Daddy’s Girl – C22

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C22 – Happy 23rd Birthday, Lily

“I don’t want to move, but we’re out of coffee.” Her hand trails gently down my chest.

“Are you sore?” I cup her over the sheet then gently between her legs. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Not a chance. I can keep up.” She thrusts her hips upward, wanting me to continue.

I slip my fingers under the edge of the sheet, finding her wet and ready, then slide two fingers inside.

She gasps. “More, Em. Please.”

I move my fingers in and out of her with ease, picking up the pace with each pass. “We should take a break and give me a chance to recover.”

“Please don’t stop,” she begs, as the sheet falls away that was barely covering her chest. She twists and turns in response to my fingers, then reaches above her head to grasp onto the headboard, bracing herself for another orgasm.

“Come on, Tan. You’re right there. Keep your legs spread wide while my fingers fuck you.”

“Oh, God.” She groans as her body tenses, and I feel her walls clench around my invading fingers. Waves of pleasure rush through her body as she fights the urge to close her legs around my hand with the overwhelming sensations.

“That’s it.” I draw out the last bits of pleasure until her body sags against the sheets.

Tanya’s dazed, half-lidded eyes open. “That wasn’t as big as the last one, but oh, so good.”

I pull my fingers away and lean down, placing a kiss between her legs. “Will that hold you while I’m gone?”

“Maybe,” she whispers.

“You stay here. I’ll go pick up our usual.” I grab my discarded T-shirt from the floor, slipping it over my head.

“Are you sure? This bed is warm and comfy. You shouldn’t leave. I’m in need of some naked cuddling again.”

I locate a pair of crumpled jeans, fastening them as I look over Tanya no longer wrapped in only a sheet, but sprawled across the bed.

“You’re dangerous and so damn sexy.” I lean down, kissing her lips. “I need coffee too, if I’m going to stay awake. I’ll be back soon, then we can continue our day in bed together.”

“And night.”

“It seems more like weekend, but you won’t hear me complaining.” I step into my shoes, picking up my keys and wallet. “Anything else?”

“Are you driving?”

“No, I’ll walk, then I don’t need to worry about parking.”

“Maybe some doughnuts too. I’m feeling naughty.”

I chuckle. “I’ll get your favorites.”

“Hurry back and I’ll do that thing.”

A wide grin spreads across my face because I know why she’s willing to eat them and it absolutely involves my dick. “I will.”

“I love you.”

I pause in the bedroom doorway because I never get tired of hearing it or saying it. “I love you, too. I’ll hurry.”

Walking toward the front door, I pull my jacket from the coat closet and slip outside, locking the door behind me.

We’re binge-watching the television series Honor & Duty—all seven seasons—naked, which was my idea. It’s a good idea, but a little distracting because Tanya has the body of a much younger woman with plenty of curves in all my favorite places. She’s always been fit from her years as a cop, but now, she’s added a few pounds and is a little softer around the edges, which I love. There’s no way I can resist sliding inside her when she’s rubbing herself all over me, even if they are only the smallest of touches. No man has that much willpower.

The show is about a crime-fighting soldier, who goes rogue to right the wrongs perpetrated by a corrupt, secret branch of the military. I was surprised when I mentioned watching it, and Tanya said she hadn’t seen an episode. It’s her kind of show, but she can’t stop pointing out the inaccuracies when the main character fails to handle a situation realistically. I suggest that perhaps she should consider consulting for these types of shows or write her own television or book series but she only rolls her eyes at me. Tanya isn’t a big fan of watching romance on television shows or movies, but I think she secretly loves the chemistry between the soldier and her sergeant. It’s some hot stuff, and I would imagine we are headed for steamy, secret sex scenes in the later seasons, if I’m reading this right.

It doesn’t take long for me to arrive at our favorite neighborhood coffee house, Café Craft. It specializes in brewing coffee similar to what we sipped while in Paris, visiting Lily for her graduation. I know it’s difficult to believe Tanya and I would be hooked on something other than coffee based here in Seattle, but we are.

Lily shipped us French press and a coffee grinder as a wedding present with detailed instructions on how to create the perfect cup of coffee. She said the secret is to start with a coarse, even grind and to do it ourselves, so we know it’s fresh. The French press is also key, as it steeps the coffee, which differs from normal drip coffee makers where the coffee drips through a paper filter that absorbs the natural oils. Lily swears the oils allow you to taste the difference.

These insider tips alone make her time at Le Cordon Bleu worth every penny. For the past year, I’ve become an expert on fixing coffee for Tanya—black with nothing else added—thanks to Lily’s tips, but some days it’s nice to leave the task up to someone else.

“Mr. Cullen, what can I get you today?” Renata asks me with a sweet smile.

The bell on the door jingles as another customer enters the shop and waits behind me.

“The Missus and I are out of coffee and she says we need doughnuts, too.”

“The usual?”

“Yes. Two large coffees and four doughnuts.” I hand over a twenty-dollar bill to pay for my order, then jam my change and an extra twenty into the tip jar when Renata isn’t looking.

“I’ll have your order shortly. Please take a seat and I will let you know when it’s ready. We don’t want to keep the Missus waiting.”

I slide my wallet into my pocket then turn around glancing at the customer behind me.

For a moment, I think I’m seeing things and do a double-take, but when she opens her mouth, I know I haven’t stepped into some Twilight Zone.

“Hello, Emmett.”

Or maybe I have.

I look her over from head to toe, blinking my eyes a few times not believing what I’m seeing. Gone is the woman I knew with blonde hair, designer apparel, and an ever-present smug expression. In its place is a brown-haired, frail woman with smudged makeup and rumpled clothes, who can’t look me in the eye.

What in the hell is she doing here—in my coffee shop?

“It isn’t your coffee shop,” she states, as if our meeting is a normal occurrence.

Fuck. I guess I said that out loud.

This should be good.

“You still haven’t answered my question,” I prompt.

Her eyes don’t meet mine, but instead, focus on something else—my left wrist then my left ring finger.

“Nice watch.”

Of course, she would notice it first. Always so superficial.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but it was an engagement present.”

“You’re married?” Her eyes finally meet mine.


Rosalie nods. “She’s very lucky.”

“Nope, you’re wrong, as usual. I’m the lucky one.”

“The last time I saw you—” she starts.

“—was fifteen years ago, and you should have been led from the restaurant in handcuffs for stalking me and my daughter.”

“That was your daughter?” Rosalie’s glassy eyes search mine for a glimpse into a life that doesn’t include her.

“Again, not your business, but yes.”

“That time was an accident. I was there with friends and shocked you were sitting with a child. I thought maybe she was your niece.”

“I don’t buy it for a second. Your friends probably set the whole thing up when they saw I was there. And now? This doesn’t feel coincidental.” I wave my hands around. “My neighborhood coffee shop?”

“It’s not, but I only wanted to talk to you and tell you how sorry I am for everything that happened. I should never have broken up with you. It was a bad decision on my part.”

“You’re only sorry for getting caught with that producer, but I’m not surprised. How many others were there that you used to advance your career? What about all of those years going behind my back—with my best friends? You know what? Never mind. I don’t care.”

“Emmett, you weren’t exactly faithful either. I know there were other girls. James showed me pictures of you with—”

“It doesn’t matter. None of it matters. I’m not the guy you knew then.”

Rosalie nods.

“What do you want? Why are you here now? Are you looking for money again?”

“No! I want to be friends like we used to be. I share a little apartment with a girlfriend near Pike Place Market. I sell jewelry there on the weekends. It’s not much, but it’s an honest living.”

My eyebrow raises in question at the word “honest,” which is a word I would never use to describe Rosalie.

“I’ve been clean for three years,” she adds. “I’m sorry I ever hurt you.”

“Mr. Cullen? Your order is ready. Have a good day and tell Mrs. Cullen, ‘hello’ for me.” Renata smiles.

I nod and pick up the bakery box and carrier with our coffees. “Thanks, Renata.”

I turn back around to see Rosalie looking panicked at my impending departure. “It’s not Bella, is it?”

“Really, Rose? I can’t believe you are still holding a grudge against her after all these years. Bella is my sister-in-law and has been there for me as much as Edward; especially, when you, who claimed to love me, didn’t give a damn about anyone other than yourself. I’ve got to go. My wife likes her coffee hot.” I stalk toward the door.

“But, Emmett—” She grabs my arm, halting my movements.

“No, Rosalie. I can’t be your friend. It’s time for you to move on. I did. Have a good life. I won’t be your fool and I’m not playing your games any longer.”

The bells jingle as the door closes behind me and my feet carry me down the sidewalk as fast as possible until I’ve made it back home in record time. My head is a mess with the memories Rosalie brings to the surface, but I do my best to tamp those down so Tanya won’t notice anything off after my quick trip.

Rosalie and I were never meant for one another. I moved on years ago and I hope she will too. It took me a long time to get over my anger toward her, and even longer to move past my heartbreak from Rachel. But with Irina’s help, I put both of them behind me, and that’s where I plan for them to remain—in the past.

I unlock the door and find Tanya lying on the couch with Daisy curled into her side.

“I’ve got your coffee and doughnuts, Mrs. Cullen, but you better not have anything on underneath that robe. We have rules about this weekend and you appear to be breaking them,” I warn, but it takes more effort than it should to pick back up with our playful banter.

Tanya grins, waving a pair of handcuffs in my direction. “Then it sounds like I may need to be punished. How about a round of bad cop and naughty prisoner? I’m up for some interrogating.”

I set our breakfast on the table in front of the couch, then sit on the edge while my eyes roam her exposed legs as the robe barely covers the curves of her ass. Leaning down and kissing her cheek, I realize, not for the first time over the past year, what an amazing woman I have in my life. She’s not perfect, but she’s perfect for me, and I feel like the luckiest man alive to be able to call her my wife. “God, I love you.”

“Because I’m horny?” She taunts as she reaches for her coffee, taking a quick sip and pausing to watch me more closely when I don’t answer immediately.

Tanya’s eyes don’t miss a thing—she notices something isn’t right, nudging Daisy who hops off the couch and heads for Lily’s room.

“Hey, is everything okay? You look—” Her hand rests against my arm, giving it a loving squeeze. “I don’t know… upset? What happened just now? Where did you go? Because I can tell something is bothering you.”

“Fuck, Tan. I’m sorry.”

Tanya settles onto her back, abandoning her coffee. “Why are you sorry?”

“I don’t know. I-I…”

She reaches over, caressing my arm. “Hey, what is it? Irina says we need to keep going even when it’s difficult. Tell me. You know I can handle it. Whatever it is. Is it Lily?”

I shake my head. “Not Lily. I saw someone at the coffee shop and I-I… she was there—in our neighborhood coffee shop. Like we’re friends or something.”

“Who did you see?”

“Someone I used to date. Fuck. That’s not true. We were engaged. I don’t want her anywhere near you. And I’ve tried to keep her away from Lily. It was so weird and she looks like a really sad imitation of Bella now, which is a bit of mindfuck on its own. She always hated Bella.”

“Is it the woman from the bus stop down the street?”

“What woman?” I ask, wondering how in the world Tanya would know about some random woman who could be the same one I’m talking about.

“I noticed her walking past the house a few times recently and she didn’t look like she belonged in the neighborhood. So, I stopped her once and asked a few questions.”

“What? You—”

“Emmett, I’m a cop. And no, she doesn’t know who I am or where I live. I think I scared her off because I haven’t seen her again. She seemed skittish.”

“Did she give you her name?”

“Yes, Rose. She said she was visiting an old friend who lived nearby.”

“Holy shit. It’s her. She’s stalking me. And probably, you.”

“Maybe she was only curious about your life now. You said it’s been years, right? What did she say at the coffee shop?”

“That she wants to be friends like we used to be. But, Tan, I’m not who she thinks I am. I’m not that guy. I’m different with you. I’m so much better than the man she knew.”

“I know, Em. People change. You did. Why couldn’t she change too?”

“But I don’t care about her.”

“You did at one time. Trust me; you’re not as easy to get over as you think. I’m sure she has regrets. I know I would, if I was in her position.”

“I don’t have any regrets. I love you. You and Lily are all that matters to me now. Not anyone from my past, and especially, not her.”

“Do you think she will be a problem? We can file a restraining order, if you think it’s necessary.”

“I hope not. I told her I’m not interested in any relationship at all.”

“I’m sure that wasn’t easy to hear, but maybe it is the closure she needs to move on with her own life.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”

“There’s no probably about it. You know I’m always right.”

A slow grin spreads across my face at how simply talking with Tanya has turned my mood around for the better. “What am I going to do with you?”

“I have a few ideas, but how about we get back to the show? I can’t wait to see what happens next. If I’m losing the robe, then you better grab a blanket; it’s cold in here.”


“Emmett.” Tanya gasps, trying to find the words to describe the scene playing out on the television. “They’re—”

I have no idea what episode or season we’re watching as the blanket is on the floor and my head is buried between Tanya’s legs with both of us naked on the couch. The room is filled with coupling noises from the television and us.

Tanya challenged me to see if we could drown out the soft porn sounds coming from the show and I’m always someone who tries to go above and beyond the average guy in anything I do. Sex is no different.

My tongue gently teases between Tanya’s legs while I slide a single finger inside her, not giving her what I know she needs.

Her hands are cuffed behind her, pushing her chest toward the ceiling and leaving her at my mercy. It’s quite a sight, with her spread in front of me as I torture her with delicate licks.

That’s right. I’m playing the bad cop and she’s definitely my naughty prisoner. I can’t wait until I bend her over the back of the couch and shove my dick deep inside her.

“Emmett, you’re killing me. Add another finger.”

“So, greedy and wet.” I remove my finger, then lap and probe her opening with my tongue. “Keep going. Tell me what he’s doing to her.”

She glances toward the screen and tilts her hips upward toward my mouth. “Fuck. I don’t know. Stop teasing me!”

“You’re not in any position to make demands and that mouth of yours will get you in trouble.”

“Promises, promises.”

I add more suction, then use two fingers this time, bringing her closer to the edge of her orgasm and pulling away before she can get there.

“Holy smokes, Em!” She pants. “Please.”

“You need to say it. You hurt my feelings earlier.”

“Say what?” she asks incredulously. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“You said I was too nice to be the bad cop, but admit it, I’m good at this torturing thing, which I think would make me the best bad cop. How are you feeling?”

“Extreme frustration,” she gasps.

I help her stand, then walk her around to the back of the couch, pushing on her back until she bends over at the waist, nudging her legs wider. “Then it sounds like you’re more than ready for me, but not until I get my kudos.”

I slide my cock back and forth through her arousal, pausing at her opening, pressing inside inch by inch.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” she groans.

I grab an ass cheek in each hand, squeezing, then push and pull her off my dick at an easy pace.

“Say it.” I reach around with one hand, rubbing her until she lets out a moan.

“Fuck, Em. You’re good at this.”

“That isn’t the deal.” I reach up and gather her wild red hair into a single handful, pulling her head toward me until her back arches. Then I hold her hip in place while mine keep up their torturous pace. “You need to say I’m the best bad cop you’ve ever known.”

“Yes—you’re the best.”

“The best what?”

“The best bad cop I’ve ever known.”

“Better than you?”

I smack her ass playfully, making her groan.

“Am I, Tanya?”

“Fuck, yes. You’re better than me.”

“That wasn’t so hard. Now there’s no holding back for either of us.” I speed up my thrusting until she can’t take anymore.

Tanya’s orgasm triggers my own as her walls clamp down on my cock, squeezing me while I pulse inside her.

“Holy shit.”

“Oh, God.” She collapses exhausted into the cushions.

I pull out and uncuff her wrists, rubbing the marks and helping her to stand. “You’re lucky I got snipped years ago. Otherwise, I’m positive you would be pregnant from that round.”

“It feels like I’m going to need the entire box of tissues.”

I smirk, handing her a nearby box. “You love it and you know it.”


Tanya gasps.

My head whips toward the front door where Lily and Laurent are standing just inside with luggage in both hands.

“Lily?” My brow furrows in confusion.

“You’re naked! Oh, God! You’re both naked.” She slaps a hand over her eyes, then spins around to face the front door. “Laurent, don’t look.”

He chuckles, but follows her orders. “They are in love.”

“Dad, put your clothes on.”


“Now, Dad.”

Tanya giggles at our being caught and moves around the couch, tossing me my jeans while she slips on her robe. Once it’s tied at the waist, she hands me my T-shirt. With it in place, Tanya walks to stand behind me, as we face our unexpected visitors.

“Okay, we’re somewhat dressed. Turn around.”

Lily turns, peeking through her fingers. “Surprise!”

Tanya laughs and wraps both arms around my waist. “Why didn’t you call? We would have picked you up at the airport.”

“I tried calling, but neither of you are taking any calls.” She raises an eyebrow, calling us out for ignoring our phones. I have no idea where mine is, but Tanya’s is probably charging in our bedroom.

“We’ve been busy today.”

“I can see that. Actually, I’ve seen too much of that and I don’t want to know any more of what you’ve been doing. Maybe we should stay at a hotel.”

“No, you’re welcome to stay here.”

“Thanks, Dad. It’s only until we find a place of our own.”

“A place of your own? This isn’t a visit?”

“No, we have news. We’re moving to Seattle and I’m going to open a bakery and café of my own. Well, we are. Surprise!” She looks back lovingly at Laurent. “I’ve been about to burst with the news and it’s been almost impossible not to tell you, but I didn’t want to get your hopes up if everything fell through.”

“Your own place… not in Paris.”

“That’s right, not in Paris. Laurent said it was time to strike out on our own and build something together, but I insisted we do it here—in Seattle.”

“You’re moving here.”

“Yes. I’m coming home.”

“You’re coming home.”

“Yes. Why are you repeating everything I say? What do you think?”

“I think it’s some of the best news I’ve heard in a long time. Finally.” I pick her up in a hug and spin her around in a circle. “Happy birthday, Lily.”

“Thank you, Dad, but it isn’t until tomorrow.”

“We get to spend it together again—the two of us.” I feel Tanya’s hand rub across my back as my eyes land on Laurent. “Well, the four of us, but that’s okay. The more the merrier. You’re back, which is all that matters.”

“We have a lot to talk about and plan over the next few months, but I’m hoping to land an investor for our project.”

“An investor?”

“Yes. You know, maybe more of a silent partner. Any idea of someone like that?”

At Lily’s prompting, a slow smile grows across my face.

“I’m so silent, my lips are already sealed.” I pretend to turn a key, locking my lips closed then throw it away.

Tanya snorts from behind me. “That’ll be the day.”

“Keep it up and I’ll—”

“Dad!” Lily stops me mid-sentence, setting down her bags. “We don’t need to know, and I’m going to go find a bottle of cleaner for the couch so we can sit on it again.”

Tanya giggles again and pinches my ass.

“Hey!” I swat her hand away playfully, knowing despite Lily’s surprising arrival I’m ready for more time alone—just the two of us. “Welcome home, Lily. Let’s plan to have dinner together tomorrow night for your birthday. Tanya and I are kind of in the middle of something. Make yourself at home. Your Jeep’s in the garage and the key is on the hook. Remember, we’re newlyweds and if you hear my bride later. Don’t be alarmed. She’s a loud one.”

I spin around and bend down, tossing her over my shoulder, causing her to shriek and scramble to keep her robe in place.

“Emmett! You shouldn’t be lifting me—your hip!” Tanya’s hand smacks my ass.

“See what I mean? And opinionated.” I wink, heading for the bedroom.

Kicking the door closed behind us, I drop Tanya in the middle of the bed, causing her robe to fall open.

“Now, where were we?”

Our laughter fades as I hover above her while she pulls off my T-shirt and starts unbuttoning my pants. Her hand eases inside, wrapping around my hardening cock.

“Right about here.” Her lips find my neck, licking and sucking as her hand picks up its pace. “I can’t believe you’re ready to go again and so soon. Even with Lily crashing our party.”

“Let’s not talk about Lily, and you know, I have no choice when I’m around you.” My hips thrust in time with her hand until she lines me up and I push back inside, knowing I’ll never get enough of her. “God, Tan. You’re perfect.”

“Not perfect, but I’m yours.”