M. Parfait – Chapter 13

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“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Chapter Thirteen


“I can’t believe we are up so early,” Edward grumbles.

“We’re running out of time to see everything, Edward. We only have two days left, and we can sleep when we get back home. However, now we need to cram as much as we can into our days.”

“What about our nights?” He gives me a knowing grin while he sips his coffee.

I can’t help the blush that covers my face. “Our nights are busy too. You barely let me get out of bed.”

“You’re damn straight. We would be there now, if I had a vote.” His face fills with concern. “Are you sore? Have I been pushing you too much?”

“No. I’m fine, and you do have a vote, which I’m positive is to go see the Palace of Versailles. We are on a once in a lifetime trip to Paris and I don’t want you to miss anything either.”

Edward sighs. “Bella, there’s no way we can see it all on this trip. You need to accept our time is limited.”

“I will not accept that, which is why we are up early and on this train.” I can feel myself starting to get worked up over our time in Paris dwindling.

He wraps his arm around me, pulls me close, then leans in to kiss my temple. “Relax, Bella.”

I settle in his arms and look out our window to see we are arriving at the Gare de Versailles Château Rive Gauche train station.

“It’s only a short walk to the palace from here.” I take out my phone to double-check our distance from the palace.

“What do you call a short walk? Because we haven’t even started and I’m already exhausted,” Edward complains.

“Let’s see, my phone says four minutes.” I look up as the train stops and passengers stand to begin departing. “Come on, Edward. Let’s go check out a palace worthy of kings and queens.”

We follow the crowd and shuffle along as we all head in the same direction.

“Ugh, look at all the people.” Edward moves closer to me, grabbing my hand and holding it tight, so we don’t get separated.

“I know. I’m not a fan of crowds either, but let’s give this a shot. We can walk around inside then go explore the gardens, park, and some other areas.”

“Okay, let’s make you feel like royalty, my fair queen.” Edward takes a deep bow being careful not to spill his coffee.

I pull him by the hand as we walk toward the huge, main courtyard and tall, majestic looking gate. “You’re silly, and they aren’t going to let you take your coffee inside. So, get to sipping, mister.”

Edward eventually pitches his remaining coffee right as we start our self-guided tour. We roam around the palace, spending plenty of time in the Grand Apartments, as well as the extremely crowded Hall of Mirrors full of sparkling chandeliers and opulence as far as the eye can see.

“The crowds are ridiculous, and we even showed up early.” I sigh in frustration. “I think I’ve seen enough of Marie-Antoinette’s lavishness.” I shake my head. “She certainly had extravagant taste.”

“I agree. Let’s go outside. Maybe the crowds won’t be as bad with a little more space around us.” Edward points toward a doorway, and we make our escape.

We wander around the perfectly manicured gardens, taking in the magnificent sculptures and unique fountains.

“You want something to eat? Maybe a crêpe?” Edward asks. “I need something to soak up all the champagne from last night.”

“Do you have a headache?” I look him over with concern.

“No, but I’m dragging, and the coffee isn’t kicking in quick enough.” He rubs his forehead and looks around, pondering our food options.

We locate a restaurant on the grounds. Edward orders a ham, egg, and cheese crêpe, while I peruse every sweet choice, finally settling on a Nutella and orange crêpe. Even though there are limited spots where you are allowed to picnic, we find a place to sit and enjoy the beautiful day with no clouds, a light breeze, and plenty of sunshine.

“So what do you think so far?” Edward asks, taking a large bite.

I shrug. “It’s a lot cleaner than I expected for this many people touring through it daily, and the palace and the gardens are equally impressive. I’m sure it takes a lot of people and money to keep everything maintained. Do you ever wonder what the kings and queens would think if they saw all of us peasants walking through their homes?”

Edward chuckles. “I would bet they wouldn’t be too happy about it. Are you about ready to roam through the Estate of Trianon?”

“Yes, I’m anxious to see the Queen’s Hamlet and what she considered ‘country’ compared to the opulence of the palace. Plus, I read it’s where she would conduct her affairs of love, which weren’t with the king.” I grin.

We throw away our trash and head out in the direction of our next destination.

I slide my hand into Edward’s as we walk along the gravel path. “Do you think you could have been a king?”

Edward shakes his head. “No. I’m not one to indulge in that type of lifestyle. It would appeal to Emmett rather than me. Especially the daily scheduleI would hate the part where men would watch me bathe, then more men would join the group to oversee me eat breakfast. Every detail of my life planned and scheduled for all to witness. I’m not exactly a nine to five, cubical kind of guy. I like the creative freedom I have with our family business and the flexibility of setting my own hours. Why, do you think you are queen material?”

“I don’t know. I can’t imagine ever getting used to spending so much money, especially when it’s not yours. It all seems a little over the top. I know that isn’t all the queens did and they were chained to a daily schedule just like the kings. However, I like the idea of helping people. That would be my focus, if I were queen.”

“It sounds noble to me. I’m sure you would be loved by all—no guillotine for you.” Edward wraps his arm around my shoulders, pulling me closer.

We finally finish the long walk to the Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon. Both are smaller versions of the palace with plenty of extravagance. The Queen’s Hamlet, however, could be out of a Disney movie. It’s extremely quaint and very British. I find it interesting that Marie needed this bit of the “country” in order to escape the court of the palace. Sadly, everyone suffers from the stress and pressures of daily life, even kings and queens, no matter how much we try to glamorize their existence.

Edward chooses to take some of the less traveled paths, wandering through the Groves as we find our way back to the main entrance of the palace.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a ‘no’ on me being queen,” I tell Edward, and further explain. “The gossip and rumors would be more than I could take. Everyone pushing an agenda and vying for a better position with the king. You would never know who to trust. Politics aren’t appealing to me. I’m sure there were some who used the queen for their own gain, and I would never be accepting of a mistress, which was a common thing.” I raise an eyebrow in Edward’s direction.

“Well, now that you remind me of that part, I think I might reconsider.” Edward has the most serious expression on his face while trying to conceal a smirk.

I give him a playful shove. “Really? A mistress?”

“Sure, why not? I am king after all. I can have anything I want. Maybe I need a harem to plant plenty of my seed.” Edward puffs out his chest.

“You’re ridiculous, and don’t include me in being any part of your queen-mistress-harem plan. I will have no part of that debauchery.”

“Aww.” Edward pulls me close and wraps his arms around my waist. “I thought you liked my debauchery.”

My hands slide up his arms and link together around his neck.

Edward’s mouth goes for my neck, sucking on the skin there, while his palm finds one of my ass cheeks, giving it a rough squeeze.

I giggle. “I do like your debauchery, but I’m a stickler for no cheating in a relationship, as the queen or not.”

“So you won’t be my side piece and I can’t have a side piece or pieces?” He gives me a crooked grin.

“Nope. With me, it’s all or nothing,” I declare, raising my chin higher in defiance.

“Well, it’s a good thing I can live with that. I’ll take it all.” He lifts me up off the ground and firmly kisses me on the lips, while I wrap my legs around his waist, hanging on for dear life.

“You better not drop me,” I warn.

“Maybe you need some cooling off in one of these fountains.” Edward looks around for the nearest one.

“Don’t you dare! You will get us thrown out of here in no time, and I’ll be wet.”

“Mmmm.” Edward focuses back on my neck, moving lower to kiss any exposed areas of my chest. “I like it when you’re wet, and it always seems to happen when you’re around me.”

He tightens his hold, and I moan at the feel of him hardening through my thin shorts. “Edward.”

“Maybe we need to have a quick dalliance in the gardens. I can be your rugged stable boy and you can be a lady-in-waiting who slips away from the queen for our afternoon tryst under the guise of riding lessons.” Edward wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

“How would I know I’m the only one receiving riding lessons from you?” I raise my own skeptical eyebrow.

Edward moves us behind a wall hidden from view by trees and large bushes. He pins me in place, while the stones press uncomfortably into my back.

“Because I would pledge my undying loyalty to you while finding my way through the many layers of your undergarments.” Edward’s fingers reach between us where the leg openings of my shorts are loose, easily exposing my underwear and allowing him to slip his fingers inside to slide my panties to the side.

“And that would be enough?” I moan as his fingers find me wet and he thrusts one then a second inside. His thumb rubs my clit, causing my hips to tilt upward seeking more.

“Yes. I’m a man of my word, and you can’t resist my touch.” Edward removes his hand and lowers the zipper of his shorts, pulling out his cock. “You’re always so ready for me. This will definitely be quick.”

I glance down between us, watching him place the head of his cock at my opening. He pushes forward and sighs with relief while a groan escapes my lips.

“Once I’m deep inside of you, every bit of reserve on your part will fade.” His hips start thrusting. “I would take you against this wall, never relenting from my slow pace until you demanded more.”

I tighten my legs around his waist and gasp when he spins us around, changing our position with his back now against the wall.  

Edward slides down to a sitting position, never breaking our connection. Once he settles us, he grabs my hips, lifting me up, pushing me back down. “You would start moving…”

I brace my hands against his shoulders and feel the grass cushion my knees as I pick up the pace he’s started.

“…riding me faster…” His hands leave my waist and move to my top.

I speed up a little more, while Edward unbuttons my shirt, exposing my thin camisole-covered chest.

“…making it your mission to take my release from me. That’s it. Keep going.” His hands squeeze my breasts roughly, causing me to falter, and he leans closer.

“Ohhh.” I moan and close my eyes as his hot mouth toys with my nipples, making the fabric wet and forcing me to speed up my movements while chasing my own release.

He continues narrating our role-play. “With your own building excitement and shameless movements, your dress would be unable to contain your heaving bosom, exposing your flawless milky white breasts to me.”

I open my eyes and watch his fingers lower the fabric covering my breast, leaving me exposed to him.

“And would I be successful in taking your release?” I pant as sweat breaks out across my body.

He nods as his hands squeeze both my breasts together, smashing his face between them. “Yes, but it isn’t our first tryst. So, I’ve learned a bit of control while exploring all your feminine wiles.”

Edward sucks hard on one of my nipples, forcing another moan from my lips, while I keep a faster pace, grinding a little harder with each pass.

I pause my movements when we hear voices nearing us, but they fade as visitors continue to explore the grounds.

His hips lift upward encouraging me to keep going. “The excitement of getting caught would spur you on. Someone from the palace catching one of the queen’s attendants ravishing a lowly stable boy would make for quite titillating gossip among the court.”

I’m determined now, wanting him to release before me. I want him to lose control. Forget about my release; I’m solely focused on him when I pull his head from my breast and smash our mouths together.

Breaking away from his mouth, I pull his hair, causing him to tilt his head back, exposing his jaw and neck to my lips. I roughly bite, kiss, and suck everywhere my lips can reach, intent to leave my own marks and make him mine.

“Bella, I can’t—” He gasps as his hands try to hold my hips tightly to his, but I’m determined to maintain control.

“Come on, Edward. Give me what I want,” I encourage, as my mouth finds his again.

I feel his point of release as he moans and my body milks his every last drop.

“Mmmm.” I break from his lips and move to his neck to suck a little harder on a mark I can see starting to form.

His hands finally release their tight hold on my hips and stroke my back under my camisole before finding my exposed breasts. He pulls and plays with the hardened peaks, causing my hips to involuntarily grind against his.

“You didn’t come,” he whispers.

Shaking my head. “This was about you.” I kiss his lips and look around to see no one nearby.

I move to stand, but Edward stops me. “I’ll make it up to you,” he promises.

An easy smile graces my lips and I lean down to give him another kiss. “I’m sure you will.”

I stand and break our connection, feeling his release start leaking down my inner thighs.

Watching as he tucks his cock back inside his pants then zips and fastens them closed, I move to straddle him no longer, but he holds me in place, taking out his phone and opening his camera app.

“May I?”

I nod, glancing around to make sure we are still alone, resting my hand against the stone wall to keep my balance.

He takes several photos and nudges my legs a little farther apart, pushing my panties and shorts farther to the side, running his fingers back and forth along my slit forcing a moan to slip from my lips.

“So fucking hot, Bella. You make me one happy stable boy.” He grins up at me and places a kiss on my leg, letting me know that I can move from my position.

Edward stands and gives me another quick peck, while I cover up my exposed chest and button my shirt.

“Thank you, Bella, for indulging me once again.”

“Oh, Edward, a little afternoon delight in the garden seems to be what you needed.” I look down at the grass stains on my knees and laugh. “Someone’s been busy in the garden, and from the looks of her inner thighs, she wasn’t weeding.”

Edward pulls out the map from his back pocket. “While I love the sight of my come running down your legs, you’re probably uncomfortable or will be soon. Let’s locate a bathroom where you can clean up.”

Once we find a restroom nearby, I do my best with the limited supplies available. When I’m finished, I find Edward waiting outside. “Have you had enough of the palace?”

“Yes, let’s walk back to the train station and catch the next train. We can go to the hotelyou would probably like to shower. And I would be more than happy to help, if you need any assistance.” He winks.

“I’m sure you would.” The discomfort of my wet shorts and underwear on the ride back are a constant reminder of our rendezvous in the garden. A location that has seen its fair share of torrid love affairs throughout the years.

I look over at Edward and think about how lucky I am to have found him. This entire trip is bringing us closer, letting us get to know each other in ways I never dreamed possible. We don’t have much time left in Paris, and the thought of not seeing him daily when we return to Seattle puts a slight damper on my excitement.

Is it too soon to want more from him?

My mind churns through our options, as the train ride threatens to lull me to sleep. I turn my head and glance at Edward sitting next to me with his eyes closed, which allows me to study his handsome profile. A slow smile takes over my face as I daydream about the possibilities of being tied to this man and what a future together would look like.

An hour later, we make our way to our hotel room where Edward takes full responsibility for my cleaning when he peels off my clothes then his own. He follows me in the shower and proceeds to scrub away the dirt and grass stains on my knees. Then, taking extra care, his hands thoroughly explore my chest and between my legs, working me up into an excited lather of need.

As if he can read my mind wanting to move into the other room, he shuts off the water and steps out to grab a warm towel, only to haphazardly dry me off. Edward hurries me toward our bed, pushing me backward and spreading me open widely. His head settles between my legs, and I rest my legs on his shoulders as his mouth takes over keeping his promise from earlier today. After all, Edward is a man of his word.