Behind Closed Doors – C10

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Chapter 10: The Birthday Girl

The airport is buzzing on a late September Sunday afternoon with travelers departing on flights from visiting the sights of D.C. and others who are arriving to a workweek full of business meetings. Edward and I are trying to escape for a few days in Arizona to celebrate my birthday.

We are dressed casually in jeans and T-shirts, as you would expect from tourists, in an effort not to be recognized by anyone we know. It’s a minefield of possibilities here at Reagan National Airport.

Edward is wearing a hat and sunglasses to disguise his easy to spot copper-colored hair, while I’m tucked inside a hoodie with sunglasses too.

I see Senator Caius Volturi stop at one of the airport bars, no doubt arriving from Florida after spending the weekend with Dori and the girls. While Edward spots Irina Denali with Tanya’s husband, Laurent Dubois, walking hand in hand toward a gate for a flight to Paris.

With my eyebrows raised at the pairing, I wait for Edward to confirm what we are both thinking.

“I don’t know what to say, Bella.”

“I told you Tanya wasn’t the happily married woman you think she is. Why else would her sister and husband be here—clearly together?” I look back at the pair and catch him placing a sweet kiss on Irina’s forehead. “Holy smokes, he just kissed her.”

As Laurent and Irina disappear from my view, I notice her slide her hand into Laurent’s back pocket without a care or concern to who may see them. A pang of jealousy courses through me at their public ease together, which leaves me wishing I had that with Edward.

He looks around, taking note of the people nearby. “Let’s focus on getting out of here without being noticed.”

I received an early birthday gift from Seth a couple of weeks ago, when he finally commented about our non-existing relationship to a friend, which was repeated to the right people, causing any interest in my private life to evaporate almost immediately. When word got out there wasn’t anything to our relationship, I forwarded the link to Edward. Seth had said I was too good for him and any man who caught my eye should consider himself the luckiest man in the world. Edward agreed completely.

Our flight is called, and we board the plane, taking our seats in the back and being careful not to make too much eye contact with anyone in particular. I let out a sigh of relief when the door closes and the plane backs away from the gate.

Edward reaches over and holds my hand. “Not much longer now.” He smiles and leans in for a quick peck on my lips.

Our flight is uneventful. I watch out the window when the terrain changes from lush farmland to a red-rocked desert full of canyons and cliffs. We land at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and Edward leads us to the car rental area. After selecting a car and storing our bags in the trunk, we leave the airport and head to the Boulders Resort and Spa in Carefree, Arizona.

My jaw drops when we arrive at our destination, the resort’s Villa Retreat. It’s a three-bedroom villa full of old world furnishings and artifacts, offering every luxury imaginable with complete privacy.

“Edward, this is amazing!” I’m in awe of the fireplace in the living room while my eyes take in the kitchen full of professional amenities.

“I’m glad you approve. The kitchen is fully stocked, so we won’t need to leave. I plan to spend some quality time with you in front of that fireplace—naked. Let’s go take a look at the master bedroom.” Edward grabs our bags and carries them upstairs to our room.

The master overlooks an infinity pool against a backdrop of magnificent boulder formations. “Edward, this is—I’m speechless.”

“Good.” He turns me in his arms. “Happy birthday, Bella.”

He looks at his watch, gets a sneaky grin, and points to a single massage table set up in the room. “You’re scheduled for an in-room massage at 5:00 p.m. Do you want to shower?”

“Sounds good to me.”

I grab what I need from my bag and take a quick shower. When I finish, I slip on one of the provided robes and return to the bedroom to find Edward also freshly showered, sitting on a chaise lounge on our balcony, staring out at the beautiful setting.

“You showered.”

“In one of the other bathrooms.” He’s sipping on a beer. “Did you want a glass of wine?”

“Yes, please.” I tighten the belt on my robe, taking the filled glass he offers. “There’s a Japanese soaking tub in the bathroom that looks like it can hold two people.”

“Sounds like something we will need to take advantage of during our visit.” He wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

After a quick sip, I move to the railing, tilting my head up toward the sun. “Mmmm, this is delicious and the view is incredible. I love the warmth. It’s hard to believe only hours ago we were back in D.C. and full of stress.”

Edward slips his arms around me and pulls me back to rest against his chest. “I agree.”

He pushes my hair to the side and starts trailing kisses down my neck, distracting me from anything but him.

“So, did my masseuse arrive yet? I have no idea what time it is.”

“He did.”

“He? I’m surprised you would request a male masseuse.”

“I’m okay with this one. I don’t want to rush you with your wine, but whenever you’re ready, go ahead and get under the sheets on the table face down.”

I take one long, appreciative drink and go back inside to get settled, then hear Edward join me from the balcony. He opens and closes several cabinets and drawers when my curiosity at what he’s doing gets the best of me. I turn my head to see Edward adjusting towels and opening a bottle of oil.

He grins when our eyes meet. “Would you like music?”

You’re my masseuse?”

“Nothing but the best for you, my dear.” He starts a playlist from his phone and the easy listening tunes fill the room.

“Have you ever…?” The moan that escapes my body stops me from finishing my thought— Edward clearly knows what he’s doing. His soft, warm hands begin massaging my shoulders, moving up to my neck, rendering me speechless.

Edward’s hands drift into my hair, rubbing my scalp with the right amount of pressure, sending tingles through my entire body.

“So, you’ve done this before?”

“Once or twice.” That is all he gives me.

The words “once or twice” are more than I want or need to know. “Well, you could be a massage therapist, if the whole television host thing doesn’t work out for you.”

Edward chuckles and moves the sheet lower that’s covering my back, exposing me to his knowledgeable hands, which seem to know how to push all of my pleasure buttons.

He pauses to add more oil to his hands then uses his thumbs, tracing the curve up and down my spine.

I groan and squirm as he works on my lower back, wishing he would move just a little lower. I’m disappointed when Edward’s professionalism kicks in and he moves higher to work on my arms, first one side then the other.

When he finishes my upper body, he returns the sheet to cover my back and reveals my full leg. With newly oiled hands, he works through the muscles of my thigh, spending extra time on my hamstring, moving to my calf, then removing the sheet from my other leg and repeating his actions.

His hand touches my shoulder, pulling me from the floaty headspace where I’ve drifted. “Whenever you’re ready, you can turn over.”

With a simmering need between my legs, I don’t bother covering my chest when I make the transition, hoping to entice Edward into a little more than a massage. He doesn’t take the bait, unfortunately, and moves a chair down by my feet where he sits and starts working them over one at a time.

I struggle to keep my breathing even; Edward’s foot massage is bringing my arousal to new heights. He moves farther up each leg, pushing away the sheet and exposing my lower body to him completely.

His hands work my muscles until they relax at his loving attention, my legs open a little wider when his fingers get closer to where I need him most.

“Edward.” I pant and reach out, finding him hard and straining against his jeans. “Stop teasing me.”

“Bella.” He groans when I rub him over his pants. “I’m never going to finish your massage, if you keep touching me.”

I pull the sheet from my body and let it drop to the floor, grab one of his hands, bringing it between my legs. His fingers need little direction, sliding through the wetness he’s created there before pushing inside of me. I moan at his touch, encouraging him to keep moving.

Edward stops and moves to the end of the table, pulling my body until I’m nearly hanging off the end, and bends my legs, pushing them back to my body. He sits in the chair he used for my foot massage and lowers his head. When his tongue makes contact, my hips push up off the table, straining toward his willing mouth.

“Oh, Bella.” He groans and uses one arm to hold back my legs, while the fingers of his other hand return to sliding in and out of my body, as his tongue toys with me in the most sinful of ways.

With his cock out of reach, my hands move to my chest, squeezing my breasts, playing with the hardened nipples. My groan at my impending orgasm, which prompts Edward to remove his mouth and fingers, then he stands and unzips his jeans.

“I’m so close, Edward. Please, don’t stop.”

“Fuck, Bella. I’m definitely not stopping, but I need to be inside of you.” He watches as I continue squeezing my chest while my legs spread open wider for him.

He wraps his hands around my thighs, pulling me closer, and sheathes his cock inside of me in one smooth thrust.

“Edward.” I moan when he starts driving his body into mine at a relentless pace, causing the table to sway with every thrust.

His hands take over for mine, grabbing my breasts and torturing my nipples, as I grab the table, hoping I don’t fall off. “I want to hear you, Bella. Don’t hold back.”

His cock hits that spot inside of me, bringing me right back to where his fingers and mouth left off.

“Oh God, Edward. Your cock—”

Soon my toes are curling as my back arches off the table and all of my muscles tighten, hurling me toward my impending release, which pushes me over the edge, leaving me spiraling into great depths of pleasure.

“Fuck.” I gasp.

While my orgasm slows and I pant, trying to catch my breath, Edward slams his cock inside as he pulses, finding his own release with a growl.

“Holy shit, Bella.”

I chuckle. “I know.”

“So much for relaxing you with a massage.”

“Oh, you’ve relaxed me.”

Edward pulls out, grabs a towel, and wipes us clean. “How about a nap before dinner?”

“Sounds wonderful, but I don’t think I can walk due to your magic hands and cock.”

He pushes off his jeans and underwear, scoops me up into his arms, carrying me over to the king-sized bed. “Did you say magical cock?”

“Is that all you ever hear?”

Edward grins. “Maybe.” He tucks me under the covers and moves to the other side of the bed, crawling in next to me, pulling me into his arms.

“This feels so good.” I sigh and close my eyes, as Edward leaves a kiss on my forehead.

“Naked sleeping is the best.”


The smell of something delicious fills the villa, rousing me awake from my nap. I have no idea what time it is, but from the view outside our balcony, it’s dark with the stars starting to twinkle in the night sky. I throw on my robe and head for the kitchen, still feeling a little dazed from my Edward massage.

“Why hello, sleepyhead.” He’s standing in the middle of the room in only his boxers, fixing two plates of food.

“Hey. I guess I was more tired than I thought. Something smells good.” I stretch as my robe gapes open, giving Edward a brief glimpse of my naked chest.

“Hello, gorgeous.” He leans in to kiss my lips then lower, nibbling on my neck. “I’ve got dinner ready. Let’s eat out on the patio. It’s beautiful outside.”

“Okay. What are we having?”

“Mexican. There’s a little of everything. I had it delivered from one of the restaurants. Oh, can you grab the tequila and the two shot glasses on the counter.”

“Oh, dear. Tequila?”

“What’s wrong with tequila?”

“Nothing at all. It’s my one of my favorites, but in my past experience, things usually get a little wild when a bottle of tequila is involved. Clothes are typically optional.”

“Well, I’m looking forward to that and we’re both already almost there.” He points toward my robe. “Let’s have a shot.”

Edward pulls the cork stopper from the bottle and fills the two shot glasses, handing one to me, then holds the other in his hand.

“To birthday shots with the birthday girl who I’m hoping will wear her birthday suit in the pool with me later.”

I giggle. “Skinny-dipping, Mr. Masen?”

“A guy can dream, can’t he?”

“We’ll see.” I look out over the pool, as the water dances in the moonlight, knowing with a few more shots anything will be possible.

We settle into our seats and dig into our Mexican feast.

“This is delicious.”

“It’s good. I thought about heating up something, but it’s easier to pick up the phone.”

“I can cook for us tomorrow. Do we have any plans?”

“I was thinking about watching you sunbathe nude when we aren’t in bed.”


“The only plan I have is for very little, if any, clothing to be involved on our entire trip. You didn’t even need to bring a bag.” He winks.

“Very funny.”

“I meant to ask. Did you get your shot before we left?”

“Yes. Last week.”


“Worried about the pitter-patter of little feet?”

“Not really. I just don’t want any surprises when I don’t think either of us is ready for something like that at this point in our lives. Since we aren’t using condoms, I feel a little responsibility to at least ask.”

“Well, don’t worry. We’re all good.”

“You are definitely good.” Edward pecks my lips and refills our shot glasses. “Let’s drink to that.”

This shot goes down much easier as the familiar warmth spreads throughout my body, sending another buzz of tingles between my legs.

Feeling full from our Mexican feast, I tilt my head back, looking up at the starry night while one of my hands starts rubbing Edward’s thigh.

He looks over and smiles at me when my hand drifts to his cock.

“You’re a horny drunk?”

I shrug, sliding my hand under the waistband. “I just want you. I can’t help it.”

Edward pushes his chair away from the table and grabs a pillow for my knees when he sees my intention.

I have his cock in my mouth seconds later, giving him a blowjob I hope he’ll never forget.

“Oh, sweet Jesus, Bella.” He gathers my hair as I bob up and down in his lap with a determination he isn’t used to experiencing from me.

I keep my lips tight around him, adding more suction than necessary, occasionally letting my teeth graze his length. I give the head extra attention before sucking him back into my mouth, taking him as deep as possible, holding him while willing my throat to relax around him.

“Oh, God, Bella. You can take all of me. I can’t. This is going to be—” His hips lift up, and he makes a few more passes, pushing and pulling my head off his cock, then holds my mouth in place when he groans through his release.

I swallow everything he gives and feel his grip loosen on my hair as he softens in my mouth. I pull away, leaving a few licks along his length, kissing the head before standing.

“Whose birthday is this again? Damn, Bella.”

“That was as much for me as it was you. I love making you lose control.”

“Mission accomplished.”

I’m already pouring another shot for each of us when I feel Edward untie my robe. His fingers wander up my legs and between, finding me slick with need.

“Mmmm, giving me a blowjob turns you on?” Edward holds his shot to his lips and throws back the contents.

“Yes.” I down my shot, knowing this is probably my limit since I’m feeling buzzed.

“Well, fuck. I can’t leave you hanging before we skinny-dip. I am the luckiest guy in the world, according to Seth. With magical hands—and cock, according to you.” He pushes off my robe, leaving me naked in front of him. “Turn around and let’s see if I can make you see stars.”

I straddle his body, settling on his lap, feeling my back against his naked chest, as his spent cock rests between my legs and his lips leave a trail of kisses from my shoulder to my ear.

“Edward, I can already see lots of stars.” I laugh, tilting my head toward the sky, but it dies as his roaming hands rub my body, making me see more stars than I ever thought possible with my eyes closed on this cool Arizona night.

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