Daddy’s Girl – C12

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Age tracker for this chapter: Emmett (44), Lily (13), Rachel (24)

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C12 – Happy 13th Birthday, Lily

“Dad, isn’t this great?” Lily’s bouncing on her toes as another group of her friends arrives for the party.

Our birthday tradition of just the two of us has increased by eleven this year, and I’m doing everything I can to keep a smile on my face.

It seemed like a harmless idea. Let’s go bowling. Then it turned into bowling with “a few friends,” which quickly morphed into a guest list where, “I can’t leave this person out or this person won’t show up if this person isn’t invited.” Now, it is a boy-girl party with a lot of whispering, squealing, and flirty smiles.

I’m thrilled Lily is popular and has a great group of friends—girls and boys included, but this birthday feels a little crowded. Or at least I feel pushed aside in favor of “a new best friend” and a punk with “dreamy eyes.”

I saw his eyes, and they didn’t look “dreamy.” I don’t like how close he and Lily are standing, and I’m doing everything I can to keep an eye on the two.

I also have plenty of “help,” as two mothers agreed to stick around and lend me a hand with the party. But mostly their hands have been directed at me, which so far, I’ve successfully avoided as I’m not wanting to lead on any mothers.

I’ve also been faced with another blow this year. I’m no longer “Daddy,” but “Dad,” as Lily informs me she’s not a little girl anymore but a teenager.

“Yes, it is great that so many could make it for your birthday party.” If there’s one thing I’m learning about teenagers, it is offer a good time and they’re willing to show up even on a school night.

A new friend from the gym who bartends here suggested bringing Lily to Lucky Strike for her birthday, and from the smiles on everyone’s faces, it appears to be a hit. I’ve reserved three lanes for Lily’s party until seven o’clock this evening when the under twenty-one crowd is encouraged to head downstairs for gaming and simulators then call it a night.

“I can’t believe everyone I invited is here. Dad, that almost never happens. I’ve got to go so I can make sure I’m on Liam’s team.”

Ugh. There’s that name again.

“Sure, they will bring food out shortly—sliders, pizzas, nachos, and more. So, you can snack while you bowl. Then we’ll have cupcakes and everyone can go downstairs to the arcade later. I’ll hand out the game cards when it’s around seven.”

“This is so perfect, Dad. The best birthday ever.” Lily rises up on her toes to kiss my cheek. “Thanks. You’re the best.”

“Lily, you better get over there before Chelsea takes your spot on Liam’s team. They are entering names.” The “new best friend,” Heidi, warns Lily, pulling her in a direction opposite of where I’m sitting.

“Have fun.” I shout after her as she heads to the lane farthest from me. I can barely keep my eye on them from here, and I consider finding another seat closer to where they’re bowling.

Lily gives me a thumbs up, then I watch as Liam agrees to help her find a bowling ball.

“They are so cute together.” Someone to my left pulls out the stool taking the seat.

“Yeah, cute.” I hate that word, especially now.

“I’m Maria, Heidi’s mom.”

Ah. The new best friend’s mom.

“Hi, Emmett Cullen.”

Another mom reaches across Maria to shake my hand introducing herself. “Hi, Emmett, I’m Corin, Maggie’s mom.”

“Nice to meet you both, and thanks for sticking around to help.”

“Oh, Emmett. It’s my pleasure. Anything I can do to help. Where’s Lily’s mom? She couldn’t make it?” Corin asks.

This is why I avoid the moms. The dads aren’t nosy, but the moms—they can’t leave it alone.

“She hasn’t been in Lily’s life since she was born,” I reply, hoping to leave it at that.

“Are you single then?” Corin prods.

“Yes, but dating.”

“Oh my goodness. There will be so many single moms at school happy to hear that news, including me.” She giggles.

“It’s probably not in Lily’s best interest for me to be dating her friends’ mothers.”

They both go silent for a bit while watching everyone play. The lack of conversation is comfortable with only the crashing of balls into pins. The latest tunes fill the background noise, then shrieks of delight and laughter at someone getting a strike. Our contented chaperone bubble pops when we are joined by a familiar voice.

“Can I get you a Coke, Mr. Cullen?” Her hand reaches out to touch my arm while her eyes are full of mirth.

She knows better than to address me formally, but her playfulness always leaves me wanting more, as I eye her from head to toe. The only downside with her is the twenty-year age gap, but for now, I will overlook it because she’s a sight for sore eyes.

The red hair and green eyes get me every time, but tonight, she’s wearing dark eye makeup, which is a huge contrast of how I normally see her makeup free and sweaty at the gym. I’m looking forward to the day when I can be the one making her wet and breathless, but so far, we’ve only managed a handful of coffee and dinner dates.

“Since when are bartenders allowed to leave the bar?” I tease.

My eyes linger on her tits barely contained by her black leather vest. The zipper begs me to give it a tug, but my hands would rather move past the thigh-high boots and under her leather skirt to explore areas I’ve yet to see. My imagination runs wild with thoughts of soft skin and damp panties. I bet they’re black.

“We sometimes make exceptions for special customers.” She winks.

“Well, let’s hope I’m special then.” I stand, giving her a hug. “You didn’t tell me you would be here tonight.”

She grins, looking up at me. “I got called in to work. One bartender for the downstairs bar is sick. I thought I would come up and see how the party is going before I start my shift.”

I wave my arm toward the last three lanes. “As you can see it was a great suggestion; everyone’s having a good time.”

“I’m glad.”

I glance to my left and notice the moms hanging on our every word, so I make quick introductions.

“Rachel, these are two moms who agreed to stick around and help me out this evening—Maria and Corin.”

“Nice to meet you.” Rachel reaches over and politely shakes their hands.

“Can you keep an eye on our group for a moment?” I ask.

“Sure, Emmett,” Maria volunteers with a kind smile.

“Great. Come on. There’s something I want to show you.” I grab Rachel’s hand to head back toward the hallway near the restrooms, hoping to find a private spot, but she’s way ahead of me. Taking a detour, she shoves us inside an empty office that looks to be used for storage.

The natural light in the room is fading, but Rachel wastes no time finding the light switch before pushing me against the door then smashing her lips to mine. As I wrap my arms around her body, lifting her from the ground, her legs move to my waist, bringing all the right parts in close contact. She’s tiny, and I can easily hold her in this position for as long as necessary, but I spin around until I have her pinned against the door while she kisses me breathless. When I need to break for air, she moves to my neck while her hands explore my arms and chest.

My chuckle turns into a moan when she bites my earlobe. “You could have just pissed on me and they would have gotten the message.”

Rachel smiles, tilting her hips, then rubbing against my crotch. “I thought about it, but figured you didn’t want me to make a scene in front of your daughter and her friends. And this would have definitely been a scene.”

“That’s probably wise.” I still for a moment then ask, “Do you want to meet her?”

She lights up. “Lily? Absolutely.”

“Great.” My hips are holding her in place, but I lean away allowing my finger to hook in the circle pull of her zipper and tug until her tits come spilling out. “Fuck.”

“Do you like my work outfit, Mr. Cullen?” Rachel grins, no doubt feeling my response.

My dick hardens at the view. She’s wearing a see-through black bra, and my mouth waters at the thought of sucking on those puckered nipples. “So fucking sexy.”

I shift her higher on the door and suck on one tit over the fabric then the other. I take a deep breath while my hands wander all over her body. She smells so good, but feels even better.

Rachel moans when I pull away. Her head thumps against the door, giving me easy access to some of my favorite spots.

“How am I going to get through my shift knowing your sexy ass is up here? You’re making me wet and starting something you can’t finish,” she warns.

I suck and nibble a path from her chest to her neck, leaving a bright red mark that’s easy to see on her pale skin. “What if you came by my place later tonight?”

“Really? Like a sleepover?” I can hear the excitement in her voice.

“Yes, but there won’t be any sleeping.”


Fuck yes. My kind of girl.

“I promise.”

“Okay. I’ll be there. Should I bring anything? Tequila? Box of condoms? Bottle of Viagra for the old man?”

“I’ve got us covered and enough with that ‘old man’ talk. You’ll be lucky to keep up with me.”

“Sounds like my kind of challenge.”

“I need to get back to the party. Let me introduce you to Lily, then you can get to work.”

I help Rachel stand, then she adjusts her skirt.

She glances at my pants. “Shit. Did I leave a wet spot on you?”

“I wouldn’t care if you did. Maybe it will keep the moms away.” I tug the zipper back up on her vest, closing it a little higher than it was earlier. “Those are for my eyes only.”

“How am I going to make any tips tonight?” Rachel pouts.

“I’ll give you the tip—” I lean down, pecking her puckered lips while my hands reach under her skirt again, squeezing her bare ass cheeks, and pulling her against me. “And about seven more inches after that.”

Rachel wraps her arms around my neck. “Emmett, you will have me checking my phone for the time all night. Let’s hope I don’t screw up too many drink orders and end up fired.”

“You, fired? Not a chance.” I leave another kiss on her forehead.

“Even though we close at midnight, I won’t be able to get away until around one. It will probably be the fastest closing in Lucky Strike history.”

“I’m glad I can be a positive motivator.” I reach for the door.

“You have no idea.” She yanks on her skirt as she smiles up at me.

“Let’s go introduce you to Lily. She’ll probably be distracted, which is good because she won’t be able to grill you about your naughty intentions with her father.” I pinch her ass.


“Don’t worry. We’ll work all of those out later. Naughty intentions are my specialty. Now, try to be a good girl in front of my daughter.”

I lightly smack Rachel’s ass, causing her to yelp, but her devilish smile tells me we’re going to have a fun time later tonight. I can’t wait.