If You Give a Postal Worker a Love Note/C11

A/N: This chapter starts at the end of If You Give a Firefighter a Christmas Cookie to both Edward and Bella’s delight. If I could rate this chapter by lemon bars one to five, this one would be the whole pan. My lemony thanks to Midnight Cougar for always helping me to find the right balance of sweet and tart each chapter, like the perfect lemon bar. xx

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Chapter 11

I take Garrett’s advice over the next few days, and when Bella and I are alone, I find the courage to confirm that we are dating exclusively. It’s our first real talk about the future—our future, and I’m encouraged by her willingness to make a commitment to us.

She shares her lack of plans as to where she will live once her father moves out and sells their home, or what she will do when Jess returns from maternity leave. Bella’s vulnerability is a side of her she hasn’t shared before, and for all the fun I associate with her normally, I get my first real glimpse inside her struggles.

It isn’t lost on me this is the same type of opening up and confiding in her I need to do. I also fight the immediate urge to offer solutions to fix everything that troubles her. We aren’t at a point where I think she would accept my help easily, but I’m hoping that with time, she would be open to me sharing more than a single drawer of her dresser.

After our overdue conversation, I stop resisting her insistence at moving our physical relationship forward and take a step in the right direction by sleeping over at her home. It’s surreal to have something finally within reach that I’ve hoped to have for so long.

Waking up with Bella is as addictive as I thought it would be, and the only downside is that it isn’t an everyday occurrence. Having her in my arms is also an exercise in restraint not to rush this time together and savor every moment. My mother’s call this morning interrupts and dampens the mood, but hopefully, that’s only temporary. I’m thrilled she could meet Bella, even if it was over a video call.

With Bella straddling my lap and promises from me always to keep her secrets, my hands caress her curves, roaming over many yet unexplored areas. I rekindle the fire from earlier while my lips kiss a path along her jaw, moving down her throat. My fingers work to open the buttons of her pajama top, and when it parts, my hands are drawn to her chest instantly, while my lips enclose a nipple and suck it into my mouth.

“Edward.” She gasps, arching her back and bracing her arms against the table behind her. “Oh, God. Fuck. That feels incredible.”

The table shifts against her weight, making a loud noise as it scoots across the floor tile unexpectedly. “Shit.” She giggles and grabs onto my shoulders.

My arm slides instinctively around her bare back, holding her close and preventing her from falling backward.

I grin after her breast slips from my lips. “I’ve got you. Don’t worry. You’re not going anywhere.”

I shift my focus to her other peak, flicking my tongue then sucking lightly.

“I’m not, huh?” I don’t miss her teasing tone as her hips shift, rocking against my lap.

I hum at the incredible feeling, releasing her breast and kissing a path lower until I can’t reach any farther. “I think you should move onto the table,” I prompt and shift my hands to her waist.

“I wonder why.” Bella taunts with a knowing grin and presses her lips to mine.

I lift her easily, forcing our mouths to part, but trail my lips lower while she hastily shifts the table’s contents from behind her.

“Go easy on my cookies,” I warn playfully as I find a ticklish spot along her ribs.

“Always worried about the damn cookies.” Her giggles change into soft moans when I move lower. “Oh, God.”

“Right now, I’m only interested in your cookie.”

Her hips squirm when my tongue reaches the waistband of her underwear and I lick from one side to the other, nudging it lower. My thumbs tease along the black lacy edges of leg openings, dipping underneath the material, but not where she needs my touch the most.

“Yes… focus on my… fuck…”

The sound of things toppling brings a knowing smile to my face. I can’t wait either.

“I may have spilled your…” She rests against her bent elbows as her pajama top falls away from her chest, giving me the perfect view. “I’ll-I’ll clean it up…”

Her legs widen as I move lower; noticing the wet spot, I touch my tongue against the material, probing lightly.

“Fuck.” She moans, scooting closer to the edge of the table and resting her legs over my shoulders. “Later… oh… fuck it. More, Edward.”

Using a fingertip, I trace between her legs, causing her hips to jerk and lift. Her head falls backward, and she collapses against the table as everything jostles again.

“Like this?” I ask.

She gasps at my touch. “Yes, but stop teasing me.”

Chuckling at her lack of patience, I hook the damp material, pulling it to the side and holding it out of the way. My mouth hovers for a moment as I lick my lips, eager to watch Bella come undone at my attention. My tongue reaches out, barely wiggling against her, and she huffs in frustration, pushing closer and pressing against my mouth.

“Oh, fuckity, fuck, fuck. Yes.” Bella weaves her fingers through the hair at the back of my head, holding me in place and tilting her hips back and forth. “Show me what that tongue can do.”

I hum against her, causing her back to arch off the table, but pull away, wanting unencumbered access.

“Edward…” she whines.

“Lift.” I reach up, tug on the sides of her underwear until she’s bare before me, and drop them onto the floor.

Her legs slide back over my shoulders and I hold her hips in place, leaving teasing licks everywhere I can reach.

“Oh, yesssss!” She chants her approval and my name through whispered pants. “Mmmm, Edward. Oh, Edward.”

My tongue strokes and caresses every inch of every curve and crevice until she’s writhing with not only want but also need. No spot goes untouched as I explore leisurely until she can’t take it any longer.

Bella moans and pleads for more when I realize she’s getting close. “Don’t-don’t stop.”

Moving lower, I flick my tongue inside her when she releases my hair and reaches for the edge of the table, holding on tightly. I watch as her chest heaves and hips squirm.

“Holy… fuck!” She gasps when two fingers replace my tongue. “I’m… so… so…”

I keep a relentless pace in and out of her body while my tongue flicks over her repeatedly.

“Ed—” She stutters then stills, but I continue until she plunges over the edge and pulses around my fingers. “—ward…”

Replacing my fingers with my tongue, I lap at her gently until she becomes too sensitive for me to continue.

“Oh, God.” Bella pushes to a sitting position, sliding off the table and onto my lap. “That was so fucking good.”

She holds my face, shoving her tongue past my lips, and our tongues tangle until I’m the one breaking away first at the feel of our bare chests pressed together. I can’t keep the proud grin from spreading across my lips while she licks along my jaw.

“You feel so good.” I slide my hands along her back and under her pajama top, keeping her close. “Soft.”

“Let’s go upstairs,” she whispers between nibbles and kisses. “We’ll be more comfortable in my bed.”

My head falls backward and I hum my agreement as her lips move along my neck.

“And put my ice cream back in the freezer.”

“Ice cream?” I question.

She pauses her assault when she sees the surprised expression on my face.

“What? It’s a gift and my breakfast. I’ll be back for it. No wasting the good stuff.”

My hands move lower, squeezing her ass. “If you’re thinking about ice cream at this point, I need to try harder.”

“Oh, I can feel your hardening.” She wiggles against my lap.

I lean forward and peck her lips. “Always so naughty. Hold on tight.”

Bella squeals and giggles when I stand from the chair, wrapping her legs around my waist and arms around my shoulders. I realize my mistake instantly as she’s still bare and rubbing everything against my chest and abs.


With one arm around her, I use the other to put her ice cream back in the freezer while her lips nibble on my ear lobe.

“Can you pick up my underwear? I don’t want my father finding them.”

I groan at the thought. “Let’s not talk about the Chief for the rest of the day, okay?”

She chuckles and kisses my neck. “You got it, but I don’t want my roommate finding them in the middle of the kitchen. He’ll have questions and won’t want to hear the answers. Nor will you want me to give them.”


“They’re also a bit wrecked,” she snickers.

With Bella clinging to my body, I bend my knees, pick up her damp underwear, and tuck them into the pocket of my pajama bottoms.

“A bit?” I grin and tease, kissing her lips. “They feel soaked.”

Bella’s eyes dance with mischief as she smiles against my lips, pulling away. “Stop looking so proud. You know what you do to me. I have zero control when you give me that look.”

“What look?” I wonder, but I’m distracted by the way her breasts feel pressing against my chest.

“You know the one. It makes me forget all reason.”

I cut her off. “You want to talk about reason? You’re essentially nude, and rubbing all of my favorite parts of you against my bare chest. Trust me. There’s nothing reasonable about this.”

She continues. “And because of that look, we need to grab the condoms from my Christmas stocking—all of them.” A smirk tugs at a corner of her lips.

“Damn.” I carry her into the living room and stop in front of the fireplace, nodding toward her stocking. “How many are in there?”

She reaches inside, pulls out a strip, and smiles victoriously. “Three, but I have more upstairs in my nightstand.”

I nod, ready to be upstairs and put them to use. “What time do you need to be at work?”

“I’m scheduled from three to eight, but that’s flexible.”

“Well, let’s not waste any time.”

I walk toward the stairs and climb them to her room, locating it without her direction—since her mouth is focused on kissing or licking along my neck from one ear to the other. Once inside, I slam the door closed with my foot then tug her pajama top from her arms, letting it fall to the floor and recapture her lips.

“Oh, no. Now, I’ll be cold,” she teases when our mouths part.

“Not possible,” I mumble between kisses as my knees hit the side of the bed.

I climb to the middle, setting her against the covers while I hover on bended arms above her. Bella’s hands dance lightly over my chest, moving lower until one slips past the waistband of my pajamas and underwear, wrapping around me, while her other unlaces the tie.

“Bella.” I gasp and my eyes close at her touch while her feet push my pants past my hips and down my thighs.

Balancing my weight on one hand, I struggle removing them the rest of the way while it feels like her mouth and hands are everywhere all at once. When I finally kick them to the floor, she grasps me tighter and rubs the head of my cock between her legs.

“Oh, God.” I groan as my hips instinctively tilt, pushing back and forth easily through her arousal. “You’re so…”

The smile on her face is breathtaking, and her words are soft. “This is what you do to me. No one else. Only you.”


Her words light a fire of pride that surges through my body while my patience to savor this moment wanes more quickly than I would like. It’s an incredible feeling as I make pass after pass until I still the smooth motion of my hips and I’m paused at her opening. One easy push and I’ll be inside of her.

My arms burn holding this position, but I pull back slightly as my willpower is dangling precariously by a thread. “Fuck.”

“There’s my guy. I love that dirty mouth of yours.” She grins, watching my expression when her hand returns to my dick, sliding from base to tip, then her thumb runs over the head, toying with me.

“Bella,” I warn, but it loses steam as the words my guy wash over me with an undeniable warmth.

“Especially between my legs, but it feels like there may be another leak in your fire hose.” Her eyes dance with mirth as she shrugs. “It is my new specialty.”

I chuckle, because she’s not wrong, and in her hands, I have no chance of maintaining any sort of control. The obvious truth tumbles from my mouth after leaving a quick peck on her lips. “I need to be inside you.”

At her nod, she grabs a condom from where she dropped the strip beside us on the bed, and I pull back far enough for her to sheath my length. She wraps her hand around me again, guiding me back and forth between her legs until I’m right there once again. This time, I push forward until we’re flush. Her breath catches and eyes close.

“Bella.” I look over her face with concern. “Are you okay?”

She nods, and through half-lidded eyes, she cradles my face, kissing my lips sweetly. “Give me a moment to adjust. It’s been a while.”

My heart soars at her words and a warmth surges through my body knowing how long I’ve been waiting for her and this.

“Just relax.” I hold as much of my weight off her, not wanting to squish her and kiss everywhere I can reach.

I can feel the tension ease away, and her body curls around mine, locking her legs behind me.

“I want to feel your weight everywhere,” she requests.


With our legs entwined and hips joined, I lower my chest against hers, but not completely. The urge to move is undeniable, and relief courses through my system when she gives me the green light with a subtle nod. Every push and pull of my hips brightens Bella’s smile while her nails scratch across my back, undoubtedly leaving marks that I’ll wear like a badge of honor. I grunt when her hands move lower to my hips, encouraging them to move faster.

“Don’t hold back,” she whispers. “I want your words too. How does that feel?”

“So fucking good—tight and-and… right.” Like I’ve been waiting forever for this.

It’s perfect. She’s perfect.

What feels good?”


“What about me?”

“Everything, but… especially…”

She prompts with a nod. “Say it. I want to hear you say it.”

“Your pussy feels so fucking good.”

Bella grins, and with those words, it feels like I’m moving more easily inside her. When her back arches off the bed and hips tilt following mine, I speed up the swivel of my hips.

“You’re getting close. Aren’t you?”

“Yeah.” I shift my weight off her, watching where I’m disappearing inside of her with every stroke, knowing this is a view I’ll never tire of seeing.

“Edward, tell me what’s going to happen next.”

I shift, pressing my full body against hers and thrust my hips with each word. “I’m. Going. To.—”

“Do it. Give it to me.” Her hands squeeze my ass in time with my movements, urging for more.

“Fuuuccckkk…” I squeeze my eyes closed, growling through my release and still my hips against hers, unable to hold back any longer. I’m awash in waves and waves of the ultimate bliss. “—Come.”

“Yesssss.” She grinds her hips against mine over and over, drawing out the last of my orgasm. “That’s it.”

I chuckle, collapsing against her and panting against her shoulder. “Wow.” I leave kisses along her neck as I catch my breath. “That was…”

“The best.” She finishes my thought while her hands pass over my back and shoulders then repeat the circuit.

I’m nearly purring at her loving touch, agreeing easily with her words. “You’re right. It was the best.”

I peck her smiling lips as my own smile undoubtedly matches hers. “What?”

She sighs. “I’m happy.”

“Me too.”

“I may have a question too.”

I nod, pressing a kiss against her forehead. “What?”

She squirms underneath my body while trying to wiggle her hips. “How long until you’re… ready again?”


She wants more and I’m happy to oblige.

“Can’t get enough of me, huh?” I tease, and my grin widens, as she never stops making me feel incredible.

“Nope. I’ll be on top next,” she promises, wiggling her eyebrows while her fingers stroke lovingly through my hair. “There’s no way I’m going to miss out on the opportunity of sliding down your fire pole—repeatedly—before I have to go to work.”

“Give me fifteen and I’ll be ready to go again.” I move to my elbows and knees without breaking our connection, kissing her thoroughly.

Her soft moans transform into giggles when I can feel her clenching around me and bringing new life to my cock.

“Maybe ten, if you keep that up,” I hedge between kisses.

Her smile is blinding. “Let’s get a new condom and switch positions. I’m positive I can have you ready in five,” she says, licking her lips.

And it turns out she’s right. I’m ready in five—maybe less due to her perfect mouth. Watching Bella sink down on my hardened length is even better than our first time, but the real winner is the view from my position. I’m able to last longer this round with my hands or mouth never leaving her breasts, squeezing them in time with her movements, which is egged on by my dirty words. She’s beauty in motion, coming apart on top of me, and I can think of nothing better than doing it all again, when she crumples with exertion against my chest.

After a brief nap, I wake Bella using my hands and mouth, caressing every curve and licking all her tantalizing spots. With our time together dwindling, she suggests a shower together, which is filled with worshipful touches until the water runs cold.

We return to her bedroom, but I’m unable to resist Bella, freshly showered and wrapped in only a towel. Round three is slow and tender—my love for her deepening through every kiss or press of my body inside of hers until she’s writhing with pleasure and I can no longer hold off my release.

Once we’re dressed and my pajama pants are stashed in a drawer of her dresser, we return to the kitchen, and I sneak a couple of cookies while she reheats a plate of lasagna for us to share.

After this morning, sitting at her kitchen table will never be the same. We can’t keep the knowing smiles from either of our faces as those memories resurface with every giggle or tease of flirty banter. From my lap, she feeds us bites while we make plans for our next date as we compare work schedules. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this kind of contentment in my entire life, and I’m positive the smile on my face because of this woman is permanent. Now, if only I could get her to want that kind of permanence with me, I’d be the luckiest man in Forks.


If you give a postal worker a love note, she’ll wonder about the identity of the author when it’s delivered by an unintended mail carrier.

After a visit from a sexy firefighter, the mystery surrounding the note will add to her curiosity, but it won’t be solved any time soon, when she has no choice and accepts another job far from home.

Her secret admirer will hold on to hope for their paths to cross again, and when they do, he will find that being near her again is better than he ever anticipated.

Visiting her during his breaks and getting to know each other will be the best parts of their days, until one day she unknowingly makes his favorite childhood cookies, giving him the sign he needs to move forward.

She’ll hold back nothing as she tempts and teases him when they’re alone, testing his resolve, until a few adorable photos of him with a friend’s new baby causes an unexpected shift in her world.

As they grow closer, they’ll understand that the intimacy between lovers isn’t only about a physical connection…