About Kay

I’ve been reading Twilight fanfiction for over a decade, and if you check my fandom card, you will find I’m unequivocally Team Edward. Under the pen name ghostreader24, I wrote my first Twilight fanfic three years ago and posted it on Fanfiction.net with great trepidation and excitement for the journey I was about to begin. I had no aspirations of becoming a writer throughout my life, but here I am, writing daily and loving it.

Since my fledgling start, I’m proud to share I’ve written over 600,000 words combined from eighteen stories of varying lengths, including flash fics, one shots, and multi-chapter fanfics. I’m drawn to creative storytelling in all forms, like movies, books, and music. I love fluffy feel-good stories, but my greatest inspiration and joy comes from those that tickle your funny bone, while also squeezing your heart.

My life is full of many loves and my family holds the top spot. I’m the mother of three and wife to an amazing man who has always supported my every endeavor. Curious by nature and sparked by my love for travel, I welcome any opportunity to learn about the people or places around me. Even though I’m nestled in the deep woods of my beloved Michigan, I have lived throughout this great nation, including both the east and west coasts.