If You Give a Firefighter a Christmas Cookie – Chapter 16

Disclaimer: Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond own the adorable little mouse whose needs inspired this very adult version of their story. Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. I’m here having fun.


Chapter 16

When my eyes eventually open, the living room is filled with late morning light. There isn’t any sunshine filtering through the front window’s curtains, which indicates the skies are overcast today, as another day of drizzle or light snow is inevitable this time of year. 

The television is off, but there are a few embers still glowing in the gray ash of the fireplace. The colored lights of our Christmas tree are twinkling without waver. I’m in no rush to take it down and put everything away. I want to hang onto Christmas for as long as possible. It’s brought me more than I could have ever imagined this year, and I’m grateful to have this strong, fearless man wrapped around me.

A contented sigh escapes my chest as Edward’s warm, muscular arms hold me firmly against his body. The blanket remains tucked around us, but under it, his legs are intertwined with mine, and I have no intention of wiggling free from his embrace.

His steady, even breaths against my neck bring a smile to my face. We would probably have more room if we went upstairs, but I’m not going to wake him in order to suggest it. I think he loves snoozing in this cozy little piece of heaven we’ve found here together. I’m a fan too. If only every day could start like this.

While Edward isn’t awake yet, I can feel another part of him more than ready to rise and shine. I can’t resist teasing him a little, because with every slight shift of my hips, his pajama-covered cock presses more firmly against my ass. 

I know he’s tired and needs more sleep, but this new development has me considering my ninja skills, and wondering if I can grab a condom from my Christmas stocking without any great disruption to our sleeping position. When I don’t come up with any winning solutions, I stay put while my mind drifts through the possibilities of what a future with Edward will look like now that we’ve both eagerly agreed to more of everything.

I wish we had some system between us where he would send me an emoji or quick text to let me know that all is well after each call or at least during his shift. I’m generally not a worrier, but I suspect that sirens at all hours could turn me into one. 

There’s always the possibility of us living together in the future. It would make it easier to see one another, especially when I’m no longer working at the station. Even though I haven’t visited it yet, I know he has an apartment nearby, but he said previously that he’s rarely there. 

My eyes grow heavy once more, and I’m falling back to sleep when I feel Edward stirring behind me. I take this opportunity to turn in my spot, as I don’t want to miss watching him wake. With one of his arms hugging me just above my chest and his other hand under my pajama top resting on my stomach, it isn’t an easy maneuver. I’m lucky he’s holding me or I would undoubtedly end up on the floor.

His eyes crack open and his arms tighten until he realizes what I’m trying to do, then he loosens his hold. When I’m resettled with our chests pressed against one another, I tilt my head up leaving a kiss on his jaw.

“Good morning,” I whisper.

“Hey, good morning.” His raspy voice warms me all over as he leans closer to steal a kiss. “Is it still morning?”

“For a little while. Are you hungry? I can get up and make us breakfast.”

“Sure, but would you have any coffee?”

My smile brightens because this is part-two of my Get-Edward-To-Sleep-Over Plan, as I expected he would need coffee and thought having a bag of his favorite blend here wouldn’t hurt.

“Maybe you should check your Christmas stocking. Before showing up at my door earlier, you were still on the nice list and I think Santa may have left something for you.”

“One of the Christmas stockings is for me?” He asks, surprised.

“Of course, but we would have to get up.” I reach up and run my fingers through his hair as his eyes close, and I can’t resist kissing his perfect lips.  

“Mmmm, I see your point. Maybe we should stay here for a little while.” He’s nearly purring with my every touch. “Did you enjoy watching the movie together?”

Enjoy? You may have corrupted me forever more.”

His chuckle rumbles from deep in his chest and his hands rub against my back. “Me? Corrupt you?”

“Yes. I’ll never be able to watch The Polar Express again without thinking of you.”

“Good.” He smirks. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“You should.”

“You know, you’re not the only one affected here. What about me having to listen to the movie’s menu music while you were… jingling my balls? I’m going to end up with a hard-on, any time Josh Groban sings, and that’s not a good thing, Bella.”

“Well, after that viewing, I’m considering throwing out my vibrator, because you—Edward Cullen—are the kind of man who makes them obsolete.”

He can’t keep the proud smile off his face at my words, and I think his chest may puff out a little too. I slide my leg over his hip and his hand dips below the blanket to pull me closer until he’s nestled between my legs. Edward watches me closely as his hand slides to my lower back, holding me in place, while his hips slowly move back and forth testing my response. 

“Mmmm.” I can’t get enough of him.

His hips pause their motion while he trails kisses along my neck. “I was dreaming about you earlier.”

Tilting my head backward, I give him complete access, and my eyes close, relishing his loving touches. “Don’t stop.”

A fingertip glides along my collarbone, moving to the edges of the silky material. He leaves goose bumps along a naughty path, as his hand moves lower, working open the buttons of my top.

“It isn’t the first time,” he says, slipping his hand under the material, cupping and squeezing my breast tenderly.

“What were we doing in your dream?” I gasp when his thumb rubs back and forth against my puckered nipple. 

“This. Always, this. Which is why it’s hard to believe I’m not dreaming now.” Edward’s eyes follow his fingers, as he eases the material away from my chest. “Every day feels like Christmas with you, Bella.”

My heart skips a beat at his sweet words before it takes off in a sprint when he licks his lips, pressing a kiss against my bare shoulder, and readjusts his position on the couch moving lower. 

Oh, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

The cool air against my newly exposed skin is a complete contrast to the warmth of his mouth when his tongue toys with my nipple.

“Holy—” I suck in a deep breath as my breathing speeds up, and I’m ready to surrender to any of his wishes. “Did… did we use condoms in your dreams?”

I shift onto my back as he moves lower igniting a fire with his lips.

“No. I don’t believe so.” 

“Well, that’s how you know this is reality.” I point toward the fireplace. “I think it’s time for a visit to my Christmas stocking.”

“You have condoms in your stocking?” He asks between kisses.

“Yes. It’s what Santa leaves all the naughty girls—condoms, lube, batteries…” I tease.

“Let’s hope your dad never finds those.”

I shake my head. “He’s too focused on Sue to care, and let’s not get sidetracked. Am I getting up or are you?”

“We’re not in any rush, are we?” Edward presses a kiss over my underwear and almost between my legs.


His fingers grasp the sides of my underwear, tugging them down my hips, when his phone sitting on the coffee table starts vibrating with a call.


Edward pauses, leaning over to see who it is, and I can tell instantly from his expression that he’s going to take the call.


I hope it isn’t the station, but if it is, I need to pull it together and be supportive no matter how needy I’m feeling.

“I’m sorry. It’s my mom. If I don’t answer, she’ll call again or try to track me down through the station or with Jasper to make sure I’m okay.”

I nod, but once he answers, I realize the gravity of the situation and scramble to slide my underwear back in place.

“Hey, Mom.”

“Hello, darling. Did I wake you? You look sleepy.”

Fuck me. And this isn’t the good kind. It’s a fucking video call. I start buttoning up my pajama top immediately.

“No.” His eyes glance toward my fingers as I struggle with the buttons. “I’ve been awake for a little while.”

“Oh, good. Where are you? At your apartment? It looks dark there. Isn’t it almost afternoon your time? We’ve had so much snow that I’m getting cabin fever. I missed all the after Christmas sales this morning because your father wouldn’t let me out of bed.” She chuckles.

What the fuck?

I pause my fingers, wondering if I understood her correctly.

“I heard that snow is in your forecast too, dear. They said six inches are expected for us, but thanks to your father I’ve already had eight.” There’s a distinct giggle snort combination this time. “I may have had one too many mimosas with brunch. So, ignore me.”

Holy fucking shit.

She’s loaded.

His eyes lock with mine slightly panicked, as a blush of embarrassment passes over his features, while a slow smile spreads across mine as I hear her giggling.

“Uh… I’m at Bella’s house.”

Oh, fuck.

I didn’t expect him to say that. The jig is up. My own panic is now building faster than a kid unwrapping packages on Christmas morning. He’d better not spin that phone around. I run my hands through my hair nervously, hoping to tame its chaotic style.

“Is she nearby? I would love a chance to meet her.”

My hand freezes in place, and my eyes widen at her request. My current appearance is probably not the first impression I want to leave with his mother, but for a split second, I’m giddy with the thought that she seems to know who I am.

His grin must reflect mine, because he confirms my presence eagerly. “Yeah. She is.”

My brief happiness is fleeting when my internal alarm wails louder than any siren at the station.

FUCK! No, no, no!

I’m violently shaking my head back and forth, waving my arms, getting his attention, and planning my escape.

His eyes shift to mine as his smile fades slightly. “I think… she’s in the bathroom.”

Oh, thank goodness. He’s buying me time. I give him a thumbs-up and hurry toward the half-bath but stub my toe on the way, catching it on a leg of the coffee table.

“Son of a nutcracker!”

I slam my hand over my mouth to contain my yelp of pain as my toe throbs.

“What was that, dear?”

“Uh… nothing. We’ve been watching Christmas movies. You probably heard the television.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet.”

She has no idea how sweet our movie watching is. I hurry inside, closing the door behind me, and I can barely hear his muffled conversation. I groan, looking in the mirror, and immediately start splashing cold water on my face. After a quick towel dry, I look through the drawer and find a brush, pulling it through my tangles until my wild hair appears somewhat tamed.

After a few deep breaths and whispers of encouragement, I realize I can no longer continue stalling, and it’s time to meet Edward’s mom. Hopefully, she won’t realize I’m wearing the pajama top that matches Edward’s pants. I just need to keep him tilting the phone’s camera to show us only from the shoulders up.

“Oh, here she is.” Edward waves me over and guides me onto his lap. “Mom, I’d like for you to meet Bella Swan. Bella, this is my mother, Esme Cullen.”

“Hello, Bella. It’s nice to meet you. Edward speaks about you all the time.”

Oh, does he?

“Hello, Mrs. Cullen.”

She’s a beautiful woman with coloring and features similar to Edward’s with the same gorgeous green eyes and auburn-colored hair.

“Please, call me Esme. I hear you’ve been taking great care of him over the holidays, since he wasn’t able to come home. It sounds to me like he’s running you ragged, but I’m sure you know how men can be.” She puts a champagne flute to her lips, taking a quick sip.

I don’t want to admit she’s right in front of Edward and continue to keep what I hope appears to be a pleasant smile on my face. “It’s been a wonderful Christmas this year.”

“Edward showed me your tree. It’s lovely.”

“Thank you.”

“And your gingerbread house looks delicious.”

“It was fun to build.” And eat.

He pokes my side, as if he could read my mind.

“Edward is a stickler for family traditions, but I’m always encouraging him to consider new ones too.”

He interrupts before she can continue.

“Mom, Bella and I are going to have to go. We were getting ready to eat.” He pinches my ass, nearly making me squeak out loud. “And Bella has to work this afternoon.”

“Okay, darling. It was lovely to meet you, Bella. You’ll have to come and visit us in Chicago.”

“You too, Esme, and thank you for the offer.”

“Are you working today also, Edward?”

“Yes, later this evening. I’ll talk to you soon, Mom.”

 “Okay, I love you! Goodbye and Merry Christmas to you both.”

He ends the call and leans back his head against the chair with relief. “I’m sorry to spring her on you without a greater warning. That’s probably not how you wanted to meet her, but she’s been adamant about me introducing you.”

“It’s all fine.” I peck his lips, knowing our earlier mood has passed and coffee is in order with maybe a little food. “Come on. Let’s see what Santa left in your stocking, and I’ll start breakfast.”

Edward follows me into the kitchen, bringing his stocking and sitting at the table. I watch while he removes its contents.

He holds up the first item. “My favorite coffee.”

“I’ll get right on that.” I wink, taking the bag and work on brewing a fresh pot.

“A pair of sunglasses.” He slides them on and my knees go weak at the sight. 

He’s so sexy without even trying. 

“Great for protecting your eyes. You can never have too many pairs, in my opinion. Maybe you could leave that pair in the Beast,” I suggest.

Edward lights up with that idea as he removes them. “Okay.”

He reaches inside his stocking again for the last item. “And a coffee mug.”

“Would you look at that—Santa knew you were going to need your own mug to keep here. What does it say?”

As if I don’t already know, but I can’t keep the grin off my face while I grab my pint of peppermint bark ice cream from the freezer.

“It says: My girlfriend is hotter than my coffee.

“If only you didn’t need those three ice cubes,” I tease, recalling his order from the coffee shop while taking a spoon from the drawer. “By the way, she sounds fabulous.”

“She is.” He smirks, watching me closely.

I remove the lid, then a spoonful of heaven and hold it to his lips, but he shakes his head. 

“You first. I doubt I’m a fan of ice cream with my coffee.”

“That’s too bad.” I moan as the delicious flavors of peppermint and chocolate burst across my tongue. “And what is it you prefer?”

I notice the pot finishes brewing and pour him a fresh cup in his new mug.

“I don’t think I’ll ever tire of your cookies, Bella.”

I expected this part of the sleepover plan too and jam my spoon in my ice cream breakfast, abandoning it on the countertop. It’s a stretch, but I reach on top of the refrigerator, grabbing the remaining cookies I made from the last of my supplies. Setting the container with a red bow in front of him, I straddle his lap, facing him and blocking his access.

“These wouldn’t fit in your stocking, but before you dive in, I want you to promise that you won’t share Grandma Cullen’s or my secret family recipe for these cookies. Don’t think for a second that I forgot and I know that you know.”

His smile is blinding as he tries to steal a kiss, but I pull away before his lips can reach mine.

“Ah, ah, ah. I didn’t hear a promise. No promise. No kisses. No future cookies.” 

“You drive a hard bargain.”

“That’s not the only thing hard around here.” I tilt my hips against his, hoping to revive the fire that was building before his mother’s call.

“And that’s not the only cookie I’m planning to eat.” Edward wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

“Well played, my naughty list rookie.”

“I think you already know that I’m not a rookie.” His hands move along my thighs until he reaches around, cupping my ass and giving it a squeeze while his lips move along my neck.

I brace my hands against his shoulders. “Oh, I know. Your hands and… tongue seem to know how to unlock all of my secrets.”

“I like knowing your secrets.” He pulls back, nodding toward the countertop. “Your ice cream is melting.”

“And your coffee is cooling,” I respond, but from the look on his face, staring up at me, it’s the farthest thing from his mind.

“Bella, none of it matters as long as I know I have you.” He smiles my favorite crooked grin. “You have my promise. Your secrets are safe with me.”

While Edward is focused on keeping my secrets, his soft lips are busy exploring other parts of my body. My head falls back and my hands weave through his ruffled morning hair, surrendering to his teasing kisses. 

I have every intention of keeping him and his fire hose on a regular inspection schedule, extending far beyond Christmas. Because for this naughty elf, it’s a labor of love, like warming turkey gravy, brewing his favorite coffee, or even baking him Christmas cookies.


If you give a firefighter a Christmas cookie, he will want the perfect cup of coffee to go with it.

The cookies and coffee will remind him of his favorite Christmas songs, and while hanging Christmas lights, he’ll agree to a date decorating a tree.

The decorated Christmas tree will fill him with Christmas spirit, which will give him the courage to kiss the naughty new friend who he’s had his eyes on for a while.

Sharing kisses with her won’t be enough. So, he’ll find other ways for them to spend more time together, like building a gingerbread house and playing in the snow.

He’ll wish for his favorite Christmas dinner foods but arrive late to the meal, because he’s sharing steamy kisses in the parking lot.

After arriving, he’ll learn unexpectedly the details of a secret family recipe, but before he can share his new information, he’ll be called away for a day full of emergencies and rescues.

He’ll make a surprise visit to exchange Christmas presents and accept an invitation for a sleepover, where they’ll share their concerns about the future.

Watching his favorite Christmas movie will never be the same, but he’ll look forward to many more great times together with or without coffee and cookies.


The End.


A/N: I can’t tell you how much fun this was to write for Midnight Cougar. While we’ve both been in the fandom for years, it was the Twilight Naughty or Nice Contest that finally brought us together in 2017. It has been an absolute joy weaving a very naughty Bella with a nice Edward and all the things MC loves about fanfic into a holiday story. I hope you’ve enjoyed their journey too. Thank you for reading. xx

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