Along Came a Spider Series – Extras/E12

A/N: While Bella isn’t curious about what’s going on in Victoria’s room, I am. lol This snippet with Senior and Victoria happens during Chapter 30 from Along Came a Spider 2.

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I don’t need to check the time to know it’s late. “Perhaps we should call it a night.”

Those gorgeous eyes of hers shift my way. “But you promised to tuck me in and tell me a story.”

She never forgets a thing. “I did, didn’t I?” Reaching out, I take the empty glass from her hand, setting it on the table next to mine.

“Yes, you did. Are we allowed any snuggling during storytime?” she asks.

Resisting her is impossible. “Mmmm,” I hum, as if I’m considering her request.

“That doesn’t sound like a yes.”

I grin. “You’re temptation in a shapely bottle.”

“Am I?” She smirks, as if she doesn’t already know.

“Yes. I spend ninety-eight percent of my time trying not to cross any lines or say the wrong thing with you,” I confide.

The wine has loosened my tongue more than normal, sharing with her more than I’ve intended this evening. What’s one more at this point?


I release a heavy sigh. “Because . . . I don’t want to do anything that will push you away.”

Her brow furrows. “You believe that’s possible?”

“I know that’s inevitable.”

“What do you do during the other two percent?”

I smile because the answer is easy. “Wish I was twenty years younger.”

Maybe then I wouldn’t struggle so much with the difference in our ages. She should be with someone closer to her own age, but I’m selfish, wanting to enjoy whatever she’s willing to share with me for a little while longer.

She reaches out, covering my hand with hers. “Sometimes people come into our lives when we’re ready for them and not before.”

I’m ready for her, but is she really ready for me? Or has she convinced herself that she is?

“That’s what you believe? The issue is timing?”

“I don’t see any issues.”

Of course, she doesn’t. “Victoria,” I warn, then realize it’s the first time I’ve used her name with any sort of familiarity.

Normally, I keep my distance by using Dr. Sutherland, but she always counters with Mr. King, and I may like that a little too much. Her eyes sparkle like a circling shark at my slip, as if she can smell blood in the water from my bleeding heart and she’s ready to pounce.

“What if . . . we crossed a few lines?” she suggests. There it is. “Are you agreeable to snuggling—in bed together?” Victoria licks her lips while fidgeting with the tie of her robe. “Or you don’t have to do anything. I can snuggle against your side. It would be harmless.”

I chuckle, knowing the truth. “My dear, nothing about you is harmless.”

Her smile widens. “I’ll stay under the covers and you can be on top of them. What do you want? We can work out a trade. I get snuggling in exchange for . . .”

She’s so beautiful and clearly has no idea how happy I am simply by spending time together on this trip. I couldn’t care less about hockey, but every now and then, I like to show up unexpectedly. It keeps my son on his toes. And Bella dropped this opportunity right into my lap. Adding Victoria to the mix was irresistible.

“I’m already getting everything I want.”

“How can I make it better?” Her gaze holds mine waiting for an answer.

When I don’t reply, she stands from the couch, reminding me of her enticing bare legs that were tucked underneath her and hidden from view. With them now on display, my eyes travel slowly up her body to her waist where she loosens the tie, opening her robe before letting it slide from her arms. It drops onto the spot where she was sitting. My eyes roam the tiny pair of shorts and skintight T-shirt, clinging to her delicate curves. She smiles when our eyes meet, then walks toward the door to her suite. She pauses for a moment and wiggles a single finger in a come-with-me motion before disappearing into the room.

Nervously, I run a hand through my hair, wondering about her expectations and my own when my willpower is fading rapidly.

“Oh, hell,” I mumble, scrub my hands over my face, then slip into her room.

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