Along Came a Spider Series – Extras/E9

A/N: I shared only a visual for Tyler Crowley, Ben’s bestie, in another post, and I’ll add him here too. No words from him yet, but we may hear from him in the future. For now, I’m sharing a little more from Carlisle because I know how much you love him. lol This snippet happens during his “fishing trip” and after Chapter 26 from Along Came a Spider 2.

/ /\ (oo) /\ \

As I sit in the lounge, sipping from my glass, my phone vibrates with another incoming call from Jake that I let go to voicemail.

He let me down for the last time.

Heidi let us down, as I knew she would.

No pictures. Nothing.

Jake tried to cover it up, but when I pressed him about what happened, he claimed to have it under control. Jake has nothing under control—including Edward.

My idiot son is missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be the starting goaltender for Calgary—a team with all the pieces in place to win the Cup—and the accompanying pay of a starter.

At least, Jake came through with that much.

But, of course, Edward is throwing it all away for a woman—again. She moved herself into his home. And now, she’s pregnant. No surprise there. Undoubtedly, on purpose. I know her type. She befriends my daughter, uses Katie, then goes after my son. And Esme—encouraging it all—letting it happen. That’s a problem. They’re all falling into her trap, but not me. I fixed his messes before, and I’ll fix this one too.

“Mr. Cullen?”


“Your card was declined. Do you have another that you wish for me to try?” the server asks hopefully.

My card was declined?

I open the bank app on my phone, and immediately, a message pops up.

Joint holder deactivated card. Call for assistance.”


So, that’s how we’re going to play it now?

With a heavy sigh, I remove my wallet from my back pocket, searching for another. “Try this one.”

The server smiles and disappears, only to return moments later, shaking her head. “Perhaps another?”

I haven’t been keeping close track of my personal individual account, but my latest deposit should be there. Once I check my emails, I find a bullshit message about insufficient funds.

How can that be? I know my check should have been deposited on Friday.

I brush off any concern with a chuckle. “It must be some kind of mistake. I’ll call the bank tomorrow, but for now, use this one. I’m positive it will work.”

Handing her the card associated with my joint account with Esme, I have no doubt the charges will go right through.

Once she returns, her smile brightens. “You were right. That one was a winner. Not to worry, those things happen. Can I get you anything else?”

With a shake of my head, I consider my next move. Maybe I’ll return to the tables or stay here to watch the hockey games tonight. Edward paid off against Carolina, but I’ll be betting against Ben when they play Toronto tomorrow. The fact that Edward was given the Carolina start tells me all I need to know. I suspect Ben could have an injury of some type, possibly his hip with the way he moved and reacted—or lacked a reaction—while in goal against Minnesota and lost. Something’s . . . off.

A brief touch to my face reminds me of the tender bruises left by my son. They have faded slightly, and the cut is healing, but I think I can use those to my advantage once I return home. While Edward’s reaction was . . . unexpected, it’s a reminder that he isn’t unreachable or as unaffected as he may hope. I have to wonder, how do I want to play this one out?

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