M. Parfait – Chapter 11

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“I used to ask myself, ‘Sergei, would you rather spend your money on drink or women?’ and thanks to the club, I spend it on both and am called a patron of the arts.” – Melika Dannese Lux

Chapter Eleven


Moving higher on the bed, I tuck my head in the crook of Edward’s neck. His beard prickles my forehead as I mold my body against his side.

“This feels heavenly. I wish we never had to leave the room.” My fingertips trace the lines of Edward’s tribal tattoo, as we lay naked between the cool silky sheets, slowly waking up after a long night with little sleep.

“Mmmm.” He hums his agreement and pulls one of my legs across his lower body, wedging his muscular thigh between mine, opening me wider to him.

A testing tilt of my hips against his leg causes a moan to escape my lips at the contact with my clit.

He leaves a kiss on my forehead, gently stroking my back. “Keep moving. I want you to make yourself come on my leg.”

“I don’t know if I can.” My shameless movements contradicting my words as I find pleasure in grinding my body against his with each pass I make.

“You can, Bella. Keep moving your hips. Rub that wet pussy against me,” Edward encourages, moving his hand lower and squeezing my ass cheek.

With each pass, my arousal leaves little friction between my legs and I quicken my pace.

“That’s it. Use me.” He coaxes then removes his hands from my body and tucks his arms behind his head, watching me attempt to get myself off without any other assistance from him.

“Edward, I can’t. I need your cock or your fingers. I need more.” My eyes move to his fully erect cock and my mouth waters in anticipation.

“Not this time, sweetheart. You either come on my leg or not at all.” He smiles. “I would hate for you to walk around Paris today all worked up because you couldn’t get yourself off this morning.”

I groan out my frustration, but continue to chase my release without the aid of my hands, closing my eyes and imagining I’m riding his cock.

“That’s it. Look at your body begging for my touch. Those peaked nipples straining for my mouth.”

I’m holding myself off the bed with one arm while the other braces against his abdomen. Pushing my chest toward him, I imagine the feel of his lips nibbling and sucking my nipples in his mouth. I’m determined to come this way and feel a tightening start to spread through my muscles.

“Mmmm.” Edward moans, and my eyes crack open to find his hand wrapped around his cock matching my pace. “You better come before I do. You’ve got me close.”

He makes me feel wild and crazy. The sight of him stroking himself is my undoing.

“Yes!” I throw back my head as my orgasm takes over rushing through my body in waves of pure bliss as my hips start to slow.

“Come here.” Edward pants, guiding my chest closer to his cock then leans up and grunts, releasing hot streams across my breasts. “Fuck, Bella!”

He falls back onto the bed, and I move to sit up still straddling his thigh covered with my release.

Edward’s warm come starts to trickle down my chest, and I’m looking for something to wipe it off when he reaches over for his phone on the nightstand.

“So sexy. Hold still.” He snaps a few photos of me then tosses his phone back on the nightstand. “No objections this time?”

I shrug and reach for a box of tissues nearby. “You make me feel more confident. With my body. With sex. With pleasing you.”

“I’m glad. Trust me. I’m going to give you all of the things you never knew to ask for and more.” He pulls me closer until I’m settled against his side once again.

A sigh of contentment and a squeeze of my arm wrapped around his waist leave my eyes heavy, wanting to drift off to sleep.

Edward kisses the top of my head, then his hand strokes my back, tracing up and down my spine. “What are our plans for today?”

I crack open my eyes and glance around our hotel room. From the amount of daylight pouring through the curtains, I would guess it is almost noon.

A silly grin spreads across my face. “Well, it’s sort of a surprise.”

His hands thread through my hair, tugging back my head, tilting my face up toward his. “What does that mean?”

“Did you pack a suit?” I double-check.

“Yes.” He leans down and briefly kisses my lips.

“Good. I packed a dress and we will need them for this evening. However, this afternoon I have an errand of sorts, then I will meet you at Crazy Horse.”

“Crazy Whores?” A slow devious smile spreads across his handsome face.

I giggle and sit up. “No, Crazy Horse. We are going to a show then a late dinner afterward.”

“A show? What kind of show?” He pushes his body up and leans back against the headboard.

“It’s a cabaret, and I’ve made all of the arrangements. Unfortunately, it will take me the entire afternoon to get ready for tonight. Will you be okay on your own?” I inquire.

“I think I can manage to keep myself busy. What time should I meet you there?”

“How about we meet at 7:30 p.m. Come inside and give the people at reception your name, then they will help you find your seat.” I attempt to leave out any unnecessary details.

Edward leans in for another kiss. “Okay. I’m looking forward to seeing what you and the Crazy Whores are planning.” He smirks.

“Horse. Edward. Horse.” I feign frustration, but we’re both feeling playful.

“Hmmm, I still think I’m right. Will there be horse riding?” He raises his eyebrow.

I stand up and make my way to the bathroom. “You’ll just have to show up and find out.”

Edward adds another pillow behind him so he’s sitting up watching me locate my clothes for the day. “There better not be. I’m the only one you are allowed to ride.”

“Is that so?” I taunt.

“You’re damn straight.” He crosses his arms over his chest.

He always wants the final word. I laugh, closing the bathroom door, effectively ending our conversation.


“Five. Six. Seven. Eight.” My dance instructor, Nina, continues to push me beyond my limits. “Slow kick, Bella! And careful spin!”

Nina is from Los Angeles, California and in Paris working with the dancers at Crazy Horse, revamping their routines, then teaching cabaret classes in the afternoon for women like me looking to impress their significant others.

And boy, is Edward significant. He would have to be for me to think I could pull this off.

“No, no, no, Bella. Arch your back more! Stick out that ass!” Nina yells over the blaring music.

This seemed like a good idea when I was safely tucked away in my Seattle apartment planning our adventure in Paris. However, now I’m here drenched with sweat and new blisters forming from my borrowed dance shoes, this seems like one of my stupidest ideas and an impossible task.

“Don’t give up girl!” Nina shouts. “Cut the music! Let’s take a quick five everyone.”

I’m not giving up, but there’s only so much I can learn in such a short time with zero dance training behind me.

“Hey, Bella.” Nina throws me a towel.

“Hey.” I’m panting and not in a good Edward way, as I guzzle down my bottle of water.

“Not too much. You need to stay light on your feet. You’re doing great. Are you only in this class?” She tilts back her own bottle, taking a quick sip.

I nod barely able to catch my breath then use the towel to wipe down my face, chest, and arms.

“Are you performing this evening?” Nina checks the time on her phone.

“Yes. I have a private room booked for 7:45 p.m. I told Edward to meet me here by 7:30 p.m.”

“Well, my best advice to you is to keep it comfortable and simple. No matter how much of the routine you nail, your man will be beyond mesmerized by the visual. Any movements you make will just be a bonus.” She winks. “What does your schedule look like?”

“Okay, I will keep that in mind. I’m in hair and makeup at 6:30 p.m. then costuming by 7:15 p.m.” I close up my bottle of water and toss the towel into a bin with others.

“You should have plenty of time to shower beforehand, which means we still have a couple more hours.” Nina turns to our group of four other women. “Okay, ladies. Let’s move on to your second number. Everyone grab your chairs.”

We continue for the rest of the afternoon, learning the most sensual moves imaginable with a chair or what I’m sure Edward would call chair sex. However, I know it’s going to be extremely different when he’s there sitting in front of me.

I’m a complete ball of nerves when Nina finally calls it a wrap and sends us on our way. We walk downstairs to the locker room, which is more like a luxurious bathroom filled with full-length mirrors, upholstered chairs, and chaises. There are plenty of towels, robes, and spa products waiting for our use.

I store my bag in a locker and slip around the corner to the showers. Washing away my afternoon sweat, I let the hot water loosen my tired overworked muscles, and my nerves briefly fade.

After shaving, shampooing, and buffing every nook and cranny, I turn off the water and find a stack of fluffy soft towels nearby. Unsure of what to wear under my costume, I choose a black bra and panty set, which I plan to wear under my dress later, then slip on a Crazy Horse robe hanging on a hook.

“Bella, your hair is gorgeous!” Frédéric exclaims over the sound of the hair dryer. “It’s so thick. I’m thinking some sexy waves and maybe pin the sides back.”

Frédéric is trying to tame my long hair while Angel is busy deciding on my makeup.

“Here.” Angel thrusts a glass of champagne in my hand.

“Before I perfect your natural beauty with makeup, you should indulge in a glass or two of liquid courage. It will help loosen everything up and make dancing easier. I’ll be back in a bit, sweets.” She winks, as Frédéric continues to work his magic and tame my hair in ways I never dreamed.

When they finish, I’m dazzled by the woman sitting in front of me, who is glamorous yet incredibly feminine. I can’t believe it’s me, as I appreciate my pale skin, which normally looks bleak but is now luminous and glowing. My perfectly painted bright red lips are a sharp contrast with my creamy complexion. I lean in closer to the mirror and examine my dark brown eyes. They appear unusually large with a winged, cat-eye liner style. My hair shines in waves of dark brown while it is pinned in several places to keep it in position and off my face.

“What do you think, ma chère?” Frédéric asks, fussing with a few stray hairs.

“I’m completely blown away. I look like a 1940s starlet.” I stare at myself in the mirror.

“Then it sounds like our work here is done. Go get dressed before that hot hunk of yours shows up. I may have to stick around and make my own introduction before you perform. How do I find one of him for myself?” Frédéric laments.

They both demanded to see pictures of Edward after I shared details of our Paris adventure so far. Needless to say, Frédéric asked to forward a few to his phone because he “needs more time to appreciate a man of this quality in greater detail.”

“Thank you both so much.” I give them air kisses and head over to costuming.

“Hey, doll! I’m Marc. Turn around and let me see you!” His hand twirls in the air.

I do a careful spin in front of him and await his appraisal.

“You are the perfect size for what I’m thinking.” He turns and digs through the costume racks.

“Nothing too revealing, okay?” I push, not wanting to be nude on stage, hoping he heard my plea.

He holds up two hangers with tiny costumes dangling from each then thrusts one in my direction.

“You won’t need a bra for this bodysuit. There’s enough support as the bodice is built like a corset. I have some stockings for you too.” He rummages through a drawer marked stockings and hands me a new pair of fishnets.

“Go try it on,” Marc insists, pointing toward a small curtained area.

The costume he chose is a gorgeous sparkling blue, gray, and black bodysuit, which shimmers like a million diamonds with long sparkling fringe of the same colors around the leg openings.

I step behind the curtain, hang my robe on the hook, and remove my bra. Once I have the stockings and bodysuit in place, I return to where Marc is waiting to help me fasten the back.

He tugs at the bodice, which pushes up my breasts, making them front and center. I hope I can keep them contained without spilling over the top when I dance. As I look down, I wonder if I’m one shimmy from a wardrobe malfunction. Not that Edward would mind, but how would I focus on my dance routine if that happened?

Marc steps back and looks me over from head to toe. “Perfect, and I already know what you’re thinking. Your girls won’t fall out. Trust me.”

I chuckle. “You’re a mind reader too?”

“My dear, I am a man of many talents.” He goes to the back of the costume room then returns to my location. “What about this hat too? It’s very…” Marc lowers his voice. “Moulin Rouge with this outfit.”

“Afraid of the competition?” I tease.

“No, I just want to keep my job.” He laughs. “Their girls have nothing on ours, but I’m biased.”

Marc shows me a top hat with a sparkling diamond band. “You can leave it on for your first number, then take it off for your second number.”

I practice moving with it as well as removing it a few times. “I think it’s too much. I already have my fans.”

“You’re right,” Marc agrees, and studies my costume. “We need extras. You have your shoes, but some gloves would be a nice touch. How about these satin over the elbow ones in…black?” Marc pulls a pair of gloves from a box and hands them to me.

“Shoes first then gloves,” he advises, opening and closing various drawers.

I follow his directions, then work the gloves up my arms and over my elbows.

“You need some flashy jewelry. Plenty of sparkles, my dear.” Marc adds large rhinestone bracelets over the gloves at my wrists, then fastens a large necklace around my neck with a pendant that rests just above the dip of my cleavage, which will undoubtedly draw attention to the area.

“There. Perfect.” He guides me to a full-length mirror. “What do you think?”

I look at the gorgeous cabaret dancer in the mirror. She looks like every man’s fantasy. “Wow, Marc! You have outdone yourself. The costume is absolutely stunning.”

Marc waves off my compliment. “You make this come alive. Have you thought about using another name for the night? You know, like a stage name. One that screams steamy seduction or sexy siren?”

“I haven’t even thought of it.” I marvel at my reflection.

“Well, let’s see what we can come up with.” He looks me over in the mirror, tweaking little things here and there.

“Maybe you’re a Monique?” Marc studies me for a moment then shakes his head. “No, not a Roxanne either. Maybe a Simone, sensual and sexy.”

I let the name dance around in my head, repeating it over and over. “Simone.” I nod and smile. “How am I doing on time?”

“It’s almost go time. Marie said your guest is waiting in room three.” He leans in and whispers. “I bet he’s excited. I know I would be,” Marc tells me with a knowing grin.

“Thank you so much for everything.” I turn and give Marc a hug, feeling the effects of the champagne begin to ease my nerves.

“You’ve got this. Go knock ‘em dead,” he encourages, and hands me my ostrich feather fans.

I leave the dressing room much more relaxed than when I first entered. I find Marie waiting to escort me to the side door of room three where I enter behind the curtain without Edward realizing I’m in the room.

Stepping up on stage, I take my place and wait for the music to begin.