If You Give a Firefighter a Christmas Cookie – Chapter 15

Disclaimer: Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond own the adorable little mouse whose needs inspired this very adult version of their story. Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. I’m here having fun.


Chapter 15

Edward lights up like a kid on Christmas morning at my words of inclusion and his lips are back on mine in a heartbeat. His hands are everywhere—one is rubbing along my back, while the other cups my jaw, holding my head in place, his mouth demanding and insistent.

My hips respond to his fiery kisses, pressing against his involuntarily and prompting a rumble from deep in his chest. While his tongue tangles with mine, I pull my outer leg free and wrap it over his hip, aligning all my favorite parts. My hands slide along his smooth, warm skin, taking my time, and explore every curve and crevice. They gradually move lower past his abs and reach that elusive fire pole of his, which it sounds like, after our conversation, I can claim as all mine. 

Pulling back my hips, I allow just enough room for my hand to fit between us. My fingers glide easily over the silky fabric, tracing him from base to tip as I can feel him responding to my touch just below the thin fabric. I massage him unhurriedly, feeling him lengthen and harden with every caress until I can’t wait any longer. I tug on the drawstring of his pajamas, loosen the tie, and unlace the bow. When my hand slides between his pants and underwear, Edward’s kisses falter. 

He pulls away from my mouth panting. “Oh, God.”

I can’t keep the grin off my face as my hand continues stroking him over the soft cotton fabric. “Feel good?”

“Bella, you have no idea.” Edward moans and his ragged breathing fans over my face as his hand covers mine, halting my movements. “We need to slow down or this will be over too quickly. Give me a minute.” 

He keeps his hand firmly in place, when I don’t remove mine from his pants, which would probably aid in his control. 

“Okay.” I use my other to reach up and run my fingers through his hair, pressing my lips against his in a gentle kiss. I can’t get enough, but feel him smiling under each peck of my lips, and he twitches against my lower hand once more.

“Not helping. I need a distraction and not your hand or lips.”

“Did you bring any condoms with you?” I wonder, knowing my possible expectations for us, but I’m curious to his prior to arriving at my door.

“Bella,” he warns. “That’s not the kind of distraction I’m talking about either.”

I would bet there are a couple in his wallet or jeans pocket, but continue with my diverting train of thoughts when he stalls on answering, because I know I’ve got us covered.

“Did you know they make flavored versions, like strawberry, banana, which is so obvious, and even pumpkin spice? Blech.” I stick out my tongue, shaking my head.

“I thought everyone liked pumpkin spice.”

“I’m not everyone, but I’m positive I would be a fan of the candy cane ones since I love peppermint. However, I prefer one hundred percent man.” 

“Flavored condoms, huh?”

“Yeah, some people don’t like the taste of—”

“Don’t-don’t say it.” He presses against my lower hand tighter.

“Or swallowing.”


“There are edible gummy condoms too. I found them in a store in Seattle once, but they weren’t wearable, which was disappointing. I guess some guys would be a little worried about having someone’s teeth so close and that whole biting action. But it’s all about control—not too much—a little graze of the teeth and it becomes a whole new experience.” 

His head falls back against the couch. “Bella, thinking about your hand, let alone your mouth or teeth, isn’t helping either.”

“Then let’s stop thinking,” I urge, because I’m as excited to keep going, as I can feel he is, and offer my encouragement. “You’ll love this. I promise.”

“Oh, I-I’m sure I will.” He shares a nervous chuckle. “I just don’t want to embarrass myself.” 

“In my hands… not a chance.” 

At his nod, Edward releases a shaky breath, pulls his hand away, and gives me complete access. I take my time loving the feel of him against my hand, bringing him back to the edge while his breathing speeds up. One of his hands rests on my outer bare leg while his other presses against my back, protecting me from falling off the couch.

I watch his face full of anticipation while my fingertips tease along his waistband, dipping lower with each pass. When I finally have my hand wrapped around him—skin to skin—he releases a deep sigh at my touch. 

He feels like the perfect size—not too much that my fingers won’t go almost completely around and long enough that I’m excited about where he’ll be able to reach when given the opportunity to slide down my chimney. 

My thumb is drawn to the tip, gliding through the moisture that continues to gather there with each pass, and I can’t contain my giggle.

“Giggling at this point isn’t a good sign, Bella.”

“Oh, don’t take everything so seriously. You should be having fun.”

“I am, but what is it that has you so amused?”

“Well, I’m no expert on firefighters and their equipment, but I think I’ve found a leak in your hose.”

“Be careful.” His breath hitches when I begin stroking him back and forth at a leisurely pace. “It could blast you when you least expect it at this rate.”

“Hmmm. For safety precautions, I think this inspector should take a closer look.” I wink, pecking his lips and releasing him from my hand.

He weaves his fingers through the hair at the back of my head when I start my descent, trailing kisses down his neck and along his chest. There’s no way my tongue can resist teasing the nipple I can reach, and the time spent licking the ridges of his abs will never be enough.

Edward readjusts his position on the couch, moving higher and onto his back. I grasp the waistbands of his pajamas and underwear, tugging them lower until he’s exposed completely. The sight before me has me licking my lips in anticipation and marveling at the beauty of him fully erect.

Holy fuck.

I settle into the space between his legs, but my need to feel his soft and inviting skin draws my hands to him like a magnet. I hover over his lower body while caressing his upper thighs and leaving kisses along the sculpted curves at his hips. 

By the sounds of the little noises escaping Edward and the way his abs are contracting, I know my teasing touches are becoming more than either of us can take. I don’t keep us in suspense any longer, brushing my lips over the end of his cock and placing a kiss on the end.

“Oh, Edward.” I smile, gathering my hair to one side, and look back to find him watching me closely. I grasp him lightly, tilting him toward my mouth. My tongue reaches out, licking the tip, and I wiggle my eyebrows. “Welcome to the naughty list.”

My mouth encloses around his cock, taking him past my lips, setting a slow pace, and sucking him deeper with each pass. His restraint is dwindling when the first “fuck” escapes his lips. The next two happen when my hand massages his balls while my mouth never relents. I hum my approval, which inadvertently engages his hips, as they lift and tilt in time with my movements, begging for more. 

When it seems like Edward’s getting close to the edge, I pull off, giving him time to recover and maintain control, while I use my tongue to leave teasing licks along every inch of his glorious cock. 

“Bella.” He pants and clutches the cushions of the couch with both hands when my mouth encompasses him once more. “Fuck.”

It’s like music to my ears, but a feast for my eyes, as I watch him unravel and surrender to the pleasure I’m giving him. With no intention of helping him hold off any longer, I speed up my movements until he’s filling my mouth and groaning through his release. 

I swallow instinctively, and feel him soften as he catches his breath, throwing his arm across his forehead. I can’t contain my grin or the rush of happiness that surges through my own body at his. With a couple of final licks and a last kiss on the tip, I tug his underwear and pajama pants higher, tucking everything back in place, and retie his drawstring.

I leave a path of kisses as I crawl higher on his body, until I’m leaning over his heaving chest and straddling his hips. “Are you okay?”

My question brings the biggest grin to his handsome face as he removes his arm and cradles my face between his hands, capturing my lips. 

“Spectacular,” he shares between kisses. “That… that was incredible.”

I can’t stop the giggles threatening to escape. “I think I fixed your leak.”

“You did.” He smirks and shifts to his side, guiding me to the spot in front of him until we’re chest to chest.

I’m wrapped in his arms with Edward pressing his lips to my forehead when a yawn escapes me, but I fight to conceal it.

He brushes the hair away from my face, tucking a few strands behind my ear. “You’re tired.”

“So are you. Or you were.”

“I’m preventing you from sleeping, and you have to work today.”

“Maybe I’ll call in sick. I did everything that was waiting for me after I helped Alice clean up from our Christmas dinner feast. I can go in later too.” I grin. “I have connections, and my boss is flexible when I need him to be.”

“How about we start the movie?” One of his hands strokes my bare leg back and forth.

“Okay.” I reach for the remote and press the right buttons to get the movie going, then turn back toward Edward and snuggle into his chest.

“You’re still not going to be able to see the screen in this position. Why don’t you spin around? I’ll keep you from falling off the couch.”

“I can hear it this way.”

His hand moves to cupping my ass and giving it a squeeze. “Come on.”

I twist in my spot until my back is nestled against his chest, closing my eyes and wiggling my hips into the perfect spooning position. 

Maybe he was right. This feels incredible.

“Should I grab the blanket? As the fire dies down, we may get cold.”

My eyes pop open at his suggestion, because I’ve spent plenty of time imagining how we could spend time under any blanket and all of those involved my new favorite word of his—naked. “Sure.”

“I can add more wood, but I’ll get it just in case.” Edward leans from his spot, pulling the blanket from the other end of the couch and unfolding it across my legs. “Good?”

“I’m great.”

He settles behind me and kisses my shoulder with a promise, “You’re about to feel even better than that.”

Somewhere between the hot chocolate dancing waiters and the howling bearded fireman at Caribou Crossing, Edward’s skillful hands have my heart racing, like an out-of-control train bound for the North Pole. While I thought, at one time, I was the conductor on this naughty version of The Polar Express, I realize it is actually Edward, who is the engineer and in complete control. With every dip and turn, he adjusts my throttle, pushing me over the edge until I’m plunging down my own version of Glacier Gulch. When the train finally halts and I can catch my breath, I know Steven Tyler Elf has it right, because I’m not only rockin’, but I’m also feeling on top of the world.


If you give a firefighter a Christmas cookie, he will want the perfect cup of coffee to go with it.

The cookies and coffee will remind him of his favorite Christmas songs, and while hanging Christmas lights, he’ll agree to a date decorating a tree.

The decorated Christmas tree will fill him with Christmas spirit, which will give him the courage to kiss the naughty new friend who he’s had his eyes on for a while.

Sharing kisses with her won’t be enough. So, he’ll find other ways for them to spend more time together, like building a gingerbread house and playing in the snow.

He’ll wish for his favorite Christmas dinner foods but arrive late to the meal, because he’s sharing steamy kisses in the parking lot.

After arriving, he’ll learn unexpectedly the details of a secret family recipe, but before he can share his new information, he’ll be called away for a day full of emergencies and rescues.

He’ll make a surprise visit to exchange Christmas presents and accept an invitation for a sleepover, where they’ll share their concerns about the future.

Watching his favorite Christmas movie will never be the same…