Along Came a Spider 2 – Chapter 43 Pic Teaser

Hello everyone! A quick update. We lost power after Wednesday night’s storm, but we were lucky to get it back on Thursday for a few hours. If I had known that was all we were going to get, I would have accomplished more in that short time.

Then Thursday night’s storms rolled through our area and we haven’t had power since. We are fortunate not to experience the tornadoes, flooding, or contaminated water that others are battling in our area. I keep hoping they will beat their prediction and our power will be restored before Sunday night. 🤞🏻

Our internet service is weak and sporadic at the moment. It’s nearly impossible to share anything with photos, but I’m going to keep trying through my phone. As we begin day three without power, I’m crossing my fingers that this pic teaser of Chapter 43 from Along Came a Spider 2 posts. The chapter is ready and I’m hopeful I will be able to update soon. 🦷🏒🕷️🥅❤️