Daddy’s Girl – C7

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A bit of accounting, Lily, Wil (Edward and Bella’s son), and Marco (Jasper and Alice’s son) are all in the same grade at school.

Age tracker for this chapter: Emmett (39), Lily (8), Rosalie (37), Edward (37), Bella (35), Charlie (10), Peter (9), Wil (8), Jasper (50), Alice (42), Marco (8), Carlisle (74), Esme (65)

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C7 – Happy 8th Birthday, Lily

“Fuck.” I grab onto her hair with both hands as I hold her to me and come down her throat. I don’t even know her name, but at this point, it doesn’t matter. Let’s call her Nipple Girl, as her nipples are barely contained while hardened, pierced peaks strain against her top.

Nipple Girl moans, swallowing every drop, then pops off my cock, thoroughly licking every inch of my dick then sucks both balls in her mouth.

My head falls backward, hitting against the lockers, making a rattling sound. Nipple Girl had been eyeing me during my entire workout. She’s new, but didn’t think twice about following me into the men’s locker room where we are out of view, but definitely not alone, as I hear guys showering and in varying stages of undress pre or post workout.

She’s a new trainer at Flex with badass streaks of purple in her dark black hair, and a hot, tight body. I’m a sucker for her dark brown eyes too, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by me she has similar features to Bella only taller.

Unfortunately, all the women I’m fucking around with look like someone I know. If they’re blonde, I immediately classify them as a “Rose” who is likely to be bitchy or a “Honey” who is sweet and will let me do anything. Redheads all remind me of Vic and those freckles I find drive me wild. And brunettes with dark eyes? Well, Edward would kill me if he knew the fantasies I’ve been having about his wife.

It was bound to happen. Bella is always so damn kind and helpful. She’s over at our home frequently or Lily is over at their place. I’m fighting some type of attraction for her, which makes me nauseous even to think about.

Not that Bella hasn’t aged well. Exactly the opposite. She’s thirty-five and looks great despite having put on a few pounds after all the pregnancies, but that isn’t what’s drawing me to her.

She’s the one woman who isn’t related to me that’s been in my life for over twelve years now. I find myself not only drawn to her looks, but who she is as a person too.

Which is why, Nipple Girl was an easy “yes” when she dropped to her knees.

Yeah, my head is really a fucked up place right now.

I feel bad leaving her hanging, but I’m late and need to shower.

I must not smell that bad the way she’s massaging my balls with her tongue.

“Babe.” I nudge her shoulder.

She looks up at me. “You wanna go back to my place?”

“I would love to, but I can’t tonight.”

“You have plans? A date?” She tucks me back inside my shorts then stands.

I watch her confidence waver slightly, but feel the need to explain so I can have another shot with this one and not just against the lockers post workout.

“Uh—sort of. It’s my daughter’s birthday and I need to pick her up. Maybe another time?” I can only hope she’s agreeable because I could stand to bang these thoughts of Bella right out of my head, and Nipple Girl is definitely a close substitute, even though she looks a little young.

My hand has been much too busy lately, and I know I need to search out some blondes or redheads at this point to find a balance. Maybe I should distance myself from Bella too until I can get everything in my head under control.

“Okay. My phone’s up at the desk. When you’re finished, stop by and I’ll make sure you have my number before you go.”

“Sounds great, beautiful.” I wink.

“See ya shortly, Em.”

Shit. She knows me and I still have no clue her name. I doubt she would be pleased to know I’m calling her Nipple Girl in my head, but who knows. Some chicks get off on nicknames.

I shower quickly then dress and get Bree’s number before leaving the gym. When I arrive at Edward and Bella’s, Lily waves and comes bouncing out the front door, ready for some time just the two of us.

“Hey, sweetheart. Happy birthday,” I say, once she’s buckled into the passenger seat and is tossing her backpack on the seat behind us.

“Hi, Daddy.” She holds a small, clear bakery box on her lap with two pink cupcakes. “There were a lot more, but I shared the rest with everyone. Grandma and Grandpa brought them down to Aunt Bella’s while I was waiting for you. Charlie and Peter stuck a whole cupcake in their mouths. It was funny because Charlie said Peter couldn’t do it, then Peter said Charlie couldn’t, but they both did it. Grandpa laughed so hard, and Aunt Bella yelled at them for bad manners.”

“I’m sorry I missed that. How was your day today at school?” I ask as I back out of the driveway.

“It was good. Did you get a call from my teacher?” she asks nervously.

“I don’t think so?” I take out my phone and glance through my missed calls and messages. Several from Edward, but that’s not unusual, probably business. “Oh, wait. There is one. Should I listen to it first or your explanation?”

Lily shrugs and stares out the window as I drive to the restaurant.

I tap on the voicemail and put the phone to my ear.

“Hello, Mr. Cullen. This is Sarah Black, Lily’s teacher. We had an incident in the classroom today. I understand it is Lily’s birthday and one boy tried to kiss her. Well, let’s say he’s nursing a broken nose this evening thanks to Lily. But his parents have requested a meeting with me, you, Lily, and the principal to discuss further action be taken against Lily. They would like to meet first thing in the morning. Call me if you can’t make the meeting. Otherwise, I will see you tomorrow. Don’t be too hard on Lily. He had it coming as I detailed in the incident report. Good night.”

I let out a heavy exhale. “Okay, let me hear your side.”

“Uncle Edward said he deserved the punch.”

“He probably did. Are you okay?”

“And… and Wil said if I hadn’t hit him then he would have.”

Oh, shit. If Wil, Edward and Bella’s most peaceful, non-aggressive son, is ready to punch someone, then it must be bad.

“Okay. How did it start?”

“We were all out on the playground. Most of the boys were playing basketball and the girls were swinging. Then Miss Black blew her whistle, and that means it’s time to line up and go inside. Marco is the equipment manager this week, so he was busy collecting all the balls and stuff we brought outside and making sure we didn’t lose anything.”

“I got it. Marco is busy.”

“Then Michael stood in front of my swing, watching me slow down while bouncing a basketball. He said he had a birthday treat for me if I would show him my panties.”

“What the—” I grip the steering wheel a little too tight waiting for her to continue.

“He said he already saw they were pink while I was swinging because my skirt was fluttering in the breeze. I tried to keep it tucked, but it came loose when I was pumping my legs.”

“Okay, and then what happened?” I take a few calming breaths as I don’t like where this story is headed.

“I got off the swing and pushed him out of my way then told him to get lost. He followed me in line and said he would give me a birthday kiss if I let him touch them.”

“Your underwear?”


“And what did you do?”

“Nothing because I didn’t want to get in trouble for talking in line, but Wil shoved him to the ground and told him to shut his dirty mouth.”

Wil is officially my favorite nephew.

“Where was your teacher?”

“Leading everyone back into the classroom, and we were all at the back of the line.”

“Did Michael stop talking after Wil shoved him?”

“No. He laughed saying Wil and I were kissing cousins. Miss Black heard that part. Then he didn’t stop when we got back in the classroom, saying he bet Wil has seen my underwear and Marco too. He tried to lift my skirt.”

Fuck. I’m going to kill this little shit.

“That’s when I punched him in the nose, but he lost a tooth when I hit him.” She holds up her fist, which looks red.

“Lily, we should go to the emergency room and have it X-rayed. Can you move your fingers?” I turn the vehicle around, heading for our nearby hospital.

“Yeah, I’ve been icing it in the office, then Uncle Edward had to come and pick up Wil and me from school. He got me new ice, and it feels okay now.”

“What if you broke something? You’re going to get a birthday X-ray. Humor me.”

Two hours later, we find that Lily’s hand is fine, nothing broke, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

“Are you hungry?” I wonder.

“I’m starving.”

“Let me see if I can get us in this place I know for pizza. Sound good?”

I call the restaurant I’d planned to take Lily to this evening to find out they can fit us in, even though it’s getting late, then make another call.

“Hey, man.”

“Did you get all the details?” Edward asks.

“Yeah, Lily told me. Can you believe this? Second freaking grade, Edward. Thanks for picking her up. We just left the emergency room. I wanted to make sure nothing was broken as she has some bruising and a cut that looks like a tooth mark on her knuckle.”

“Dude, she broke his nose and knocked out a tooth.”

I sigh. “She said it was probably a loose baby tooth.”

“Still, I would hate to be him returning to school after being punched by a girl. Forget calling her Princess, I’m sticking with Bruiser.”

“Her teacher called. I have a meeting in the morning, as his parents want action taken against Lily. Can you believe that?” I’m still shocked.

“I tried calling you.”

“It’s okay. I know everything now or enough. I’ll handle his parents. And if that doesn’t work then they will find themselves on the wrong end of a sexual harassment lawsuit—the school too. I’m positive no one wants to head in that direction. Can I talk to Wil?”

“Sure.” Edward muffles his phone and yells for Wil. “It’s Uncle Em.”

“Uncle Em?”

“Hey, Wil.”

“I’m sorry. I should have stopped Michael before Lily did.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. I wanted to thank you for sticking up for Lily.”

“Marco and I were talking and we aren’t going to let him play basketball with us anymore either. He’s not our friend the way he was treating Lily. Is she okay?”

“Lily is fine. We’re getting ready to eat dinner.”

“Does she get to go back to school tomorrow?”

“I don’t know. I hope so.”

“Okay. Here’s Dad. Bye.”

“Em, let us know if you need any help. We’ll do whatever’s necessary.”

“Is Wil in trouble?”

“No, and I already told him I was proud of him. The kid is lucky it was Wil and not Charlie or Peter.”

“I know. When Lily said Wil stepped up to defend her, I was surprised. He’s so easygoing; I knew it was going to bad if he got involved.”

“Bella isn’t happy Lily had to resort to violence to defend herself. So, I’m sure if you need her, she will be happy to attend the meeting and give everyone an ear full.”

“Thanks, man. We’re headed to dinner for some birthday pizza.”

“All right. Keep me updated.”


We arrive at the restaurant as I end my call with parking close by. I glance over at Lily who is deep in thought.

“Hey, you okay?” It’s been one hell of a birthday for her today.

“Yeah. I don’t understand why some boys have to be such jerks.”

“Me either, sweetheart. Let’s go have some Serious Pie.” I grin at the restaurant’s name. “It’s my favorite wood-fired pizza.”

“Okay, Daddy.” She looks up at me, and I pause for a moment because how can it seem she has grown up so much at eight years old.

When did this happen?

After a short walk that leaves me shaking my head at how fast time is passing us by, I guide her into the restaurant and wait while they set up our table.

“What’s your favorite kind of pizza?” I ask, because it seems to change from year to year.

“Mushroom or sausage, but not together.”

“They have two great ones on the menu here. We should order both and share.”


When our table is ready, we are both eager to place our order, wasting no time taking our seats.

While we’re waiting for our food to arrive, movement over Lily’s shoulder gets my immediate attention.

I gasp in recognition, causing concern to form on Lily’s face as she turns around trying to see who I’m looking at.

“Who is it, Daddy?”

I shake my head because I want no part in this woman who is now headed toward our table.



“It’s okay, Lily.” But it’s not.

“Emmett.” She tries to touch my arm, but I move back out of reach.

“What are you doing here? Following me?” Anger flows thick through my veins.

“It’s a coincidence. Who is this?” She offers her hand for Lily to shake.

“Don’t touch her.” I can’t have someone as tainted as Rose coming close to Lily.

“Emmett, why are you being so rude? Hi, I’m Rosalie and you are?”

I stand in front of Lily, blocking Rosalie’s view. “None of your business. I’m only going to ask you once. Leave now or I’m calling the police.”

“Emmett, get a grip. I’m not here stalking you. I’m in town to see friends.”

“I’ll bet.”

“And what is that supposed to mean?”

When Rosalie refuses to budge, our server and a manager stop by our table, sensing an impending conflict. “Folks? Is everything okay here this evening?”

“She was just leaving. Can you please see her out? Or I’ll be calling the police.”

“Ma’am, were you here with friends?”

“Yes, they’re at the bar.”

“Then I would advise you to rejoin them.”

Rosalie looks at all of our faces and folds. “Sure. I should get back anyway. Good seeing you again, Emmett. Maybe we can grab a coffee together and talk.”

“Not on your life.”

“Well, maybe you’ll change your mind.”

“Don’t count on it.”

When Rosalie slinks back toward the bar, I return to my seat feeling the exhaustion of the day and the expectant eyes of my daughter.

“That was an old girlfriend.” I wave toward the bar. “She’s bad news, Lily. Not the kind of person who should be around you.”

“Or you.”

She’s right. I don’t care if Rosalie has changed her life for the better. Actually, I hope she has, but I want nothing more to do with her from here on out. And I’ll do anything in my power to keep her away.

“Only the best for the both of us, Lily.” I raise my Coke and clink my glass with hers.

“Okay, only the best.”

“Happy birthday, sweet girl.”

“Thanks, Daddy.”