Along Came a Spider Series – Extras/E10

A/N: Because everyone can’t get enough Jacob (lol), here is the snippet I promised before I depart with my hubby this weekend for our own mini Valentine’s Day getaway. Several readers expressed interest in the content of this one. Fortunately, I had it waiting since I wanted it too. For a little extra spice, I took inspiration from Eternally Addicted’s suggestion on a post in my Facebook group, Kay Richard’s Fanfics. Thanks, M! 😉 A note on logistics. Chapter 27 from Along Came a Spider 2 covers Edward’s arrival in Toronto (Wednesday), then extends to his arrival in Montréal (Friday). I’ll clarify that this extra snippet happens late on Wednesday.

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“Old Fashioned,” I tell the bartender after sliding onto a stool next to a busty brunette. “Hey.”

“Hi.” She smiles, then sips from a martini glass, leaving lipstick on the rim. If I had to guess, I would bet it is a whatever-tini. She looks like the type who picks drinks to coordinate with her outfit.

Releasing a sigh, I look over at the bartender, wondering what’s taking so long with my drink. While I have time before boarding begins for my flight, I’m eager to leave Tampa Bay with another contract negotiation complete, thanks to me. I should be celebrating right now, but I’ll do that once I’m back in L.A. Instead, I take a moment to consider which lucky woman I should text to have waiting for me once I arrive.

When my drink finally appears, I take a sip and nearly spit it out.

“What the fuck is this?

“An Old Fashioned.”

“Try again. What you made is a Manhattan,” I correct. “And keep your swizzle stick out of my drink.”

I don’t miss the roll of his eyes as he dumps his mistake. I’ll have him fired or at the very least removed from this lounge, if he can’t get it right.

Opening my emails on my phone, I scroll and click through each one until I notice one from a law firm that sounds familiar.

“You know your drink.” A feminine voice says from beside me.

“It isn’t that complicated. You’re having, what?” I wave toward her light green filled martini glass. “An appletini?”

“That’s right.”

I feel her eyes on me before I glance her way. They’re begging for any ounce of attention, and after bagging another contract, I’m feeling charitable tonight.

“What if I like complicated?” She takes a sip of her drink.

“Then you’re asking for . . .” Once the email opens, the first few lines spark my confusion, which morphs to disbelief. “. . . trouble.”

Staring at my phone, I finish scanning briefly, only to start again.

On behalf of my client, Edward Cullen, this letter shall serve as official notice of his right to terminate your contract, effective ninety days from today’s date without cause, which is compliant with your original agreement. My client is within his rights to terminate the aforementioned contract immediately, if you are found to be in breach of contract during this period.”

Edward Cullen thinks he’s going to get rid of me.


I made him.

He owes me.

Ninety fucking days.

I’ll show him fucking ninety days.

Where’s the loyalty after all the years I’ve given him?

Fucking Heidi.

She owes me too.

If she thinks she can ignore my calls, she has another thing coming.

He must have something on her for her not to make good on her promise to me.

Looking up from my phone, I’m pissed, but the brunette smiles, meeting my gaze.

“Everything all right?”

I narrow my eyes. “Do I know you?”

She tosses her hair, thrusting out her chest. “Not yet, but I guarantee you’ll remember me.”


“I didn’t catch your name.”

Her smile widens. “It’s Angela.”

“What do you do for a living?”

“I’m a flight attendant.”

I nod. “How long before your next flight?”

She finishes the rest of her drink in one gulp. “I’ve got time.”

“Let’s go,” I challenge, doubting she will object with the way she’s drooling over me.


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