M. Parfait – Chapter 21

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“I am the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris, and I have enjoyed it.” – John F. Kennedy

Chapter Twenty-one


“Edward, where should these go?”

“The caterer said we blew a breaker. Do you have any idea who we should call in maintenance?”

“Is the photographer here yet?”

“The baker needs someone to show her which table to use for setting up the cake. Can you come show us what you have in mind?”

“The florist is late, but she called and said she’s stuck in traffic. Don’t worry; she’ll be here on time.”

“Edward, why aren’t you dressed yet?” Mom asks.


How can I possibly be dressed when I’m being pulled in a million different directions?

Oh, this was my idea. So, I only have myself to thank. When we found out Bella was pregnant, I was over the moon with excitement. I wanted to make her mine since I saw her in Emmett’s hospital room almost a year ago, and that day is finally here.

Getting to this point hasn’t been easy; that’s why I agreed to handle all wedding preparations, easing Bella’s stress during her pregnancy. With her second trimester almost behind us, I jumped at the chance to marry her before the baby arrived. I mean, how much work can a small wedding of less than twenty people be?

It turns out weddings get incredibly complicated when it’s a destination wedding.

I repaired a damaged window section two years ago for a buddy in Malibu, California at Stauffer Chapel on Pepperdine University’s campus. So, I knew I could ask him for a favor when I needed one. I showed Bella photos of the incredible stained glass wall there, and that was all it took. She agreed, and we had a venue.

The guest list is an entirely different story. Holding Mom back from inviting everyone she knows hasn’t been easy. So, we compromised and agreed to a reception in Seattle after we return from our honeymoon. But, arranging hotels and airfare for everyone was overwhelming, until Emmett stepped in to help. Not only did he make the arrangements, but he also offered to foot that part of the bill. His offer shocked me; he said to consider it our wedding present.

I have to say, things are improving with Emmett. He’s making an effort at least, which thrills both Mom and Dad. I understand Dad wishes for Emmett to be part of the family business, but I’m not ready to take that step with him yet. It’s great he gets along with Bella after everything that has happened, but who wouldn’t? She’s easy to love, and I’m not surprised she reached out to him when he was struggling to find his footing within the family again.

“Edward, there is no time to waste. You need to get dressed,” Mom reminds me.

“I know. I know. Can you please go help them in the reception hall? The baker needs to know where to put the cake and they blew a circuit breaker.”

“Say no more, sweetheart. I’m on it.” She kisses my cheek and disappears down the hallway.

Mom has been a saint assisting with the wedding planning. She stepped in and helped Bella make so many choices. Our colors are shades of purple, which are in the flowers and in the dresses for Alice and Angela. Bella asked Alice to be her matron of honor and Angela, her co-worker and friend, to be her bridesmaid.

They found a dress for Bella, but no one will let out a peep about it. With her petite figure, Bella has been showing for a while now. I asked her if she wanted to wait until after we have the baby, but she wasn’t having it. She assured me they would find the right dress that would definitely include the baby. She refuses to hide her pregnancy.

On my side of things, I asked Jasper to be my best man, and with some encouragement from Bella, asked Emmett to be my groomsman. See? Baby steps. We are all wearing suits instead of tuxedos. While mine is dark gray, the guys’ are light gray, and all of us have matching purple or lavender, as everyone keeps correcting me, ties and socks.

“Hey, man. You need to get dressed,” Jasper tells me, as I walk down the hallway. He’s holding my three-month-old niece, Sophia, who is wearing her own purple dress for today.

I lean in and kiss her forehead as she lets out cute baby gurgles while smiling at me. “I’m trying, but I can’t walk through the church without everyone needing something.”

“Do you want me to handle anything?” he offers, shifting Sophia to his other arm.

I scrub my hands over my face. “I have no idea. Have you seen the girls?”

Jasper grins. “Alice texted saying they’re on the way. They are all dressed and ready, unlike you.”

“Do you have the rings?” I worry.

He taps his suit pocket. “Right here. Come on. Let’s get you dressed before your bride arrives.”

We locate the room where I’m supposed to change. Jasper prods me along, while Dad fusses over his tie as Emmett helps him retie it for the fourth time. Once I’m finally dressed, Jasper hands me a small purple bag, while balancing his darling baby girl.

“From Bella,” he says.

I look in the bag, finding a card. “Did you give my gift for her to Alice?”

He smiles. “I did. Alice says it looks wonderful with her dress.”

“Well, she would think so. Alice helped me find the matching necklace and earrings set.”

I open the card and read her words.

What could be more perfect than spending my life with you? All the time in the world. Love, Bella

Setting aside the card, I pull out the box, opening it to find a men’s stainless steel watch with a black dial. I take it out and get ready to put it on but notice an inscription.

I love you, Monsieur Parfait

Smirking, I slide the watch in place. It’s a perfect fit.

“You’re looking good, Edward.” Dad comes over giving me a slap on the back and a brief hug.

“Thanks, Dad. You look great too.”

“Well, I’m not sure about this tie, but it will have to do. Whose idea was it to have a morning wedding? I could use another cup of coffee.”

“Bella’s. She said it would help with her energy levels since she feels best in the morning now. Don’t worry. The ceremony will be short and sweet, then we will get you something to eat.”

“Es said it’s a brunch. Does that mean bacon? Because I haven’t ever had bacon at a wedding. No one would listen to my ideas when you were busy planning, but now my suggestion seems like a stroke of brilliance.”

“Dad, you have the best ideas, and I’m sure you’ll find plenty to eat.” Emmett pats him on the back. “But first, let’s get Edward married.”

We file out of the room, as Jasper hands off Sophia to Mom, and make our way to the sanctuary where our guests are already in their seats near the front of the church. Jasper, Emmett, and I find our spots, as Dad stays behind to accompany Mom and Sophia.

I’m in awe by our location. The stained glass is brilliant in the morning sun with the variety of blues and purples complementing the light-colored woods used throughout the church.

The organist softly plays Pachelbel’s Canon in D, as Mom, Sophia, and Dad make their way down the aisle. Both smile up at me proudly as I notice Angela making her way to the front. Her floor length dress is a light lavender and flows around her legs as she takes her place across from me. I smile and focus back up the aisle to find my sister walking next, which means I only have to wait a few more moments until I see my bride. Alice’s dress is also floor length, but a darker shade of lavender than Angela’s. They both are carrying small bouquets of purple flowers.

The song changes to Wagner’s Bridal Chorus, and my heart skips a beat when I see Bella at the end of the aisle waiting with Jacob who agreed to stand in for her father. Slowly, she makes her way down the aisle, and I’m stunned by how gorgeous she is today. I notice her dress first. It is a light champagne color with a lace bodice that continues over her shoulders while the material of the gown makes it appear as if she is floating. The gown isn’t form-fitting, but flowing, light, and airy. She’s carrying a mixed floral bouquet, which contains roses, lilacs, and some other flowers in various shades of purple.

When she and Jacob are finally standing next to me, I can’t help my desire to touch her, so I reach out to hold her hand, pulling her closer to my side. Her smile matches mine, and I’m mesmerized by her natural beauty. Her hair is half-up, half- down with a lovely mix of waves and braids.

Bella’s wearing the vintage amethyst drop-earrings and necklace I gave her thanks to Alice’s help. I have to admit she was right. They look stunning with her dress. It worried me that the gold wouldn’t work, but with the color of her dress, they are the perfect complement to her glowing beauty.

The minister begins the ceremony, but I doubt I will ever remember everything he said. I will, however, remember the point when we both say, “I do,” exchange rings, and are pronounced husband and wife.

I can’t wait to kiss Bella, and jump the gun as my lips are already on hers before the minister finishes his direction. When I pull away, I hear chuckling as the organist plays Mendelssohn’s Wedding March, and we make our way down the aisle.

They want us to take several photos in the sanctuary then proceed to the reception hall, but I shuffle us into the nearest empty room.

I shut the door behind us as Bella giggles. “Why, Mr. Cullen, this isn’t the recept—”

My lips find hers while my hand engages the lock. No one will interrupt us if I can help it. I need a couple of moments alone with my wife.

I break away and try to catch my breath. “You’re beautiful, Mrs. Cullen.” I grin.

“You are very handsome too, and you will be in big trouble if you end up with my lipstick all over you.”

I give her a crooked grin. “Challenge accepted.” My lips join hers once more and my hands gently cradle her face. I’m lost in the sensation of her soft lips and our tangling tongues, when we hear a knock on the door.

The unexpected interruption causes us to jump apart. I put my finger over my lips for her to be quiet, but she gives us away with her giggles.

“Edward? Bella?”

It’s my dad.

I clear my throat. “We’ll be right out.”

He mumbles something I can’t make out, but I lean in for one more kiss from my new bride.

“We better go before Dad knocks again. If I didn’t know any better, I would think he’s only here for the food.” I chuckle.

“I don’t blame him one bit; I’m starving too. Alice has been filling me with fruit and vegetables all morning, and your child and I need something more substantial.”

I twist the lock and open the door. “After you, my dear.” I wave my arm for Bella to walk out into the hallway where we join the rest of our wedding party.

We meet with the photographer and take plenty photos with family and friends who eventually drift out of the church and into the reception hall, leaving just the two of us. I’m excited to see the photos and imagine the stained glass window will try to outshine my bride, but I know that’s impossible as I look over at her beautiful face. With her in my arms, I lean her backward and place a loving kiss on her lips while hearing the final clicks of the photographer’s camera.

Pulling away, I gaze into her gorgeous brown eyes. “Let’s eat.”

Bella stands with my support. “You don’t have to tell me twice.”