M. Parfait – Chapter 23

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WARNING: This is a VERY cringe worthy chapter. I considered not sharing it at all, but then you wouldn’t have a true picture of Emmett and his life. Sometimes all the good looks and money in the world don’t make a difference in who you are. All sex here is consensual. If you are easily offended by group sex situations, drug use, or illegal activities, please take a hard pass on this chapter right now and move on to chapter 24. You will be much happier you did. Emmett and his friends are pigs. In this chapter, they easily earn the title. I can tell you that forever, and you will say, “Really? How bad can they be?” Remember, I warned you.

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“Sometimes I think I need to get crazy. Go to Vegas.” – Chris Pine

Chapter Twenty-three (2 years later)


I’m a fuckup.

My parents know and pretend it isn’t true.

My brother and sister know, and their judgmental looks remind me every time I see them.

If any woman sticks around, she figures it out too, then splits.

For as long as I can remember, I haven’t done the right thing. I’m attracted to the wrong people.

I’ve always done what’s best for me, and this weekend will be no exception.


“Emmett, are you ready for Vegas? Because it looks like Vegas is ready for us. Let’s do this.” Marcus slaps me on the back.

I’m already getting a buzz from the two rounds of shots we did at the airport once we landed.

We’re here for James’s bachelor party, and I know these guys. Nothing is off limits. It doesn’t matter how married, engaged, or dating anyone is, but since I’m single, I couldn’t care less. Bring it on, Vegas.

I climb in the back of the limo to find this isn’t any ordinary limo. This one is full of naked girls. One would expect they’d have something covering their nipples or even a flesh-colored G-string, but that isn’t the case.

There are boobs and puss as far as the eye can see. All the girls are fit and tan, willing and able. They have on heels and several have jewelry. It is quite the variety of skin tones and hair colors; a version of thirty-one flavors found among five naked women who are easy on the eyes.

Not so oddly, there are five of us.

Even I can do this math.

“What do you think, Em?” James grins and pulls a redhead in his direction who looks similar to his wife-to-be.

“It looks like we’re going to have a good time,” I say, as a girl with dirty blonde hair and a necklace that says “Honey” moves next to me.

“Not just a good time, my friend, a great time. What’s your name, sweetheart?” James asks.

“Ginger.” The redhead gives him a coy smile.

“Well, Ginger, it’s time to get this party going. Blow jobs all around girls!”

The girls move into position and unbuckle our pants.

I watch Honey move between my legs and make short work of my zipper.

“Guys, first one to blow has to sit out the next round. We will keep going until we have a winner. And gals, the first to get one of us to blow gets a thousand dollar bonus, but you’re not allowed to swallow until you show us you’ve won. And go!”

I stare at Honey who has my cock in her hand as her tongue comes out to lick the head.

“What’s your name?” she asks.

I moan at the sight of her sucking me into her mouth. “Em.”

Looking around, all the guys are in the same state of bliss as the girls bob up and down in everyone’s laps.

I rest my hand on the back of Honey’s hair and enjoy myself sliding in and out of her mouth, going farther each time until I hear her gag and choke.

“Em, did you find the virgin?” James moans. “I may need a shot at her next.”

She uses her teeth, which causes me to gasp.

I peer over at James whose cock is covered in Ginger’s lipstick. He’s leaning back, letting her do her best, and seems unaffected by the slurping sounds around him.

I glance back at Honey when her hand massages my balls.


I don’t want to be first out, but she’s too good at sucking cock.

My head falls back against the leather seat as Marcus groans in the seat across from me.

“Fuck, baby, you’re a Hoover. Shit!” His hips lift off the seat, as his cock releases in her mouth. The brunette pops off his cock and turns to show everyone her mouth full of come as Marcus falls back on the seat.

“Good girl, you can swallow,” James tells her. “What’s your name?”

She swallows the mouthful and smiles. “Coco.”

“Coco, you earned yourself a thousand dollars.” He looks around the limo. “Time to switch girls. Just because Coco beat you to the money, doesn’t mean you can’t have a mouthful too! Give me your girl, Em.”

Ginger and Honey switch places, and James grabs Honey’s hair and guides her to his cock.

She continues to gag and choke with each pass over James’s cock, as Ginger jacks my cock with her hand while she sucks both of my balls in her warm soft mouth.


“Ginger,” James warns. “You’re not playing fair. Get Em’s cock in your mouth. I didn’t say hand job.”

Ginger nods and engulfs me in her mouth, taking me deep.

“Do you think you can outlast me, Em?” James taunts. “Ginger doesn’t have a gag reflex.”

“Uhhh.” I can barely focus. “Motherfucker.” I grit out and slam my hips toward Ginger’s mouth, releasing down her throat, slumping back into my seat.

James chuckles. “I’ll take that as a no.” He holds Honey’s head to his pelvis while she squirms, then he pulls her off and pushes her away.

“All right girls, time to switch. Em’s out.”

Ginger sits beside me as a new girl with platinum blonde hair finds her spot between James’s legs.

I tuck myself back inside my pants and refasten them.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” he asks.

“Butter,” she tells him, before her mouth slides on his cock.

“Mmmm. Butter?” He moans again. “You’re giving me ideas for later. Have you ever been fucked with a stick of butter?”

Butter gives James a muffled reply and picks up her pace.

I glance over at Honey who is now bobbing up and down on Scott’s cock while Ginger rubs my leg.

“Marcus, grab the bottle. I think we need another round of shots.” James points behind him.

Marcus hands us shot glasses and fills each up with tequila.

James raises his glass while Butter continues to work him over. “To cocksuckers!” He shouts.

We laugh and repeat. “To cocksuckers!”

I down my shot and Ginger’s hands wander my body as her mouth finds my neck where I’m sure she’s leaving either lipstick or marks, probably both.

“This is the life. Isn’t it, Em?” James grins.

Scott groans, holding Honey’s head to him. “Fuck! Swallow it!” He pulls her off as she coughs and chokes.

Her eyes have tears as streams of come trail from her mouth to her breasts.

James elbows me. “What a dirty bitch. You will do better than that Honey. Time for one more switch,” he announces.

I observe her sitting next to Scott, then let my head fall back and my eyes close.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” James asks the new girl between his legs.


My eyes pop open.


It can’t be.

I peek over at the girl going to town on James, and I’m instantly relieved it isn’t her.

How fucked up would that be?

“Oh, Em.” James moans. “This one reminds me of your old girlfriend. They look the same. The eyes. The hair.”

I glance at the girl to confirm he’s right, then peer over at him to find his head leaning back against the seat, but his eyes are on me.

“Feels like her too.” He gives me a devious grin and winks. “But I’ll have to rip into that pussy to know for sure.”

I’m sure my expression has turned from bliss to rage.

“Hey, now.” He tries to calm me. “We’ve all tapped that. Rosalie will do anything for a line.” James shrugs. “Trust me. You’re better off without her. She’s just a good time. Nothing more. Nothing less.”

My hands clinch in tight fists as I glance around the limo at the guys I thought were my friends. It makes me sick knowing behind my back Rosalie has been with each one to supply her habit.

I need to let this go, but it’s not as easy as you would think.

Steve lets out a moan, and I know Butter has worked her magic on him, leaving James as the only one left who hasn’t blown his load.

James lets out a yell. “Yes! You should have taken notes. I’m the master of control. Now, then.” He looks at the girls. “Who gets my load?”

I wait as he continues to pump his cock and selects a girl.

“Come here, Rose. I don’t want you to get left out,” James tells her. “On your knees and close your mouth. You don’t get to swallow.”

Of course he picks her, but I’m relieved he didn’t pick Honey. He was too rough with her earlier, but she seems okay now.

Part of me wonders how much James knew about these girls before we got here. Maybe he’s picked the one who looks like Rosalie just to mess with me.

James opens the sunroof and stands. His hand works his cock, then he sprays Rose with stream after stream of come, getting it in her hair, on her face, and landing on her breasts. He tucks himself back in his pants and sits in his seat, pulling out his phone.

James smacks me on the leg. “Feels like old times, doesn’t it, Em?” He looks over the girl kneeling in front of us and snaps a few pictures.

I bet her name isn’t even Rose.

I shake my head and stare out the window at the sights of the Vegas strip.

“Girls, we’re almost at the hotel, and we will have more fun once we get to the suite,” James announces.

He leans over closer. “I meant what I said before. One of them is a virgin. You can order anything in Vegas.” He laughs and wiggles his eyebrows up and down. “We will play find the virgin, next.”

The driver pulls up to our hotel, and the guys file out of the limo while the bellhop retrieves our bags from the trunk.

“Don’t worry. They will deliver our pussy straight to the suite. They don’t want naked girls walking through the lobby.” James reassures everyone when the girls don’t leave the limo.

All the guys laugh and we follow him to the concierge desk where a man is awaiting our arrival.

“Gentlemen, I’m Tyler. If you need anything during your stay here, please ask. No request is too great.”

Tyler leads us to the elevators where we ascend to our floor then arrive at a high rollers suite. He gives us a quick overview of the rooms as the bellhop brings in our bags and the girls from the limo file in next.

“Thanks, Tyler.” James shakes his hand as the hotel employees leave us alone with the girls once more. “Don’t worry, guys. If we wear out this group, I can order more pussy later.”

The guys move to sit on the couches and the girls stand in a line nearby.

“As I was telling Em earlier, one girl is a virgin, and it’s up to us to figure out who it is. Let’s do another round of shots. Coco, grab the glasses and tequila and set my boys up.”

Coco does as James asks, and we down another round of tequila.

I’m feeling way past buzzed so I know I’ll be up for whatever James suggests.

“Em, as my best man, you get first pick, then once everyone has a girl, we get to watch who pops the cherry.”

I eye each one knowing I don’t want to get the virgin, but I’m sure about my pick. “I’ll take Coco.”

The guys continue to pick girls after I do, leaving Honey last with James.

“All right, Em. Show us proper defiling procedure for how to handle a virgin,” Marcus encourages. “You picked first; you go first.”

Coco comes over to straddle my lap, and I grab a condom from the bowl on the table behind the couch.

“First, you hand them a condom,” I announce. “Then you lean back letting them do the work.”

Everyone laughs as Coco pulls my dick from my pants and jacks it until I’m hard. She smiles at me as she opens the condom and rolls it down my length.

I stare up at her, knowing she’s no virgin, as she lifts up then sinks onto my cock.

We both gasp at the sensation as she moves up and down. Her tits bounce in my face as I watch my cock disappear inside her.

The guys look on with appreciation as she fucks me.

“Emmett.” Scott chides as he rubs his crotch. “You’re not great at this game. Coco doesn’t move like a virgin.”

My eyes roll back in my head as my release builds again. “No, she doesn’t feel like a virgin either, but she’s still a tight one.”

“Maybe you’re just big.” Coco winks.

“I bet you say that to all the guys.” I grunt, knowing this will soon be over, holding her hips to mine as I empty inside her.

Groaning through my release, I watch Coco pull off my cock, showing the group she isn’t the virgin. She pulls off the condom and pitches it in the trash nearby, then tucks me back into my pants, before she takes her seat next to me.

We stare as Scott plows into Rose from behind to find she isn’t the virgin either. It’s a mindfuck observing her when she looks so much like Rosalie. I hope I can keep my distance this weekend, but knowing James that won’t be possible. His games can be twisted.

Steve takes Butter on the coffee table in front of us, almost breaking it. His condom also reveals she isn’t the virgin.

Marcus bends Ginger over the back of the sofa near James and pounds her pussy while James gets up and shoves his cock down her throat. When Marcus finds his release, he reveals Ginger isn’t a virgin.

I suspect James has known all along who the virgin is, hoping to keep Honey for himself in this game.

“Well, now.” James pulls his cock from Ginger’s mouth and looks over at Honey. “Isn’t this exciting? Ginger has me warmed up for you. Guys, let’s move into the bedroom.”

James guides Honey into the room where we follow closely behind.

“On the bed, Honey.” James pulls out his phone and hands it to Scott. “Take photos of Honey, then we’ll do a video.” James walks over and opens the curtains, letting in the afternoon sun. “We need plenty of light for this.”

Honey looks nervous, but I have to believe she’s agreed to go along with this or she wouldn’t be here; Lord knows what she’s being paid to give up her virginity. Everything has a price in Vegas.

James removes his clothes, leaving them in a pile on the floor, and moves between Honey’s legs, pushing them farther apart. He leans down and licks her pussy from one end to the other, sucking her clit in his mouth.

She moans with his mouth on her, then he jams his fingers inside, causing her to flinch at the intrusion. “This will be worth every penny.” He pulls away and asks, “I think it’s fair everyone gets a taste. Don’t you?”

She nods in agreement. “Sure. Whatever you want.”

“Let’s see what my boys can do. First one to make her come goes after me once I pop her cherry.”

Marcus goes down on Honey and has her moaning and gasping as he shoves his tongue in her opening.

James cuts him off. “No tongue fucking, Marcus. Next.”

Marcus pulls away as Scott hands the phone recording video to Steve and takes his place. He grabs Honey’s tits and buries his face between her legs, shaking his head back and forth.

“Those tits are natural,” James tells us. “Just how I like them. More than a handful.”

Honey moans as Scott plucks at her nipples never letting off her clit.

“Okay, Em. Let’s see if you can get the job done, since Scott isn’t making any more progress.”

I grab onto Honey’s tits, locking her nipples in between my fingers, and pull her widening her legs even more. I move my mouth and let my tongue play with her from her wet opening to her clit and back. She continues to gush until her orgasm builds and she releases into my mouth and all over my face.

“Sorry, Steve. It looks like Em’s our winner,” James touts.

I pull away from Honey to see her content with a blissful expression on her face. I stand and step back from the edge of the bed.

“All right, Em. It’s time for the groom to knock out this cherry. Lord knows Vic was never a virgin.” He laughs and rolls a condom down his length.

James moves between Honey’s legs and rubs his cock up and down her slit. He positions his cock at her opening and slams inside her in one thrust.

Honey lets out a squeak and gasp at the intrusion as her face scrunches up.

“Mmmm.” He moans and pulls out before slamming inside her again and again. “Nice and tight. Em, you will love this. I’m giving you quite the gift.”

James pulls out so Scott can record the blood on the condom.

Everyone high-fives James, then he goes back to pounding away at Honey. Her body jars and sways at his movements until James finds his release and empties inside her.

James steps away from the bed and removes his condom. “All right, Em. You’re next, but we will play a little pregnancy risk. No condoms and finish inside her. Everyone but me plays; I’m done for now, and don’t worry, Honey is clean. All the girls are.”

At this point, I’m feeling no pain with all the alcohol we’ve been consuming, so I have no problem with James or any of his rules for this game. None of us do. We’ve played them before this trip.

I’m already hard again, which seems odd since I’ve already blown a load inside Ginger’s mouth and Coco’s pussy. I give myself a few strokes before lining up and pushing inside Honey.

I moan at how good she feels. She’s tight and wet, but her bare on my cock is out of this world. I set a quick pace and lift her legs up off the bed letting them rest on my shoulders. I reach down and squeeze her tits, then pull and twist on her nipples making them hard.

My dick is larger than average, but Honey is small. So, I’m amazed when I see her abdomen bulge with each thrust.

Honey moans every time I slam into her until I growl out my release then pull my cock from inside her. I’m lightheaded and lie on the bed as Marcus moves to between Honey’s legs.

“Let’s add a pillow underneath her hips,” James suggests, sliding one in position.

Honey reaches over and keeps her hand wrapped around my cock. She synchronizes her hand movements with every thrust Marcus makes.

I can’t deny her touch is bringing me to life once again. I’m not sure what it is about this girl, but my body is more than responsive. Or maybe James has somehow added a party drug to the mix somewhere, and I missed it. He’s done so in the past.

“Damn, Em. You emptied the mother lode in her. She’s slick.” Marcus pushes her legs together and to the side then pounds away.

I put my arm behind my head to watch Marcus as Scott moves near her face, pushing his cock in her mouth.

“What a little slut? Huh, Em?” Steve asks me as he points James’ phone in Honey’s direction.

“Oh, she’s a dirty little slut all right. Maybe I’ll come in that ass later.” James nods and leans over sucking a nipple in his mouth while squeezing her other tit.

Marcus slams into her one more time and releases then trades places with Scott.

“I think you need to clean me up, Honey.” Marcus moves around the bed and puts his dick in her face.

She moans, but I’m not sure if it’s from the taste of Marcus and me or from James’s mouth on her chest. She leans toward Marcus and licks him clean.

Scott jams his cock deep inside her repeatedly, holding her to him when he finds his own release.

Steve takes Scott’s place, and the bed continues to sway back and forth, as my eyes follow him plunging in and out of Honey.

James has his phone again as he focuses on where Steve and Honey are connected. “Man, it’s flowing out of her. Push everything you can back inside, Steve. If she doesn’t end up pregnant from this, I’ll be surprised.”

Steve adds his load to the others with a final roar, and James pulls out something that looks like a plug. He pushes it inside Honey, which keeps our loads from leaking out.

He continues to take video and tells her, “You keep that in until I say you can remove it. I don’t want you to forget how it felt to lose your virginity and be filled by four men for your first time. What a good little banged slut.”

Honey nods in understanding, even though her eyelids are half-closed.

James reaches over with one hand, twists her nipple, causing her to gasp, then sucks and bites on the other with his mouth.

Honey moans, as her hips tilt upward in response, seeking more attention, but no longer finding anyone between her legs.

“So greedy.” James pulls away and smacks her pussy, making her groan with need.

The guys go back out into the main room to do lines and watch the other girls eat each other out. They have bets on who will give it up first.

“James, do we have any toys or vibrators?” Marcus asks.

He nods. “Tyler said there should be two drawers in the main room full of everything we need. Let’s see who can take the largest butt plug. I know those are in there.”

Scott rubs his hands together. “I think it’s time for forced orgasms. Get two chairs and rope. How many vibrators do we have?” I hear Scott’s voice fade as he directs the others.

“Em.” James taps me on the bottom of my foot as he finishes putting on his pants. “You staying in here?”

I nod, feeling my eyes blink more slowly. “Yeah, I may take a short nap.”

“Okay, pace yourself. There’s plenty more fun to be had,” he says.

I hear him leave the bedroom and close the door.

Honey gets up off the bed and walks to the door then turns the lock. She moves gingerly, but returns to my side.

I look over at her. I should feel guilty for what we’ve done, but I don’t. If it hadn’t been us, I’m sure someone else would pay. We’re a bunch of perverts with too much money.

She gives me a small smile. “I need a break after that.”

I chuckle. “What’s the going rate for virginity these days?”

Honey frowns. “$250,000 cash.”

I look over at her. “Really?” I wonder what she will do with the money.

She nods. “My agency did the deal for $500,000 and I get half.”

“Holy shit. A half of a million dollars plus anything we want to do with you.”

Honey shakes her head. “No, it was a million dollar deal. Another $500,000—which we split that fifty-fifty with the agency—and that works out to be $50,000 for each of us for this weekend with your group.”

“How are you still a virgin if this is your job?”

“I moved to Vegas and when my boss found out I was a virgin, she kept me on a secret menu with limited jobs until we could cash out on the right one.”

I nod knowing. “We were the right one.”

Honey gives me a small smile. “I would lose it, anyway.”

I stare at her in disbelief. “In a five-guy gangbang?”

She shrugs. “I’m positive it could have been worse. It doesn’t matter. It isn’t like I’m saving myself for someone.”

I stare up at the ceiling. “You’re on the pill?”

She’s quiet then whispers. “Not exactly. They will give us the morning-after pill when you leave on Sunday.”

I turn to look at her. “Does that work?”

Honey nods and changes the subject. “I like you, Em. Is there anything special I can do?”

A smile spreads across my face. “Have you ever taken it up the ass?” I wonder. “Someone my size?”

She grins. “Yes, it was the only option for being able to save my virginity for the highest bidder. So, I’m sure I can handle you.”

I stand and remove my clothes. “Let’s shower together then find a bottle of lube.”

“There’s a tube in the bathroom,” Honey says over her shoulder.

I follow her to continue our anything-goes weekend.

A/N: Did you make it through a small glimpse of Emmett and his friends? It gets worse from here, but you get the idea. We will leave Vegas and head back to Seattle. One more to go, and we’re sticking with Emmett for the last chapter with another time jump. He has a long way to go on his journey. Just when you think he’s making progress, he takes about a hundred steps backward.