Along Came a Spider Series – Extras/E5

A/N: Since I know that you’re all fans of Angela, here is another extra from Along Came a Spider 2. This snippet is the conversation between James and Angela during chapter 17 at casino night. Dare I say, enjoy? lol

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When I notice Angela’s approach, I release a heavy sigh, not wanting to give her any encouragement or let Doc’s business partner think there is anything going on between us. Because there isn’t. And I have a good feeling about her—Victoria—despite Spider steering her away from my end of the bar. 

Fucking Angela.

The shit that went down in Mexico was my fault; I know that. I should have stopped when I realized someone else was in the room with us, but I didn’t and that’s on me. Just my luck, it turned out to be Angela. And now, I can’t seem to shake her.

Hoping to minimize any interaction between us, I ask in a clipped tone, “What can I get you?”

The way she’s looking at me, it’s obvious there’s only one thing she wants from behind the bar.


“Whatever you recommend.” Angela bats her eyelashes and leans closer, revealing more cleavage, which is impossible not to notice.

Setting a wine glass on the bar, I reach for an open bottle of white wine, then lower my voice. “How about a shot of truth serum? So, you’ll stop lying to everyone and jerking my buddy around. Ben deserves better than you and your mind games.”

“Your buddy?” She smirks. “What about what I deserve? What I want?”

It pisses me off that she’s doing him dirty, and makes me sick that I have had any part in this clusterfuck. Shaking my head, I choose not to reply verbally, focusing on filling the glass. 

“Oh, really? You have nothing to say?” She huffs. “You didn’t object in Mexico, and I bet you won’t object now. I’ll tell you what . . . I’ll end my relationship with him, if . . . you come over to my place tonight. I want a repeat.”

She’s a fucking manipulative bitch. I’m not falling for that shit. Angela claimed to break up with Ben in Mexico when it was convenient for her, only to turn it around on me, labeling me a liar about anything and everything. Why would I ever believe that going over to her place would mean we could all be rid of her now? As long as she’s Jess’s best friend and Fin is on the team, the torture continues.

“No. Not a chance.” 

My eyes flit toward Victoria, hoping she hasn’t heard a word between us, then I glance at Angela who’s staring at me. I know I’m in trouble when her smile widens, and I realize I’ve done a shitty job of concealing my interest. 

“What if I convince the redhead to come over too? Or maybe we start without you.” Angela’s eyebrows lift in question and she reaches for the wine glass. “I bet you’re interested now.”


“Leave her alone,” I warn.

“Or what? I think it’s a great time for some girl talk. Isn’t she a friend of Bella’s? I should introduce myself. She’s so hot too. You know how to pick ‘em.” Angela winks, then her eyes pass over me appreciatively one last time before sipping from her glass. “See you later tonight.”

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