Along Came a Spider 2/C45

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Chapter 45

When I arrive home later than anticipated from work, I’m greeted by Scout at the door, but Shadow is nowhere to be found. After removing my heels, I emerge from the hallway to find my husband busy in the kitchen. I watch as Edward dumps a steaming pot of pasta into the strainer in the sink.


There’s no containing my smile at him—barefoot in a hoodie and shorts with a backwards turned cap that I can’t resist.

“Hey yourself.”

I walk to where he’s standing, lift onto my toes to give him a brief kiss, but one is never enough. So, I steal another, lingering a little longer. He must have showered recently because he smells so much better than anything he’s preparing.

“Welcome home.” Edward smiles, cups the back of my head, and kisses me once more.

“Mmmm. Where’s Shadow?” I ask, leaning down to scratch Scout behind his ears.

“Her cat tree. I played fetch with Scout while she watched, took them on a walk, then fed them not long ago. They’re all good. How was work?”

“Easy. I told Victoria our news.”

“What was her reaction?”

“Surprised, but happy for us. She has a new interest or maybe I should say distraction.”

“What does that mean?”

“Victoria went out with Caius Volante last night.”


“Yeah. He called our office for an appointment with me after we met. I told Rose to schedule one, then cancel it at a later time. I was trying to keep him at arm’s length from both of us, but it did little good since he messaged Victoria directly.”

Edward sighs. “While I haven’t seen it on the ice or in the locker room, maybe he’s changed off the ice. We’re overdue for a conversation to put the past behind us. I thought I had, but after his arrival, it became obvious that isn’t the case. We need resolution to move forward.”

I nod. “Victoria said he was sweet and thoughtful, but I don’t know what to believe. Deedee was wary of him, and Marcus wasn’t pleased at Caius’s attention directed toward her.”

“That’s Caius. He knows how to push everyone’s buttons. It’s what he does.”

“When I met him after your game, he was enjoying the attention of his many female fans and considering who to leave with for the night. Ick. I just didn’t get a good feeling from him, and I don’t want someone like that for Victoria. It’s a recipe for heartbreak.”

“But did he actually leave with anyone?” Edward asks.

“I don’t know. We left before he did.”

“Keep that in mind before you jump to any conclusions. Not everything is always as it seems. Some players have no choice but to embrace their stereotypes. If he wasn’t perceived as an instigator, it would affect his game and lose its effectiveness.” Edward nods toward the pans on the range top sizzling with chicken and vegetables while another bubbles with sauce. “Are you hungry?”


“Why don’t you go change and we can eat while watching the game? It will be starting soon.”

“Okay. Should we call my parents before the game?”

“Sure. Um, I texted Vladdy and told him about us. He called me back.”


“He said to share his congratulations with his favorite tennis partner, and promised to be here for the wedding reception.”

I smile. “Vladdy’s the sweetest. I’m sure everyone will be excited to see him again. How is he doing with the move?”

“Great. He and his ex-wife are giving their relationship another shot. He’s thrilled and so is Maks. Vladdy said that Nissa loves Florida.”

“That’s great. I’m happy for them.”

“Me too. I also called Rose this afternoon and told her we eloped.”

My smile fades, suspecting her response to our news. “What did she say?”

“You were right. Rose was upset at first, but she was understanding by the end of our conversation. She’s happy that we did it the way that was right for us, which is exactly how I supported her when she married Emmett. Maybe we can come up with a special way to include her in the reception?” Edward suggests.

“I’m sure Al will think of something. He showed up at my office this afternoon, full of apologies for having Afton tell me he wasn’t in the salon today. Al was upset, but, of course, I forgave him, then confirmed what he already suspected. He said someone posted photos and a video online.”

Edward’s eyebrows lift with surprise. “You’re kidding?”

“No, I’m not. The buzz is that you eloped and married your ex.”

“Well, that pisses me off. I’ll set everything straight. I don’t normally post much during the season, especially at the end of the season, but I think I want to make a post.”


“Just one with photos of you or us and a simple caption like, ‘My wife.’ It doesn’t even have to be any of the wedding pictures. I’ll use some of my favorites that I already have.”

“Ugh.” I sigh heavily. “Why does this always make me so nervous? Nothing revealing.”

“That’s impossible when the whole post will be revealing how important you are to me.” His eyes find mine, full of sincerity. “The most important relationship in my life.”

Ah, fuck. Why does he have to say such sweet things?

“You know what I mean. You better not post a skinfest,” I warn.

His smile widens. “Trust me. It will be okay. I promise.”

I blow out a steady breath, knowing I need to trust him with this and agree. “Okay.”

“How are you feeling this evening? Any nausea?”

“I’m good.” I downplay, because he has no idea what the sight of him cooking is doing to me or maybe it’s just him, but I keep that to myself. “No nausea today,” I add.

Removing two plates from the cabinet, he glances at me. “We’re almost ready to eat.”

“Okay. I’ll be right back,” I promise.

After departing the kitchen, I’m eager to return and practically sprint to our bedroom. I drop my heels, purse, and messenger bag next to the chair by the bed, then detour to use the bathroom before returning to our closet. Peeling out of my tight work clothes at record speed, I add my dress shirt and suit to our dry-cleaning bin.

While only my underwear remains, I look through my options in our closet. Even though we’re watching the game, I wonder what I should wear for our easy night at home—a first as husband and wife. I want to find something that will drive Edward absolutely out of his mind. If we’re eating that pasta while it’s still hot, then I’m doing something wrong.

Flipping through the hangers of clothes, then glancing at the contents of the drawers, my eyes are drawn to the waiting sets of nipple jewelry, and a plan forms. I remove my bra and attach those before shimmying out of my underwear. It’s a tough choice knowing Edward’s love for ripping off the green G-strings with his number, but I opt for a pair of Dallas Stars boy shorts I bought when we were first dating.

When I turn to check their fit in the full-size closet mirror, I realize they used to be more modest. I won’t be able to wear these for much longer with the way my expanding curves refuse to be contained. My ass cheeks are giving more than a teasing peek, but undoubtedly, Edward will believe they’re a perfect fit.

I’m already feeling the deliciously teasing tugs of the silver stars, but I want to make sure he doesn’t miss their addition and select one of his thin, white T-shirts. After gathering the extra material, I knot it in the front in a way that puts my growing belly on full display too.

While checking my look from head-to-toe, there’s no missing those stars. I pull my necklace with his number outside of the neckline of his T-shirt. Once I remove my ponytail holder, I do a little fluffing of my hair to create a wilder look, then decide to remain barefoot, pleased with my overall appearance.

It takes everything I have to walk into the kitchen at a leisurely pace, eager for Edward’s reaction, but once I arrive, he doesn’t disappoint, dropping a pan in the sink with a loud crash.

“Holy shit.” His eyes roam my body hungrily. “Doc.”

“What? Something wrong?”

“You know what,” Edward warns, as he can’t take his eyes off me. “We can’t call your parents with you looking like that.”

“How should your wife look then?” I challenge with an arch of my eyebrow, pushing out my chest a little to draw his attention to it.

His eyes lower immediately. “Oh my God. Those fucking stars.” He abandons our dinner, wiping his hands. “Your parents can wait. Dinner can wait. The game can wait. I can’t wait.”

Watching as he moves around the island toward me, I grin victoriously. “Good.”

When I’m within arm’s length, he pulls me to him, and his hands are everywhere all at once while his mouth captures mine repeatedly. His hands plunge into my hair and he tilts my head, devouring every moan at the prompting of his probing tongue. I reach out, rubbing his cock over the smooth material of his shorts, while my other hand slides underneath his hoodie, seeking every inch of warm skin I can reach.

His moans join mine, echoing throughout the room as he hardens with my touch and his hands roam lower until he cups my breasts. My arousal increases as his thumbs tease the stars, prompting the arch of my back. I’m desperate for more, pushing his hoodie higher.

With heaving chests, our mouths part for as long as it takes for him to reach from behind his back and yank his hoodie over his head, dropping it on the floor. I grin at the breathtaking sight before me: lean, sculpted muscles and swirls of tatted skin. My fingerprint in the shape of a heart forever on his body.

My eyes find his. “I love you.”

“Oh, Doc. I fucking love you too.”

His mouth returns to mine as his hands drift lower. They push past the open edges of my shorts, squeezing my ass appreciatively. When he lifts me off the floor, I wrap my legs around him, feeling his ready cock pressing where I need him most. He carries me into the great room, drops me on the couch, then pulls out his phone from his shorts pocket to snap a photo of my unraveling.

“So fucking sexy.” He sits on the edge of the couch, then turns the screen to show me what he sees.

His photo captures my half-lidded eyes filled with desire as my mouth remains slightly open while I struggle to control my breathing. My wild hair sprawls in every direction on the cushion under me. My nipples strain against his T-shirt for more of my husband’s teasing touches.

When my gaze drifts lower, I notice my protruding belly baring our child while my boy shorts ride higher to reveal every inch of my curvy hips and thicker thighs. My smooth, bare legs are open slightly in invitation. As desperation surges through me, my eyes return to his, wondering how much longer he plans to make me wait. I need relief now.

“It’s an incredible shot, isn’t it?”

“Edward,” I plead.

“I bet you’re wet.” He smirks, using a finger to trace lightly along the damp seam of my shorts, causing me to squirm. “I love seeing you like this. So needy. For me.”

My body fills with anticipation, and I widen my legs. “More. I need more. I need your dick.”

“Not yet.” Edward sets his phone on the coffee table. “I promise I’ll take care of you in every way you can imagine. I always do.”

/ /\ (oo) /\ \

Our dinner is cold and on hold since Edward plans to reheat it once we’ve shared our change in marital status with our parents. In an effort to add a speck of respectability to our video call and not look as if we’re sex-starved newlyweds who can’t keep their hands off each other, we’ve swapped tops.

Edward claims there’s no way he can resist me or form a thought that doesn’t have something to do with sex, if I’m wearing his white T-shirt. So, he’s wearing it while I’m wearing only his hoodie. On me, the neckline of his hoodie is wide, giving him an easy view of my tattoo that his lips can’t resist kissing repeatedly.

The edge of the bottom hem falls just below the curve of my ass that is missing my underwear. An adamant Edward swears that my boy shorts are unnecessary for watching the game or our call, and promises to keep the camera shot from the chest up.

While I’m still basking in the mellow breezy remnants of my orgasm, Edward is ready for round two, but wants to resume marital activities during the first intermission. I’ve never watched a game with him like this and I’ll be the first to admit, I like it.

After a bathroom break, I locate my phone in our bedroom before returning to the great room. My approach prompts him to mute the broadcast of the game from where he’s reclining on the couch with his feet perched on the coffee table. He looks as irresistible with clothes on as without them. I can’t wait until we’re both naked again.

It seems as if we may be matching energies tonight.

“It’s still pre-game talk. Do you want to sit on my lap for the call?”

Knowing he doesn’t mean this way, I straddle him. He’s wearing his shorts from earlier, but I nestle his cloth-covered dick between my legs to make my point. His hands slide over my thighs to squeeze my ass, exploring the curves of my naked lower body.

“Is this what you had in mind?” I ask cheekily.

“No, but I like it. The best two handfuls on the planet, only second to . . .” His hands shift, sliding under his hoodie I’m wearing to cup my chest. “The best tits on the planet. They’re getting bigger. I can feel a difference.”

“I know. I’m spilling out of every bra I own.”

“Easy solution: you don’t need to wear bras at home. See? We’re saving money already. That should make you happy.”

“What am I going to do with you?”

“I have a lot of ideas. There’s a reason I haven’t shaved yet.” He grins.

“As if you aren’t already irresistible. And there will be no lap sitting during our call.”

“How about on my face?”

“I’m not sitting there either.”

“But you want to. You liked my tongue earlier.” He tugs the neckline of my hoodie lower, then kisses my tat.

“And fingers,” I admit.

He smirks at me victoriously.

“I can’t sit on your lap because there’s no way you’ll keep your hands or dick to yourself.”

“But I’m covered.”

“And I can already feel how that’s working out.”

“Is my natural reaction to my sexy wife a crime?”

“In front of her father? Yes. You’re on his good side. Don’t blow it.”

“I’ve got something you can blow.”


You’re straddling me.” He pushes his hoodie higher to reveal my chest. “You started this.” His tongue reaches out, flicking my nipple before sucking it into his mouth. “I can finish it. And my question was innocent.”

“There isn’t anything innocent about you.”

“I know,” Edward says with a proud grin, moves to my other breast, and sucks it into his mouth. Pulling off with a pop, his tongue teases the nipple. “Let’s call them tomorrow. We have better things to do tonight. Like you. I’m gonna do you. Again. And again.”

“No. We need to call them tonight.” I push his hoodie lower to cover my chest in an effort to stop distracting both of us. “Sit up and try to keep your dick out of the frame,” I tease.

“That’s nearly impossible with your effect on it.” His eyebrows lift up and down. “Want to see it?”

“Edward. I’m calling,” I warn with a giggle at the feel of his lips combined with his stubble on my neck. It’s an intoxicating combination.

“No, you’re not. You’re threatening to end our fun.”

His fingers slip between us, and he finds my clit, rubbing in all the right ways until I’m grinding against his hand.

“Oh, fuck. That feels good. Ah . . . you said the first inter—”

“I know the perfect place for my dick.” His hand shifts and two fingers slide inside of me. “It’s warm and wet. One of my favorite spots.”

“This is what I’m talking about. You’re getting me all worked up again,” I pant.

He smirks. “Then let’s stop.”

“Uhhh.” I groan at the thought, and I know we’re not stopping, which is probably part of his plan.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?” He removes his fingers from inside me.

“God, yes. My parents will have to wait.”

His deep laughter fills the room.

“Don’t laugh at me.”

“I’m not. I love it. And you said I was the insatiable one.”

Tossing my phone to the side, I move to my knees, which is enough space between us to yank his shorts lower, freeing his ready cock.

“Okay, I’ll concede. It’s mutual.”

Bracing my hand on the couch, I sink down onto him, which is a feeling that never gets old. Every muscle in my body is poised for more at the sensation of him deep inside me, while my desire to move is overwhelming.

“Hang on.” After pulling his hoodie from my body, Edward drops it on the couch, then rests his hands on my hips. “There. Now, I have the perfect view. Have your wicked way with me.” He winks. “I’m ready.”

/ /\ (oo) /\ \

I’m complete mush.

Relaxed. Calm.

Two orgasms for each of us, not including this morning’s, and Edward is refueling while I’m nestled against his side. I’m not going to lie. My last one was intense. I don’t know what was different, the angle or what. Something was different. Maybe it had something to do with the fact I was still feeling the benefits of the one before it.

I mean, we’ve had a lot of great sex. But what just happened was . . . I don’t know how to explain it. It was almost an out of body experience for me. I wonder if that’s a thing, like a runner’s high or something. I’m filled with such a deep sense of peace and comfort that I can’t stop touching him. I wish I could curl up in his lap and nap right now.

Edward redressed me in his hoodie, cleaned us up, then combined our dinners into a shared one. After twirling another forkful of reheated pasta from the plate balancing on his lap, he holds the fork near my mouth; he’s been feeding me bites during the first period of the game.

“Open,” he requests gently with a small smile.

While I finish the mouthful, I stare at his handsome face, thinking about covering it in kisses. Once I swallow, I reach up, kiss his cheek, and whisper, “I love you.”

He wraps his arm around me, then kisses my forehead. “I love you too.” And another kiss to my lips. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I think so. I’m . . . I don’t know how to explain it.”

With a return of my favorite crooked grin, he listens, taking another bite for himself.

“My whole body . . . I’m in this intense state of happiness. There’s satisfaction, but I could jump right back into it and go again without any further rest. I’ve never experienced anything like that. It’s wild and all encompassing. Maybe a better way to describe it is a sense of complete devotion—another level of intimacy or something.”

He offers me another forkful of pasta, and after I finish, I continue to ramble through my thoughts.

“I’m not a runner, but maybe this is what is meant by a runner’s high. I don’t know. It was like this complete surrender to a different level of pleasure between us. It’s so good that I don’t want the feeling to end. So, continuing to chase it seems like the only option. Fuck, I’m babbling and not making any sense.”

Edward shakes his head. “Not at all. Maybe our commitment of marriage is freeing your mind to experience a deeper connection during sex. At times, you take control, while in others you completely relinquish it. I may have successfully detoured you from calling your parents at the moment, but you took control of the situation, satisfying both our needs.”

“I did?”

“Yes, you did. I loved you taking over, but when you initiate sex, as you did after you got home from work. Fuck—that’s the best. You returned to the kitchen with one thing on your mind. That was even sexier. In that moment, nothing was more important than giving you what you needed, and I was thrilled to be the one to do so.

“All of it is an indicator of the level of trust we’ve found in each other. Our relationship is based on mutual respect and communication. I don’t believe we would be where we’re at this quickly without it.”

“You’re right.” I sigh contentedly. “I’m not even paying attention to the game. How is it going?”

“Scoreless, but Nashville is playing as if they have nothing to lose. We’ve taken too many penalties, but fortunately, we killed them. Their goaltender has saved eleven on some great opportunities, especially from James and Marcus.”

“How is Ben doing?” I wonder, shifting my attention to the game, but unable to really focus on anything other than the sound of Edward’s voice.

“He’s saved eight, and Nashville is on a power play with less than a minute left in the period. Oh—they just scored. I think it went over his blocker. Maybe they’ll show a better angle.”

Edward watches the replay, but I watch him. Everything about him is captivating. His tousled hair, those kissable lips, and that chiseled jaw. If I ever get to see him with a full beard, I am positive we will be joined at the hips indefinitely because what he has right now is such a delicious tease. I lick my lips, knowing what his rough stubble feels like everywhere on my body.

It’s addictive.

He’s addictive.


I’m going to be exhausted at work tomorrow.

“Ben never saw the puck, but we’ll get it back.”

As time runs out on the period, I glance at the empty plate Edward’s holding and smile.

“That’s all of that one.” He turns toward me, catching me staring at him. “What?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” He kisses me. “Ready to call your parents?”

“Sure.” Not really. I’m ready for more of him, but that doesn’t accomplish sharing our news this evening.

“I’ll go put my plate in the dishwasher and be right back. Get your phone.”

“Okay.” I look for it on the couch where I thought I left it, but I can’t locate it. I slide my hand between the cushions with no luck finding it.

“It’s on the coffee table,” he shares from where he’s standing in the kitchen.

“Sorry, my brain is a little slower than normal.”

Edward rejoins me on the couch, setting his hand on my bare leg.

“I look okay?”

“Better than okay—beautiful.” He grins, then winks. “Do you want to sit on my lap?”

“Oh no. We’re not starting that again. I know exactly where it leads. We’re doing these two calls, then we’re watching the rest of the game.”

“My schedule is wide open for the second intermission. I bet yours is too.” His eyes dance with mischief. “We should do . . . something to celebrate.”

“We’ll see.”

His hand settles on the top of my thigh while his thumb moves back and forth, stroking my leg soothingly. It’s distracting, and I can feel my heart racing with possibilities.

“We could go skinny dipping after the game,” Edward suggests.

This is exactly what I’m talking about. The thought of doing something like that has my body on full alert, especially my sensitive nipples, as they brush against the inside of his hoodie. Currently, they are star free, and I have no idea where those went when Edward removed them earlier with his mouth.

“I’m not saying no, but you have to be good during the calls. No funny business. There better not be any movement of that hand any higher or we’re going to have a situation.”

“I’m always good.” He leans close, placing a kiss on my neck.

“Oh, I know. A little too good.”

After a quick text message to my father, he lets me know they’re ready for a video call.

“Here we go,” I warn Edward, who smiles, then shrugs innocently while we wait for the call to connect.

“Hey, Bella.”

“Hi, Dad.”

Edward squeezes my leg and attempts to move his hand, but I cover it with mine and shoot him a don’t-you-dare look.

“How was the fishing today?”

“Plentiful. This ranch . . . ” Dad whistles his appreciation. “It’s something else. I like that Jasper. He’s a good guy, knows his way around a grill. I think I’ve already gained a few pounds since we’ve been here. They know how to keep a person fed. We met Jasper’s parents. They invited us to dinner the other night. Your mother is here too.”

He tilts the phone to include her in the view.

“Can you see her?”

“Yes. Hi, Mom.”

“Hello, sweetheart.”

“How are you feeling?” I ask.

“As well as can be expected. How are you feeling?”

I chuckle. “Like I’m hulking out of all my clothes.”

I hold the phone a little farther away.

“Is that—is Edward with you?”

“Yes,” I confirm.

“Hello.” He shares a small wave, but not with the hand that’s still rubbing my leg.

“Hey, Edward.” Dad nods. “I thought you were in Nashville. We have the game on.”

I jump in before my husband can answer. “That’s what I wanted to talk with you about. We have some news to share, which is why Edward isn’t at the game tonight. He will be back on the ice with his team in the morning.”

“Okay. What’s your news?” Dad asks.

“We’ve had a busy couple of days because . . . I’m just going to say it. We eloped. We’re married,” I reveal excitedly.

Mom releases a happy squeal. “Oh, honey. I knew something was up, the way you left here the other night. Congratulations.”

“Thank you. We flew to Vegas. It was . . .” I start, then share a knowing look with my husband.

“Perfect,” Edward finishes with a matching grin.

“Oh, Charlie. Can you believe it? Our little girl is married.” Mom smiles. “I can’t wait to hear all the details when you’re here on Sunday. Do you have photos?”

“We do, but since we’re no longer having an engagement party and turning it into a wedding reception, we’re thinking about sharing them in June during the reception.”

“I’ll see if we can get a few to share with family earlier,” Edward offers.

“How lovely! Have you told your mother, Edward?” Mom asks.

After a shake of his head, he smiles. “We’re calling her next.”

“Okay, we’ll have plenty to discuss with her on Monday. We won’t keep you. Call Esme. I’m sure she will be excited. We’re so happy for you.”

“Thanks, but we have another small tidbit to share that will probably be of interest to Dad.”

His mustache twitches. “Oh?”

“Yeah. I know you were always concerned about not having a son to carry on the Swan name and we’ve been discussing what to do about our last names.” I glance at Edward who nods encouragingly for me to continue. “So, we’ve decided to hyphenate and use Swan-Cullen. It’s what we’ll use for Pumpkin and any future siblings. Once the season is over, Edward will add Swan to his last name, and I’ll add Cullen to mine soon.”

Dad appears stunned, while Mom’s smile grows at the realization and she covers her heart with her hand.

“Oh, Charlie. How sweet!”

He nods, blinking rapidly, but struggles to reply.

Edward adds, “Since we’re both established in our careers, we realize it will take some getting used to, but we concluded that equal representation would be the best solution for our family going forward.”

“Dad, what do you think?” I prompt, eager to hear his thoughts.

He wipes his eyes, then sniffs away his emotions until he’s able to speak. “I think I have the best daughter—and now, a son—in the world. You sure know how to make your old man proud. It wasn’t . . . you didn’t have to, but thank you.”

“Maybe you’re just becoming a softy with Pumpkin on the way,” I tease.

Dad chuckles. “Could be, but I think your mother has something to do with it too. Do you know what you’re having yet?”

“No. It’s too soon. I think that is still a little farther down the road. How big is Pumpkin now?” I ask Edward.

“Let me check.” He reaches for his phone, then opens the app.

“I may have told you, but I can’t remember, Edward has this app on his phone that keeps him up-to-date on Pumpkin’s progress as he or she grows,” I explain.

“As big as a raspberry,” Edward shares proudly.

“Still tiny, but mighty—wrecking me daily.” I laugh.

“It will be worth it. I promise,” Mom reassures. “We better let you go so you can call Esme. We’ll see you on Sunday, Bella.”

“Okay, thanks, Mom.”

“Safe travels and good luck with your games, Edward.”

“Thank you, Renée.”

Dad grins. “Congratulations.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

“Thanks, Charlie.”

“We’ll see you soon.”

“Okay, bye.”

Once I end the call, I toss my phone on the table and Edward’s hand slides higher. His lips are back on my neck, and he tugs at the neckline of his hoodie, revealing the tops of my breasts.

“Oh.” It feels too good.

“I need a little reward for my exceptional behavior,” he says, his lips and tongue lingering everywhere they can reach.

“You’re not in the clear yet. We need to call your mother. And you better hurry, we have like five minutes before the game resumes.”

Edward shifts our position until I’m underneath him. His hand slides along my leg, then hooks it around his hip before his lips descend on my neck.

“I’ll send her a text,” he states with a shift of his hips.

“We can’t text—”

Pushing his hoodie higher to expose my chest, his warm mouth encompasses my breast while his fingers tease the nipple of my other.

“Oh . . .”

“I need a lick or two to keep me going,” Edward says, moving lower. He leaves a kiss on my belly for Pumpkin, then readjusts my legs over his shoulders.

“A lick or two? What about that plate of pasta?”

His tongue reaches out, circles, and toys with my clit.

“Oh fuck. Why do you have to be so fucking good at this?”

From between my legs, he grins at my compliment. “I burned off our pasta before we ever ate.”

“Oh my.” Closing my eyes, I reach out, bracing my hands against the couch as my hold grows tighter with how incredible his mouth feels. “You-you can’t just text your mother our news.”

“But I can do this.” He takes another long lick, then explores in every nook and cranny until my breathing becomes ridiculously labored.

“Edward—” When I no longer feel his talented mouth on me, my eyes open and hips lift, seeking more.

Sitting up suddenly, he chuckles, grabbing his phone to make the call. “All right. Fine. Let’s do this.”

“What the fuck! You can’t just leave me like this.”

“You want me to keep going? You can’t have it both ways,” he points out.


Much to his amusement, I move to a sitting position and scramble to cover my nakedness with his hoodie while he tilts it to include me on the screen.

“Oh my goodness.” I brush a hand through my hair. “I look as if I’ve been having sex all evening.”

Edward grins knowingly. “You have. We’re not done yet. We’ll be busy until you leave for work in the morning.”

“Remember, I need sleep.”

“I’ll let you sleep for a little while. She’s not answering.” He ends the call, sets his phone on the table next to mine, and turns to me. “We tried. Now where was I?”

“Oh, no you don’t.” I grab his phone, holding it out for him. “Try again. We’re not giving up that easily. If you want skinny dipping to remain on the table for after the game, you’ll try again.”

“You drive a hard bargain, but you know what?” He licks his lips, taps his mother’s number again, then waits for it to connect.


“That’s not the only thing that’s hard.” Edward winks. “My dick is ready to bust out of my shorts and make the call to keep the option of skinny dipping with you.”

“I’ve heard of butt dialing, but now you’re dick dialing?” I tease.

“Who do you think calls every time I’m on a road trip? It should come as no surprise to you since you know how talented Mike is.”


“Mike Oxlong.” He grins at his joke. “A goalie and his stick go hand-in-hand. I should check your five-hole—?”


“Mom!” Edward laughs nervously, lifting his phone higher. “Hey, how much did you hear?”

“Enough to know, you haven’t grown out of your teenage locker room potty mouth. Hello, Bella. My apologies. I thought I raised a gentleman.”

I’ll be the first to admit I like his dirty mouth, and I can’t contain my smile that he’s in trouble with his mom.

“I am a gentleman, just ask my wife. Oh, fuck.”

“Edward! Did you just say . . . wife?”

“Shit. I’m bungling this. Doc, you need to take over. Help.”

I tuck my legs underneath me, wrap my arm over one of Edward’s shoulders, and lean against him while he holds the phone in one hand.

“Hi, Esme. We’re calling to share some big news—we eloped.”

She gasps. “You’re serious?”

Edward turns toward me slightly, sliding his arm around me.

“Yes.” I nod. “We returned today after a quick trip to Las Vegas.”

His hand finds its way underneath the hem of his hoodie, rubbing the small of my lower back. It would be soothing, if I wasn’t already on alert to his naughty hijinks.

“Oh! This makes me so happy. While I would have loved to be there, I’m happy if this is what you both wanted.”

“It is,” I confirm, while Edward’s light rubbing of my back strays to graze the sides of my breasts.

“Did you tell your parents yet?”

I struggle to focus on his mother’s question. “Um. Yes-yes, we did. Just before calling you.”

“Rose knows?”

“She does. Edward told her. Once the hockey playoffs are over in June, we’ll celebrate with a wedding reception on the thirteenth, then leave for our honeymoon.”

“How exciting! Oh my goodness! I’ll put it on my calendar. Congratulations.”

“Thank you. We’re spending a quiet evening at home tonight while watching the game.”

Edward’s fingers drift lower, teasing the curves of my ass, but I somehow manage to continue.

“I-I went to the office earlier today, and Edward will be back with his team tomorrow morning.”

“You’re both so busy. Planning a wedding is a lot of work. I suppose the reception will still pose its own challenges.”

I nod. “My friend, Al, is helping. So, I’m hoping for it to be as stress-free as possible.”

“Will you be in Houston again this weekend?”

“Yes, on Sunday. My friend, Deedee, is joining me this time.”

“Well, I’ll see you on Monday. Enjoy the rest of your evening and thanks for calling to let me know. Is it okay if I share your news with Cin?”

Edward’s Aunt Cin means our news will spread at the very least to Jasper and Alice.

I grin. “It’s fine.”

“Great. I love you both. Take care of each other.”

“We will.” Edward smiles at that thought while his fingers continue their teasing touches.

“Good night, Esme.”

“Bye, Mom.”

“Good night.”

He ends the call, then returns his phone next to mine. “Now, you’re all mine for the rest of the evening. We have no further commitments or interruptions.”

Within seconds, I’m horizontal and my legs fall open. He places a kiss on my bent knee.

“Aren’t we watching the game? You know, it’s back on.”

He licks a path along my inner thigh until his mouth is perched between my legs. His soft breaths send shivers through me as he kisses everywhere except where I need him most.

“Mmm-hmm.” He hums. “I see that.”

I grin, sliding my fingers into his hair. “How can you watch the game when you’re not facing the television?”

“You’re far more interesting.”


“Yeah. Where were we? If I recall correctly, my tongue was taking a tour right about here.”

“Oh—” My mouth falls open and my eyes close at the feel of Edward’s mouth while his hands roam my body. What game?