M. Parfait – Chapter 2

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“Paris is always a good idea.” – Audrey Hepburn

Chapter Two


With two dates under our belt, we are now at my current situation, the third date. I understand there are lots of expectations about the third date, so, I’m nervous.

My dating history isn’t the greatest. Either I’ve had zero chemistry with the guy and we ended it as friends who vowed to stay in touch but never did, or there was a bit of a spark only to be doused completely by his less than stellar three-minute performance.

However, it’s different with Edward. I’m drawn to him physically, in ways I can’t explain, so my expectations are higher.

For this date, we’ve chosen: the sleepover. We are going to tour an art museum this afternoon, pick up Chinese for dinner, then come back to my apartment where clothing may or may not be optional.

I just don’t know. I’m second-guessing everything.

I’ve showered and shaved all of the important parts. Now, I’m standing here in my underwear, wondering if this silky purple matching bra and panty set are the right way to go.

Does Edward like purple? Surely, he does. I mean, who doesn’t like purple?

My door buzzer goes off, pulling me from my thoughts, and I start to panic.

He’s here.

“Just a minute!” I yell; although, I doubt he can hear me from my closet.

I slide on a pair of faded jeans with a cute peasant top that’s relaxed and casual, hoping it’s good enough.

I hear the buzzer again and make my way to the door.

I pass Tucker, my calico cat, who continues to ignore me because on some level he knows I’m going out, which is abandonment, according to him.

I open the door to find Edward leaning against the doorframe. He always takes my breath away. His green eyes are bright and playful, while his smile lights up at seeing me. My fingers can’t wait to dive into his coppery locks, which are always the perfect mess. He’s wearing jeans with a long-sleeved, black, V-neck T-shirt that clings to his muscles in all the right ways, and black boots. However, the best part is that he is holding a single red rose in his hand.

“Hi,” I utter, as I look up and meet his eyes.

“Hello, this is for you.” He holds out the rose for me to take and leans in for a soft kiss.

I think I could get drunk off his kisses alone. They are so intoxicating.

I take the rose and hold it to my nose, smelling its light fragrance. “Thanks.” This is my third red rose in three dates. I have the other two pressed in books, and I’m sure this one will find its way into another soon.

His hand reaches out as he rubs down my arm, looking me over from top to bottom. “You look beautiful. Are you ready?” His fingers find mine, linking us together.

“I just need to find my boots, then I’ll be ready to go.” I hold open the door of my apartment, pulling him inside.

He walks through the doorway, then turns back to me as I close the door.

His eyes lock with mine as he advances toward me, and I take several steps backward.

“I’ll just be a minute” I try to tell him, as my back presses against the door, my body in complete contact with Edward’s while his lips find mine once more.

He releases my hand, then cradles my face, tilting it at his will. His lips work mine with a fiery passion that’s always simmering just below the surface.

“I missed you,” he says between kisses.

I’m nearly breathless when he breaks away moving down my neck. I lean back my head in invitation, and it thumps against the door.

His hands move down my arms, settling on my waist where his fingers play with the hem of my blouse.

My hands find their way into his soft hair as I hold him to me and feel his beard tickle my neck.

I let out a giggle. “Edward.”

He groans and moves back to my mouth before I can utter anything else. His tongue demands entrance then dances with mine.

His hands move up under the hem of my top, and I feel his fingers softly caress the skin he finds there.

Edward breaks from my lips and touches his forehead with mine. We both try to get our breathing under control while my arms wrap around his neck and his circle my waist.

“You make me so ravenous. I just can’t ever get enough of you. It’s this hunger I can’t control.” He buries his head in my neck and breathes in deeply. “You smell so good.” He pulls me tighter against his body.

My fingers stroke the soft hair at the back of his neck, as I pull back to see his face full of desire.

I give him a soft kiss. “Let me go get my boots then we can go, or we may never leave my apartment tonight.” I smile.

He chuckles and kisses me again, reluctantly releasing his hold on me. “I think that offer sounds tempting. You wouldn’t need boots or clothes.” His eyebrows wiggle up and down.

I shake my head. “What am I going to do with you?”

He winks. “I’ve got some ideas.”

I hurry back to my bedroom, slide on my ankle boots, and clasp my favorite glass world necklace Edward gave me around my neck.

I walk back out of my bedroom, grab my phone and keys, then throw them into my purse.

Edward is leaning against the back of my chair and half-looking at me as if we haven’t seen each other in weeks.

“Ready,” I declare, and move to stand between his legs. “Are you ready?”

His hands are back around my waist as he pulls me closer.

“I’m ready,” he whispers, and kisses me again.

I’m not sure he’s talking about the art museum at this point or moving our relationship physically forward, but I know I need to move us out of here, or we will never leave.

I pull away from his lips. “Then let’s go.” I grin. “I need to see some art.”

He stands upright and laces our hands together. “All right, let’s do this.”

I lock up my apartment and we make our way downstairs. Once we are out the door, I look around for his truck and don’t see it.

“Edward, where’s your truck?” I wonder.

He pulls my hand and leads me in the direction of a Harley Davidson motorcycle parked in a spot.

He looks at me over his shoulder. “I hope this is okay. I thought it was a great day to ride my bike, since it’s sunny. I try to take advantage of every nice day we get.”

He grabs a helmet from the bike and turns back to me, placing it on my head, adjusting the strap, then locking the buckle in place.

Is this okay?” He sounds uncertain. “I guess I should have asked before.”

I’m stunned. He has a motorcycle? How did I not know this?

Oh dear goodness! If his kisses and touches weren’t arousing me enough, this could send me over the edge.

He continues. “If you’re not comfortable with riding, I could go back to my place and get my truck.” He’s rambling, but I can only imagine the look on my face is something close to before I have an orgasm.

I bend at the waist, brace my hands on my thighs, and start some deep breathing exercises, trying to control my body’s excitement.

In through the nose, out through the mouth, Bella. And again.

A thought suddenly occurs to me.

Dear sweet mother of pearl! If he pulls back his sleeve and reveals a watch, I cannot be held responsible for my actions in this parking lot.

I stand up quickly. My eyes search his wrists. I push both sleeves up and sigh in relief.

No watch.

“What? What is it?” His eyes search my face.

I grin in reassurance and take a few more deep breaths. “It’s nothing. I’m more than good.”

“Are you okay with the helmet? I know it will probably mess up your hair a bit, but the museum isn’t far—”

I cut him off with a quick kiss. “Edward, it’s all good. I’m extremely excited for a ride with you. Let’s hop on this beast and get going.”

His grin widens, as he puts on his own helmet, then throws his leg over his bike. He starts it up and waits for me to climb on behind him.

I mount his bike in a not-so-ladylike fashion, but I’m on so that’s all that counts.

Edward yells over the motor. “Hold on to me.”

“Yes, sir!” I shout.

I tighten my arms around him and press my chest into his back. I can feel my nipples harden with the surge of vibrations between my legs, hitting parts of me already on edge.

Thank goodness, Edward can’t see my chest right now, because I’m sure I’m putting on quite a peep show.

He squeezes one of my hands wrapped around him and off we go.

My first motorcycle ride lasts about fifteen minutes, and once we find a place to park, I climb off Edward’s bike, feeling nothing short of an out of body experience.

“That was incredible!” I yell.

Edward shuts off the motor and hops off his bike.

“We are definitely doing that again!” I say excitedly, even though I’m struggling with the buckle of my helmet, and Edward is just standing motionless in front of me.

I can barely see his face when I look up because of the sunshine, but I notice his eyes are fixed on my chest.

I look down, and sure enough, there’s not much mystery going on behind the curtain.

Well, let’s hope he at least likes what he sees. My fingers are crossed they will simmer down now that I’m off that sex machine, so I will be fit to be seen in public.

“Edward.” I wait. “Edward.”

He breaks out of his boob trance and looks up at my face.

“Could you please help me with my helmet?” I ask sweetly, knowing his brain isn’t thinking so sweetly right now.

“Sure.” He tries to adjust himself discreetly, but from what I can tell, there’s nothing discreet about what he has going on below the waist. My eyes linger a little longer than is probably appropriate. When our eyes finally meet, he has a crooked grin on his face. This guy doesn’t miss a thing.

Upon the removal of my helmet, Edward bends down and kisses my lips. “I’m glad you enjoyed the ride.” He wiggles his eyebrows up and down.

“Oh, come on, you. There’s art to be seen.” I grab his hand once he stows our helmets and lead him to the building entrance.

We are at the Chihuly Garden and Glass art museum, and from the outside alone, the glass displays are brilliant colors and completely captivating.

We wait in line for Edward to buy our tickets then continue indoors. Edward and I roam the museum for a couple of hours, as he explains the various forms and techniques mastered by Dale Chihuly.

The amazing glass exhibits fuel Edward’s passion and I watch the artist within him shine. His eyes are bright and lively, while he speaks of a team approach to blowing glass. I’m so completely transfixed by him and his excitement; I barely realize we’ve reached the gift shop, as Edward guides me around the store.

“Did you want a souvenir?” he asks, as my eyes roam the displays.

They have some really great items. “Maybe one of these interesting pens.” It looks like a piece of glass artwork all by itself.

Edward nods. “What color?”

I stare up into his bright eyes. “Green.” I smirk.

He grabs me a green pen, and proceeds to the cashier to make our purchase.

“Thank you,” I say, when he hands me the small gift bag. “I love this place. Every exhibit is just so unique. Do you think we could take a couple of pictures together out front?”

He leans down and gives me a quick kiss on the lips. “Absolutely.”

Before we leave the museum, I call the Chinese restaurant near my apartment and place our order.

Our motorcycle ride back to my neighborhood is no less exhilarating than earlier today.

I’m buzzing with excitement and already a bit aroused, as we make our way with dinner in hand up the stairs to my apartment.

“Hey, Bella.”

“Hey, Mike.” I greet him a little happier than I normally might.

“Is this Emmett?”

“No, Mike. This is my boyfriend, Edward. You know that. I’ve introduced you to him before.”

“Hmmm.” Mike looks over at Edward. “You taking care of my Bella?”

Edward grins widely. “You bet I am. Now, if you’ll excuse us, I have plans for my Bella.”

Edward steps around Mike and guides me to my door.

“Bella, if you need anything, I’m just a knock away,” Mike offers.

“Thanks, Mike. But I think I’m in good hands. Have a good night.”

While I’m unlocking my door, Edward whispers in my ear. “He likes you.”

I roll my eyes at him.

“He does. Be careful around him. You let me know if he becomes a problem, and I’ll take care of him.”

I laugh, because Edward is being ridiculous. Mike said almost those exact same words to me over two months ago about Emmett. “Okay, will do.”

We walk into my apartment, and I flip on the lights. While I take care of feeding Tucker, Edward sets up our dinner on my coffee table in the living room.

“Chopsticks or no?” Edward asks.


“Plates or boxes?”

“Boxes.” I come back into the living room with some extra napkins.

I start opening the boxes to find we have quite the buffet.

“Maybe we should do plates,” I determine, after looking at the assortment.

I go back to the kitchen and grab two plates, which we fill with egg rolls, crab Rangoon, steamed rice, Mongolian beef, and General Tso’s chicken.

We settle in and both go silent, enjoying our feast.

“This is so good,” I say between bites, watching Edward dig into his food.

He hums in agreement, then swallows his mouthful. “It is. So, I wanted to ask you, have you thought anymore about where you would like to go on our trip?”

I nod. “I think so. Out of all the places we’ve discussed: London, Paris, Rome, and Sydney—” I pause. “Wait, we need drinks. What can I get you? I have water, beer, or I can open a bottle of wine.”

“I’ll take a beer.”

“Okay.” I make my way to the kitchen and grab two beers from the refrigerator. I walk back toward Edward and hand him one.

“Thanks.” He pops off the bottle cap and takes a healthy swig, while I’m completely captivated by the workings of his mouth and throat.

I shake my head to clear it and continue. “Out of those places, I think we should go to Paris.”

Edward nods. “Any particular reason why? It doesn’t matter to me either way. I’m just wondering.”

I finish my bite and think for a minute. “There’re so many places I want to go, but Paris has always been at the top of the list. I took three years of French in high school.”

“So, you’re fluent?”

I shake my head. “Not fluent by any means. I can understand some and speak a few phrases. What about you?”

“No. Zero French. I took Spanish in high school, but only the minimum. I’m sure I can barely count at this point.” He laughs.

“Well, aren’t we a pair. Maybe we should do something about that.” I think for a moment. “What about some type of common phrases book?”

“Sounds good to me. We are going to need it, I think.” He chuckles. “So, I guess I can make our airline and hotel arrangements. When will you be able to get off from work?”

“I’ll talk to Sam on Monday, but usually, he requires about a month’s advanced notice. Should I ask for a week or two?”

Edward pauses and takes a drink of his beer. “Maybe try for two, if you can get it. Do you want to be the one to plan what we do?”

My eyes light up. “Yes!”

Edward smiles. “Go ahead and plan out our days and buy any tickets you can in advance to save us from waiting in lines. Here—” He stands, sets down his plate, and fishes out a credit card from his wallet and hands it to me. “Use this card for tickets. You shouldn’t have any issues. Just use my information. I’ll wait to hear from you on Monday after you talk with Sam. Then we can make all of the arrangements.”

I squeal as I slide my plate onto the table, jump up, and throw my arms around Edward’s neck. “I’m so excited!”

He wraps his arms around me and holds me tight. I feel him kiss the top of my head. “It’s going to be amazing, sweetheart.”

I pull back and find his lips, kissing him with all the excitement I’m feeling.

I break away and point over at my coffee table. “Are you through eating?”

“Yes, I’m finished.” His fingers tug on my belt loops.

“Okay, I’ll clean this up. Are you still okay with sleeping over?” I bend down and start to close the boxes.

“I can help you, and yes, I am. Are you okay with it? If you are having second thoughts, I don’t have to stay.” He grabs our plates to carry them into my small kitchen.

“Are you kidding me? I have no second thoughts. I want you to stay.”

“Good.” He grins.

We make short work of storing away the food and cleaning our few dishes.

“Do you want another beer?” I ask, as I finish cleaning up the sink. “We can watch a movie, if you want. However, I have to warn you…”

“What’s that?” He stands behind me and wraps his arms around my waist.

He moves my hair away from one side of my neck, and I can feel his breath as he begins to leave small kisses from below my ear to my shoulder.

“Um—” I’m not sure what I was talking about.