, searching for more from his hand, but he keeps it just out of reach.

“Do you want it, baby?” He taunts.

“Yes.” I gasp in frustration.

“No one can hear you. I’m sure you can do better.”

“Yes. Please, Edward,” I say a little stronger, knowing I’m so close.

“Nope. Not good enough. I want everyone to know what room we’re staying in, sweetheart.”

“Yes!” I shout as I feel Edward’s thumbs move over my clit. “Yes, Edward! Yes!” I yell and pant, as I fall over the edge into another orgasm then collapse on his chest out of breath.

“That’s my girl.” He kisses my sweaty brow, moves my hair away from my face, and chuckles. I’m boneless and can barely move. My eyes want to close, but Edward has other ideas.

“I’m not quite through with you yet. Hold on tight.” He switches our position, flipping us, so I feel the soft material of the couch against my back with him on top.

Edward makes more adjustments, and I’m putty in his hands. He moves my legs so my ankles are next to his ears, then leans into me, causing my knees to drape over his shoulders, never breaking the connection with our hips. His arms, on each side of me, hold his body off mine, while he pulls back slightly, only to push farther inside me.

I can immediately tell something is different. “Oh, fuck.” I gasp at the new sensations.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt anyone go this deeply, even Edward. Hell, I’ve never been in this position before.

“I know. It’s the new position.” He grunts then readjusts again, where I’m almost bent in half while lying on my back with him hovering over top of me. “I can get even deeper this way.”

I’m too spent to do anything but hold onto my legs and watch him. The way he moves: harder, faster, powerful. It feels so primal. Raw.

“Bella, you feel so good this way. Fuck,” he grits out.

Our gazes meet, and for a moment, I’m taken back by the intensity in Edward’s eyes. Lust, want, and need are mixed with something else. Something more meaningful for both of us.

I reach out and cup his cheek, letting my thumb stroke his beard. “Edward,” I whisper.

“So good, baby. I’m almost there. Just a few more—” His eyes close tightly.

My fingers move around to the back of his head, weave through his hair, and guide his face to mine. Our lips smash together, but it’s his tongue that thrusts in and out of my mouth in time with his hips.

He breaks away from my mouth. “Oh, Bella!” He shouts with a growl and shoves his cock all the way inside of me.

I grab his ass cheeks and hold him to me, wanting to savor this feeling of his pleasure for as long as possible. With his forehead resting against mine, his breath fans out over my face. He readjusts our position to allow my legs to flatten completely under him, then covers my body with his once more.

“Oh, baby.” He kisses my neck then my lips. “Are you okay? I didn’t push you too far, did I?”

“No, I’m exhausted, but good. Perhaps, if I took a yoga class or two, it might be helpful in the future.” I giggle.

Edward chuckles. “There are lots of positions. We can try as many as you want. And yes, yoga will help.” He kisses my forehead and goes to stand up, causing his cock to leave quite the trail from my body.

He sits back and tucks himself into his boxer briefs and jeans, but bends my legs up at the knee setting my feet on the couch, then watches his come start to leak from between my legs.

I’m nervous by the way he is looking at me and start to close my legs together, only to be stopped by his strong hands.

“Mmmmm, baby. That’s quite the visual. Maybe someday you’ll let me take a photo?” He runs his fingers up and down my slit, spreading his come all over my lower lips and inner thighs with trails down my legs.

I can tell he doesn’t sense my unease, but my anxiety at something like that would be through the roof. “Uh… I don’t know. I’ve never let anyone take photos of me naked, let alone during or after sex.”

“Well, I would hope not. This would be just for me. Us. You might like it. We could even do some video. Give it some thought.” He carelessly shrugs, as if he hasn’t just dropped a bomb on me.

I watch as he gets up and goes to open our door, then wheels in the cart with the food he ordered. I grab a few tissues from the box on the side table and try my best to clean up the mess he left behind.

I’m feeling extremely off balance, and I’m not sure I like the thoughts filtering through my head. For Edward to make such a request, I wonder if this is something he’s done with other women in the past.

Does he have photos and videos of past lovers or him with them on his phone or maybe a computer? This thought alone is quite unsettling. I feel a bit lost, and I’m not sure I can stomach food right now, but I put on my best smile, as he unveils our options.

“So, what can I tempt you with today?” He winks.

Removing the dome cover from each plate, he reveals its contents. “We have assorted pastries for someone who can’t get enough sweets.”

He looks over at me and wiggles his eyebrows up and down.

“There are assorted fruits for people who like the natural sugar approach.”

I chuckle because he’s just adorable when he’s playful like this, but my head is spinning not knowing what to think.

“We have an assorted cheese plate because we’re in Paris and that’s what they do. And finally…” He reveals the last plate. “A burger and fries.”

He gives me a charming grin, as he sets all the plates on the table in front of the couch. “Here, let’s get you started.” He grabs a French fry and places it in my mouth.

I chew on it and watch him, as he locates a knife and cuts the burger in half.

“We can split this then nibble on whatever suits. Do you want more champagne?”

“Sure.” I look Edward over and realize he is very dressed, and I’m very naked. Feeling slightly embarrassed by being so exposed, I grab my robe from the floor and cover myself up, retying the belt at my waist.

Edward refills our champagne glasses and groans when he sees I’m no longer naked. “You didn’t need to do that.”

I chuckle. “I’m not playing naked party of one, Edward.”

“How do you feel about naked party of two?” He grins and takes a bite out of his burger.

“We’ll see. Maybe later.” I down my entire glass of champagne, because I feel like I need some answers, and little liquid courage may do the trick.