Daddy’s Girl – C1

A/N: Thank you to Honeymoon Edward, LizziePaige, and Midnight Cougar for working your magic.

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C1 – Prologue

Not counting my mother or daughter, I have only loved three women in my life.

The first played me for a fool.

The second broke my heart.

The third… Let’s just say, the third time’s a charm.

A/N: I’ve always loved the connection between Bella and Charlie in the original Twilight books and movies. It’s probably the mustache that makes Charlie my favorite Twilight character, but he doesn’t hover and I’m in need some hovering. I’ve wanted to write a father-daughter story, and the “perfect” opportunity came along with Emmett. I’m normally a hard-core Edward/Bella reader and writer, but I have a special affinity for this Emmett. Here’s Emmett’s story, the sequel to Mr. Perfect/M. Parfait. It is completely written and will post weekly on Sundays. Each chapter will time jump by a year as Emmett and Lily celebrate her birthday through the years. If you haven’t done so already, I would advise reading Mr. Perfect/M. Parfait, as we are picking up at the end of M. Parfait. See you next week!