Lemon Seeds and Other Sprouts/C3

A/N: I have another lemon seed to consider for the future. A gentle reminder, this chapter’s flash fic (100-300 words) doesn’t have anything to do with the last one, and it hasn’t been pre-read or beta’d. It’s me playing around with ideas for The Lemonade Stand’s most recent Flash Fic Friday, and I’m interested in your feedback. Xx

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. I’m here having fun. 


The Lemonade Stand’s Flash Fic Friday, 7/17/2020

Prompt gif: (My interpretation) We can only see a young woman’s mouth sucking on a spherical lollipop teasingly.


The waves crashing against the rocks below the pier mix with the shrieks of the kids on the nearby rollercoaster. It’s another scorcher, as we walk along the wooden planks until Em reaches the door of the colorful storefront, and the bell announces our arrival. 

“Welcome to Swan’s Sweet Shop,” Rose says their standard greeting, but her smile widens when she sees Em. 

The rush of cool air as we step inside feels heavenly, but the sight behind the counter is even better. While he drools over the best friend with light purple hair scooping ice cream, I grab a package of saltwater taffy and walk straight toward the cashier where Bella’s sitting on a stool. 

My eyes dance along her sun-kissed legs to her cutoff shorts then over her tight blue polo, giving me a hint of her bikini top hidden from view. I pause at her rosy plump lips while she tortures the ball-shaped candy at the end of the stick. My envy isn’t the only thing growing until there’s a pop grabbing my attention. 

“My eyes are up here, Edward.”

I’m caught and hope to distract her. “Hey, I like your hair.”

It’s new—a mix of pink, blue, and purple with long waves resembling cotton candy. 

“Rose did it last night.” Bella smirks, tucking a strand behind her ear. 

“It’s great.”

“Thanks.” She points at the package I’m holding. “Anything else?”

Rose sets Em’s order on the counter, and I nod toward the lollipop. 

“What flavor today?”

Bella’s eyes dance with mischief and winks at Rose, smashing their mouths together. I’m not the only one stunned when Em gasps beside me.

“Holy shit.” 

Tongues tangle while soft sexy moans escape their lips, until Rose pulls away, grinning at Bella and looks at me. 


My new favorite.