Daddy’s Girl – C4

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C4 – Happy 5th Birthday, Lily

Luna nuzzles next to Lily, and I finish tucking her in for an early night, when I hear a soft knock at the front door. I look through the peephole, surprised to see my late-night guest.

Opening the door wide for her to come in from the rain, I wave her inside. “Hey, Vic.”

Her eyes are red, and I’m on alert something’s up, as I can tell she’s been crying.

“Hey, Em. I hope it isn’t too late. Am I interrupting?”

“Not at all. You’re drenched. Give me your coat.”

“Sorry. I’m getting everything wet.” She slides her coat from her arms revealing her curvy figure. She’s wearing a thin, tight T-shirt—no bra—and stretchy pants. My eyes linger over her peaked nipples for a moment, then I hang up her coat.

“It’s okay. Are you cold? I’ve probably got a sweatshirt you can wear to warm up.” And cover up those distracting big tits and curvy hips or I’ll never hear a word she’s saying at this rate.

“That would be great.” She shivers then rubs her arms up and down.

“Here.” I hand her one from the coat closet, which is a couple of sizes too big, but does the job. “You want something to drink? I’ve got soda, milk, juice—”

“Anything stronger?”

“Sure, follow me.”

Vic takes a seat on a stool at the island while I reach up to my private stash above the refrigerator.

“Is it your daughter’s birthday?” She points toward the pink cupcakes sitting in a clear box nearby.

“Yeah, but unfortunately she’s sick and already in bed for the evening. It wasn’t much of a birthday this year, but when she’s feeling better, I’ll make it up to her. Let’s see, I have whisky and tequila. Patrón okay?”

I grab the saltshaker and a lime from the refrigerator. Then locate a small cutting board and a knife.

“Sure. You’re such a great dad, Em.”

After slicing a few wedges, I set two shot glasses on the countertop, filling each one. “Thanks. I try, but it isn’t easy.”

After a lick of salt from the back of our hands, we touch glasses and tilt them back, emptying them at the same time in one smooth motion, then biting on a lime wedge.

“So, what’s going on with you?” I wonder what brings her to my doorstep on this cold rainy night.

Vic points for a refill. “Let’s go again.” Then sighs. “My marriage is a bust. It’s over.”

“What? Why would you say that? James loves you.”

She shakes her head. “All lies. He’s cheating on me.”

“How do you know?”

“I think there’s someone else. All the signs are there. I’ve just been ignoring them.” She takes another shot, and I scramble to keep up with her.

I toss my lime in the trash. “Like what?”

Vic takes a phone from her pocket and drops it onto the countertop. “His phone is filled with numbers and photos of women who aren’t me. Naked ones. There are sex videos too.”

I search for an explanation she may accept. James and I have been good friends for a long time. I don’t want to say anything that would get him in trouble. “Are you sure those weren’t before he met you?”

“No. The dates are recent and over the last five years of our marriage. I’m such a fool. All of those late nights at the office and business trips—I can’t trust him anymore. He’s full of lies.”

“You know James is a flirt. He can’t help himself. Maybe—”

“Look, Em. Be straight with me. You know him better than I do. You’re one of his best friends. Is he having sex with other women? Have you seen him cheating on me?”

I’m caught with wondering how much should I share. “I guess it depends on your definition of cheating. Casual sex—”

“My definition of cheating? What kind of horse shit is that?” Vic points toward our empty glasses for another refill, and I know I need to slow her down with shots.

I shrug and pull two beers from the refrigerator, popping off the caps then setting a bottle in front of her. “Sometimes a man just needs to get off. It means nothing if you don’t have a connection. It’s just sex.”

She picks up the beer, tilting it to her lips and taking a long sip. “I can’t believe what I’m hearing. You’re as bad as he is. Let me ask more clearly. Have you seen my husband stick his dick in another woman while we’ve been together?”

I hate being the one to tell her, but I do. “Yes.”

“Fuck. Then he was lying about the pictures and videos. He said it wasn’t him, but I’m not stupid. How many times, Em? A dozen?”

“Uh…” Shit.

“More than a dozen?” she prompts.

The number is way more than a dozen, but I know she can’t hear the truth at this point. It will crush her. “I don’t know what he does when he leaves for the night.”

“Has he ever left your ‘nights out with the guys’ alone?”

I shake my head, confirming her worst thoughts.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Or somebody warn me this was happening?”

“Vic, I—”

“What? You were too busy covering his ass all the time?”

“As I said, it was just casual sex. It isn’t as if he’s dating these women. He still comes home to you.”

She lets out a gasp. “Emmett, we took vows—ones about forsaking all others and being faithful. Casual sex is cheating. I’ll never forgive him for this. And I’ve wasted five years of my life. Fuck.”

“You’re still his wife.”

She rips her wedding rings from her finger and walks over to my side of the island, dropping them in the trash can. “Not anymore. I need a refill Emmett or I’m drinking straight from the bottle.”

“You need to slow down and think about what you’re doing.” I reach down in the trash and fish out her rings, leaving them on the counter.

Vic barks out a laugh. “Emmett, for the first time in years. I know exactly what I’m doing. In the morning, I’m finding a lawyer and ending this sham of a marriage legally.”

“Are you sure that’s what you want to do?”

She grabs the bottle of Patrón, throwing back more than a shot without salt or a lime. “I’m positive. Can we go sit in the living room? These stools aren’t the most comfortable.”

“Sure.” I grab the beers while Vic carries the bottle of tequila and we head for my couch. “Do you want to watch something? I think the news is the only thing on.”

“I don’t care. Can I stay here tonight? I can’t go back home. Oh, God. I need to figure out a place to stay.”

I turn on the television and leave it on ESPN, hoping to drown out our voices and not wake Lily. But after taking her medicine, I doubt I will hear a peep out of her until morning.

“You can sleep here tonight. Maybe a hotel temporarily or an apartment would work?”

“I’m getting hot.” Vic stands and pulls my sweatshirt over her head, causing her T-shirt to ride up, exposing her tits.

I try to avert my eyes, but I’m not quick enough because Vic catches me then smiles.

She tilts the tequila to her lips, and I watch her take a long drink.

“Emmett.” She hands me the bottle and surprises me by straddling my lap.

I take my own large drink and set the bottle on the nearby table. She’s a horny drunk, as Vic wastes no time grinding against my dick.

I’m a little buzzed, but my hands automatically grab her ass to halt her movements. “Vic. We can’t.”

“Why not? You said it doesn’t matter who you fuck. Why not me? Am I not pretty enough?”

I let my head fall back against the couch as her hot mouth leaves kisses along my jaw.

“Vic, you’re beautiful.”

She lifts off her T-shirt, dropping it to the floor, then goes back to kissing a path down my neck. “Am I not skinny enough?” she asks between kisses.

“You feel good.” I moan, pulling her hips back and forth against my dick, knowing I’m already crossing the line, but at this point, I don’t care.

“Don’t you want to mess around? It feels like you do.”

She pulls my hands from her ass, putting them on her tits, and I immediately squeeze them.


“We can have fun together. I want you. Let me make you feel good, Em.” She slides off my lap until she’s kneeling in front of me. Her hands are headed for the tie of my sweatpants.

“Wait.” I grab her hand.

Vic licks her lips then pauses, looking up at me with her beautiful blue eyes and wild wavy red hair. Fuck. I’m weak.

“Let’s go to my bedroom. We can’t do this out here. Grab your T-shirt.” I point toward the floor.

She nods and follows me to my bedroom, bringing the tequila with her, setting it on the dresser next to the door.

Once inside, I turn the lock not wanting to risk Lily getting up during the night and finding us by accident.

Vic pushes me against the door then sinks to her knees. Her hands untie my sweatpants and she shoves them with my boxers to the floor. She’s on a mission.

I gasp when her hand tightens around me and her warm mouth sucks on the head of my cock. My fingers thread through her hair, grabbing a handful, pushing my dick farther past her lips. My head thumps against the wood when her mouth encompasses me pushing my entire length down her throat. “Fuck. Vic.”

I grab the bottle taking another long drink as she moans around my cock. I’m barely holding back when the vibrations pull me closer to the edge. Without a gag reflex, she’s relentless pulling off my cock then pushing me back down her throat. The thought of coming too soon has me stopping her movements.

“Let’s get on the bed,” I suggest. Stepping out of my sweatpants and boxers, I pull her with me as I walk backward to sit on the edge.

Vic lifts off my T-shirt, tossing it to the side, then shimmies out of her pants and underwear. This leaves us both naked and without a doubt of what is about to happen.

“Scoot back. I’m not sure all of that will fit.” She waves toward my dick.

I move backward, letting my body fall heavily into the covers. My arms and legs tingle from the tequila as I watch Vic straddle my waist, rubbing my cock between her legs.

“Fuck, you’re wet.” She feels too good.

After a few more passes, she sinks down until our hips are flush. My hands move to her tits, rubbing and squeezing them while her hips set a slow pace moving back and forth.

“That’s it. Fuck me, Vic. I want to feel you come.”

I guide her tits to my face and suck on each, causing her to speed up. “Oh, God. Em. Your mouth feels so good. Your cock—”

A tilt of my hips changes the angle, causing her let out a moan.

“Right there!” She gasps, slamming our hips together as I feel her pulse around me, riding the waves of pleasure. Vic collapses on my chest, panting to catch her breath.

“Let’s change spots.” I push her onto her back and crawl on top of her, plunging back inside with her legs spread wide.

I wrap my hands around her thighs and thrust my cock in and out of her body as her tits sway with each jarring motion.

Her hands move up my chest and over my arms, while I shift to my knees and pick up my pace.

“Vic.” I growl out her name, which echoes off the walls of my bedroom, and I plunge over the edge pulsing inside her body. “Fuck.” I pull out, moving next to her on the bed. I’m panting as I pull her closer, wrapping my arm around her waist while the other reaches across her tits palming one. I give it a squeeze as my cock nestles against her smooth ass.

“You’re a cuddler?” she asks, scooting until her back is completely against my chest.

I let out a chuckle and kiss her bare shoulder. “Maybe.”

“That was—”

“Careful, my ego is fragile right now.”

“Emmett there isn’t anything fragile about you.” She rubs her ass against my cock, making him twitch with new life. “And that was fantastic.”

I push her wild hair away from her neck, kissing the dusting of freckles there. “It was.”

She’s gone quiet for a bit then breaks the silence. “How long until we can go again?”

“Was that not enough? Remember, I’m a man, not a machine.”

“Oh, I know. You’re exactly what I need right now.” She lets out a deeply contented sigh. “I finally feel free. Thank you.”

My arms tighten around her and whisper in her ear. “No sleep for us tonight?”

She giggles. “Not if I can help it.”

“I hate to say this, but you need to leave before Lily wakes up. I’ve never had anyone here like this. I don’t want her to think—”

“Not a problem.” Vic spreads her legs, guiding my hardening cock between them until I’m waiting at her opening ready to push back inside.


“For now,” she agrees.

“I can do now.”

I hold open her leg, sliding more easily inside her when I freeze in place—my tequila fog rapidly dissipating.

“What is it?” She pants, pushing her hips back against mine.

“I should use a condom. Fuck. I forgot.” I try to roll away, but her hand on my ass cheek stops me.

“I get the shot.”

“What about—”

“He hasn’t touched me in months and I know he’s using condoms. I found an almost empty box in one of his drawers and we have never used them. Em, I wouldn’t knowingly put you at risk.”

I let out a huge sigh then push back inside her warm soft body. “He’s an idiot, Vic. You deserve better.”

“I know. Let’s not talk about him.”