Lemon Seeds and Other Sprouts/C2

A/N: This Flash Fic Friday story of mine leaves much to the imagination, including who is in the room, what happens next, or how they got there. It was born after a titillating conversation with Midnight Cougar about some of the older and far naughtier contests from our fandom past. 

I’m not talking about our more recent naughty favorites like the Control. Possess. Seduce. Contest (2016) with thirty-nine stories, May to December Romance Contest (2015) with forty-six stories, or Dirty Talkin’ Edward Contest (2013) with thirty-eight stories, but older ones. 

Like in 2010, the Obsession Contest/Deviants of the Dark? I can only find a few of these entries. Let me know if you know of other stories that were in this contest, but I think most were kept on a blog that’s no longer available.

There was the Twilight Kink Fest in 2011 with over fifty prompt driven stories of every possible pairing and kink that can still be found on FF. Wow! Google the words “Twilight Kink Fest Stories” and it should pop up with a FF link.

In 2012 the Taste of the Forbidden Contest had forty-five entries that are still able to be found on FF with so many authors you’ll recognize.

Does anyone remember in 2013 the Let’s Do Anal Contest? Many of these entries are still floating around the site, but I think they were kept off site too.

If you aren’t familiar with these contests, but would love to read them, do a search with the contest name and add “Twilight” and/or “Fanfiction” and I’m sure you’ll find a clickable link, as FF makes it impossible for me to link you to them directly. 

Okay, enough naughty reminiscing, my author notes are longer than the flash fic itself. Lol

A gentle reminder, this chapter’s flash fic (100-300 words) doesn’t have anything to do with the last one, and it hasn’t been pre-read or beta’d. It’s me playing around with ideas for The Lemonade Stand’s most recent Flash Fic Friday, and I’m interested in your feedback. xx


The Lemonade Stand’s Flash Fic Friday, 6/19/2020

Prompt gif: (My interpretation) Likely a woman’s fingers, with a ring on the right index finger, scraping down the naked back of possibly another woman or man who is wearing only either black underwear or swimsuit bottoms.


“Are you sure?” I lower my voice, asking hesitantly before she returns from the bathroom.

“You said I could have anything for my birthday, and this is what I want.” His hand waves toward the closed door. “Are you having second thoughts?”

I consider his question, watching him closely as he pours himself a finger of scotch from our in-room bar. He settles into the large leather chair facing the bed, lights his cigar, and raises a challenging eyebrow when I haven’t answered his question.

Was I having second thoughts?

My eyes never strayed as I watched her from behind my sunglasses all day. Those glorious sun-kissed curves dusted with white sugar sand as she walked topless through the shallow water.

A smile graced my lips when I heard her soft squeal of surprise after a strong wave crashed against her legs. She struggled to keep her balance, falling below the water’s surface. When she emerged pushing her hair from her smiling face, I licked my lips instinctively wanting to follow those taunting rivulets trickling into the areas hidden from my view.

The thought of loosening the two ties sitting innocently at her hips caused my fingers to twitch with a growing need. I pictured her straddling me, as I scraped my nails down her back moving between her legs while she gasped, begging for more. I wanted to be the reason for her giggles of excitement and soft moans of desire as I tortured her with my insistent lips.

The opening of the bathroom door pulls me from my recollections, and when she stands next to the bed with a knowing smirk dancing across her perfect lips, I know there is only one answer.

“No. No second thoughts. Not a single one.”


A/N: I have so many questions about this one as I’m sure you do too, but I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. I don’t know whether the POV is male or female. Or who the man is sipping scotch. Or who the woman is in the bathroom. I’m also not sure what is happening next. Is it a voyeur or a participation experience with the three of them. Also, how did the three of them get to this point from the beach? Is it Edward, Bella, and… Rosalie? Emmett? Carlisle? Or some other combination?