Along Came a Spider Series – Extras/E4

A/N: This one from Angela takes place before chapter 2 from Along Came a Spider 2 while our favorite crew was in Mexico for the All-Star Break. We know what James remembered since he shared with Spider. But Angela downplayed any issues with Ben when she and Jess joined Deedee and Doc later on during their shopping trip.

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Watching them all night, it is easy to see how enamored he is with her. Wishing it were me, I down another offered shot from Jess. Even though I’m buzzed and shouldn’t care by now, I can’t take my eyes off them.

I recognize her—the bartender from the pool. She’s attractive, blonde hair and blue eyes with a tan fit body. She isn’t as tall as me. Although he doesn’t seem to care, as he nestles her against his side happily.

I get the attraction—she’s his type, but I know him, and she has no idea who he really is.

How his smile can make someone’s heart skip a beat. Or how kind he is when it doesn’t matter.

How everyone loves him—even players from opposing teams. They respect and admire him both on and off the ice.

She doesn’t know how sexy he looks with a beard during the playoffs. A beard I wish I could feel rubbing against my inner thighs regularly.

Or how many times I’ve pictured him while having sex with Ben. There was that one time his name slipped out, but an easy lie covered up my mistake.

Ben will believe anything.

What I can’t believe is that she’s captured his attention or that she’s even here with him on my vacation. He’s single, and for at least tonight, so am I.

If Ben cared about me, he would be here.

But he’s not.

And I’m not going to let him ruin my night.

I just need to wait for the right moment, then pounce, because I may never get another golden opportunity like this one again.

Between kisses, James says something into her ear until she nods, prompting his widening grin at her giggles. They move through the crowd with her wrapped around him tightly. As I realize their intentions, I know this is my moment.

I nudge Jess, then lean closer to her ear so she can hear me over the loud music. “I’m going to find a bathroom.”

“Okay, do you want me to go with you?”

“Nah. Stay here. Have fun. I’ll be fine.”

She smiles before returning her attention to Demir.

I’m surprised to find the door to his room slightly ajar, and without hesitation, I step inside. Holding my breath, I’m unsure if my presence will be welcome or not. But with how much alcohol we’ve all consumed since arriving, I like my chances.

I want him.

And I’ll do whatever is necessary to get what I want.

Pressing the door closed softly, I hide in the shadows and watch as the moonlight illuminates their frantic tugging of each other’s clothes while their lips part only briefly.

Once naked, they collapse onto the bed, alternating between chuckles and moans in a tangle of arms and legs. It’s an intoxicating sight and impossible for me to turn away. With little thought, I drift closer until I can reach out and touch her. Tracing a finger gently along her arm hesitantly, her eyes open at my touch and she smiles in invitation, then nods slightly.

An invitation I refuse to turn down.

Paying me little attention, James is single-minded, pulling her with him until she’s straddling his face. Once the chorus of their moans fill the room, my eyes move lower noticing his hard cock, begging for attention. As my mouth waters, I lick my lips and climb onto the bed, settling between his legs.

Reaching out, I wrap my hand around his hardened length, prompting more of his muffled moans while his hips lift off the bed at my touch. After a few tentative strokes, I grow more confident and lean over, licking the head for my first taste, then suck him into my mouth. With every flex of his hips, I relax the muscles of my throat, allowing him to slip deeper until he groans against the bartender’s pussy.

“Oh, James,” she whispers.

But I want something else and she continues to be the perfect distraction.

After letting him slip from between my lips, I hike my skirt higher, straddle him quickly, then pull my damp panties to the side with one hand. Guiding him between my legs, I rub the head of his cock against my clit and through my arousal before perching him at my opening. I’m so wet that before either of my bed partners thinks to protest, I sink down onto his length with our hips flush instantly.

Someone says, “Oh, fuck.”

Maybe it’s me. Or him. Or her.

I hope it’s him at how good I feel, because it’s better than I imagined.

Closing my eyes, I relish the fullness I feel inside me, then I begin a slow pace, wanting to savor every shift of my hips. The bed jostles before delicate fingers ease my strapless top lower, teasing my bare nipples. Her warm mouth soon finds mine as her tongue delves deeper. She moans, undoubtedly tasting him on my tongue. With every pluck of my nipples, I become engulfed in the blissful sensations spreading throughout my body.

Reaching out, I caress the smooth skin of her ample chest and squeeze lightly before moving one hand lower. My fingers find her clit while I feel James’s tongue continuing its onslaught. I’m lost—so lost in the pleasure I’m giving and receiving that my orgasm rushes through me unexpectedly. Yanking my mouth from hers, I hope to catch my breath, and fortunately, I’m completely aware of the moment when James can no longer hold back at my quickened pace. He pulses inside of me with a groan, bringing a smile to my lips.

Her mouth moves to my neck as she urges me onto my back, and I feel James’s cock slip from my body. With his come oozing from between my legs, her tongue toys with my hardened nipples, prompting me to squirm until she moves lower. Spreading my legs wider, she holds them in place, then alternates between teasing my clit and lapping at his come.

There’s no stopping her, as I feel the fluttering of my orgasm building with every torturous and lingering lick. Brushing her hair away from her face, I turn my head to the side, distracted by James in all his naked glory next to me. Through half-lidded eyes, my gaze never leaves him as I hope for a kiss that never happens. He stands, moves behind her, and watches us while stroking his cock until he’s erect once again.

He must realize it’s me by now, and without any objections to my presence or what’s happening between us, James lifts her hips until she’s kneeling on the bed with her ass in the air. She groans loudly the moment he shoves his cock inside her. He caresses her curves as her body sways with every determined thrust while she licks my pussy relentlessly.

A tiny bud of jealousy sprouts deep inside me as I wish he would shift her to the side and choose to bury his cock inside of me instead.

He has no idea how many times I’ve gotten myself off while watching him and picturing a moment similar to this.

Without her.

But she is a means to an end.

And what a glorious feeling it is.

And since I’ve made it this far, I know I’m not leaving without at least a souvenir. Or maybe more.

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