Lemon Seeds and Other Sprouts/C4

A/N: I have another lemon seed to consider for the future. A gentle reminder, this chapter’s flash fic (100-300 words) doesn’t have anything to do with the last one, and it hasn’t been pre-read or beta’d. It’s me playing around with ideas for The Lemonade Stand’s most recent Flash Fic Friday, and I’m interested in your feedback. Thanks for reading. xx

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. I’m here having fun. 


The Lemonade Stand’s Flash Fic Friday, 8/21/2020

Prompt gif: (My interpretation) A woman wearing a pair of black cheekies with thigh highs and a man wearing a suit with a watch. We can only see a portion of his arm while his hand rubs her exposed ass cheek and his fingers linger between her legs. 


After adjusting what little there is of my next costume, my eyes rake over the curvy seductress staring back at me.

“Poor Edward.” Jess snickers.

I smirk, slip on my robe, and sit in front of the mirror. While Jess adds finishing touches to my makeup and Eric fusses with my hair, there’s a soft knock on my door. 

“Come in,” I yell, smiling at the familiar face in the doorway. “Uh-oh. What does the ass want now?”

Angela, his assistant, hesitates. “Mr. Cullen wants to see you in his dressing room to run lines before your next scene.”

I roll my eyes, because this afternoon’s scene barely has any lines. What he really wants is my attention and can’t understand why I’m not fawning over him like everyone else on set. Sure, he has top billing and his smooth British accent is to die for, but I’ve been professional throughout filming, unlike him. My agent warned me not to take this role. He’s a womanizer, she vowed—just like his character.

“You can tell—”

Before I can finish, Edward barrels through the door, wearing a perfectly tailored suit and barking orders. 

“Everyone out. Miss Swan needs to rehearse.”

Jess raises her eyebrows and I shrug, as she follows Eric and Angela out the door, closing it softly behind them.

“Ready?” Edward nods toward my robe. “No flinching this time.”

“Sure.” I stand, loosening the tie and letting my robe drop. 

As his warm hand explores my body, I relax into his gentle caresses, even when he dips lower than he should, rubbing my bare ass cheek and teasing me between my legs.

“Promise not to fall in love with me.” Edward winks at my surprised reflection with his damn crooked grin firmly in place.

“You ass. You’re dreaming.”

“We’ll see.” 


A/N: Good news! Two of my lemon seeds have sprouted into outlines which I can see growing into full-blown, multi-chaptered fanfics. Any guess which ones?