If You Give a Postal Worker a Love Note/C23

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Chapter 23

Bella tugs on my hand, bringing a smile to my face, and I follow her as we walk around this giant piece of art. I capture some fun photos of the two of us making faces into the reflective surface, until we find our own bench and Bella sits across my lap while we people watch. This area of Millennium Park is buzzing with locals and tourists, but I don’t find anyone more interesting than the beautiful woman in my arms while sharing kisses.

“Do you miss it? Being here?” she wonders, looking around the area.


“Why not? Even though I’m back in Forks, I miss Seattle and even Phoenix at times from when I lived there with my mom.”

“It’s really simple, Bella—you’re not here.”

“Am I going to run into any old girlfriends while we’re here?” she asks tauntingly.

I shrug. “Doubtful. Even if we did, most of the women I dated… they were only interested in dating a firefighter—any firefighter as a way of bragging to their friends. Those relationships didn’t last and don’t come close to what I have with you.”

The smile on her face is nearly blinding at my words. “You’ve got it bad, huh?”

“You have no idea.” I peck her lips with a gentle kiss.

“I may have a slight clue. I love you.”

“And I love you.”

When we’ve had enough people watching, Bella and I walk back to the other side, letting my parents know we’re ready to go. After a small debate about where to go next, it’s a unanimous decision to treat Bella to Giordano’s famous deep-dish style pizza.

The location in my parents’ neighborhood is busy this afternoon, but with only a brief wait, we’re able to walk in and the four of us squeeze into a booth. It’s been a while since I’ve been here and my mouth waters as the fresh baked smells waft through the air.

Most people don’t realize it takes about an hour for this style of pizza to bake, but we spend the time wisely ordering a sampler I split with Dad over a couple of beers. I feed Bella an occasional bite when she squeezes my thigh, but Mom and Bella are busy sipping glasses of sangria and discussing the current story Mom’s writing.

When our pizza arrives, Bella declares she’s in love after her first bites. We all eat until we’re groaning with full bellies and only two slices remain for a carryout box that I will undoubtedly finish later.

Back on the street, I wrap an arm around Bella’s shoulders and she twines our fingers together. Her other arm snakes around my waist and we stroll along Chicago’s Riverwalk until we’re back at my parents’ condo for the evening.

The elevator ride to their floor isn’t an issue for me, but that could have something to do with a tipsy Bella. She’s standing in front of me, and it’s difficult to focus on anything other than her ass rubbing intentionally against the growing bulge in my pants. My hands are at her waist, keeping my situation concealed from everyone around us.

I think my parents are tired from our day out, but Mom doesn’t want to miss a last opportunity for the four of us to spend time together for the rest of the evening. Our flight is early in the morning, and while I’m looking forward to being back home with Bella, I know we should make the most of these hours with them.

I leave the pizza in the refrigerator and follow Bella to the bedroom under the guise of taking a minute to freshen up from our day, like my parents say they plan to do, but as soon as we’re alone, it’s clear she has other intentions. Bella’s lips are on mine in an instant, then she’s pushing me against the door. Her hands glide over my chest to my waist, opening the button of my pants and easing down the zipper.

She slips her hand past the waistband of my underwear and pulls away from our frenzied kisses that leave my chest heaving.

“I need you,” she pants, sinking to her knees and easing the material lower.

I groan as my erection springs forward and her warm hand encloses around me, giving me a few appreciative strokes.


“God, I’ve been wanting to do this all day.”

My head falls backward, making a thud against the door, but there’s not a chance I’m taking my eyes off her and will them to stay open, despite how incredible she makes me feel.


I have trouble finishing my thought when her tongue reaches out, teasing the tip back and forth, then licks her lips.

“Mmmm, I can never get enough.”


This is going to be quick.

Maybe a new record.

Bella takes great pleasure in how quickly she can have me coming undone and this evening is no exception.

“Always so sexy,” she whispers, looking up at me with her beautiful brown eyes and sucking the head of my cock between her lips.

Her hands grab onto my hips, and I brace myself against the door, hoping I don’t break off the doorknob in my hand that’s clutching it for dear life. My other hand tucks a few stray hairs away from her face and behind her ear, then rests against the back of her head, gently guiding her toward my tilting hips. She hums and moans as more of my cock disappears between her lips with each pass until the tip of her nose brushes against me.


I can feel as she relaxes her throat, swallowing around me. There’s no holding back, and my balls tighten when she speeds up, taking my entire length with every stroke.

“Bella—” I warn, squeezing her shoulder and closing my eyes, then moments later I pulse, filling her mouth over and over.

She never misses a beat, taking everything and drawing out my orgasm until there’s nothing left and my body slumps against the door with relief. The smile on her face is positively victorious while she stands, tucks me back inside my underwear, and refastens my jeans.

I pull her against me as my hands roam her body and I kiss a trail along her neck. “Do you want me to…?”

She tilts her head, enjoying my attention. “Later when we have more time. Your parents are probably wondering what’s taking us so long.”

“Bella, in case you didn’t notice, that didn’t take long.”

She giggles when I nibble on a sensitive spot.

“I don’t want to leave you hanging. I can—”

“You’re not.” She kisses my lips, plunging her tongue in my mouth and doing her best to convince me she can wait a few hours.

I’m not happy with that idea, but I have no resistance in letting her have her way as I’m wrapped around her little finger. “Okay. Whatever you want, it’s yours,” I promise.

She brightens at the possibilities, and I know that look as her eyes drift toward the bookshelves. “Whatever, huh? That could be interesting.”

“Before you get any wild ideas—no kinky shit.” I backpedal slightly. “I know what’s in some of my mother’s books.”

“Oh… which ones are those?” She wiggles her eyebrows suggestively. “Maybe I’ll see if your mom’s willing to part with them for the plane ride home.”

I groan, scrubbing my hands over my face and shaking my head. “I can only imagine what it will be like when we have kids—”

I catch myself, but the surprised look on her face quickly morphs into another I know all too well. It’s similar to how her father likes to keep me on edge, and I realize she’s not as tipsy as I thought.


I probably shouldn’t have said that out loud. We haven’t talked about marriage or kids yet, but it seems like the natural next steps for us. I’m not sure this is the right time for that discussion. She’s been drinking all day and last night. My parents are just beyond the bedroom door, waiting for us to return. There’s no denying I’m still a bit dazed from the unexpected blowjob, and in my current relaxed state, I’d agree to just about anything.

“We’re having kids, are we?” Her eyes dance with mischief, delighting in my revealing too much.

As if I wasn’t already at her mercy, there’s no denying I am now, because, fuck yes, I want to have kids with her. I struggle, wondering what the right response for our current situation is, but with my grandmother’s engagement ring now in play, I have my own ideas of how I want to do this. I know she’s focused on starting her job soon, but it doesn’t hurt to have some reassurance that we’re on the same page for the future. I’ve been patient in the past; I can be patient with this too.

“Maybe? If that’s what you want.”

I wait for some type of confirmation, but her smile dims slightly, as if she’s lost in thought, considering the possibilities. So, I find the courage to put one of my own wishes out there.

“I know I do—with you,” I add, then amend my words, so she understands there’s no rush. “But maybe a little farther down the road from where we’re at now. You’re getting ready to start your new job and you’ve just moved in with me—those are both major changes. And we’ll be focused on making the park happen soon. I’m okay with it being only us for a while too.”

“Damn. You—” Her glassy eyes lock with mine, then her smile returns. “Yes. Of course, I want to have kids someday. With you.”

The relief at her words floods my system with the reassurance I needed to hear, and as her hand cups my jaw and thumb traces lovingly along the edge, I sigh, reveling in her touch.

“I’ve never had anyone love me like you do.” She blinks away her tears threatening to fall, and her voice softens. “How did I get so lucky?”

I hold my hand over hers against my chest, keeping it in place and searching her eyes, overwhelmed with the love I feel for her, which is radiating right back at me. “Bella, without a doubt, I’m the lucky one here, and I promise you, I’ll never forget it.”


If you give a postal worker a love note, she’ll wonder about the identity of the author when it’s delivered by an unintended mail carrier.

After a visit from a sexy firefighter, the mystery surrounding the note will add to her curiosity, but it won’t be solved any time soon, when she has no choice and accepts another job far from home.

Her secret admirer will hold on to hope for their paths to cross again, and when they do, he will find that being near her again is better than he ever anticipated.

Visiting her during his breaks and getting to know each other will be the best parts of their days, until one day she unknowingly makes his favorite childhood cookies, giving him the sign he needs to move forward.

She’ll hold back nothing as she tempts and teases him when they’re alone, testing his resolve, until a few adorable photos of him with a friend’s new baby causes an unexpected shift in her world.

As they grow closer, they’ll understand that the intimacy between lovers isn’t only about a physical connection, but the everyday interactions through the simplest moments and sharing of new experiences.

Through private conversations, their relationship deepens with the reveal of a variety of secrets, and with a new confidence, the truth of their adoration for one another is undeniable.

After another wonderful evening together filled with fun and flirting, she’ll realize that she’s never been loved like this before, and for as much as he wants to be everything she needs, she wants to be that for him too.

With constant reminders that every day together is precious, she’ll consider their future options, and after the first step of moving in together, everything will start falling into place.

When he opens his heart and shares treasured memories of a time long past, a trip to visit his parents will further satisfy her growing curiosity about other areas of his life.

In a moment abundant with shock and awe, she finds a kindred spirit in all things naughty, and the natural affinity between the two most important women in his life surpasses all expectations.

Brimming with courage, her normally reserved firefighter confirms a wish for their future, overwhelming her in a rush of love, but…