Along Came a Spider 2/C28

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Chapter 28

“What if I sit in this chair?” I offer, when Edward struggles with what he wants next.

I have a pretty good idea, but my own needs are emerging with every thought. I desperately need some friction in the form of Edward’s cock, which means this could be over before we even get started. I need to keep those thoughts under control. Lauren gave everyone what she called, “Love-Yourself-First,” Valentine’s Day gift bags on the plane. She made us promise we would select something that we haven’t tried before and use it this evening.

After Victoria, Deedee, and I checked into our room, we debated the pros and cons of using each item, as if we were defending a master’s thesis. I can’t imagine how Deedee is doing since she chose the pearl G-string with those pearls rubbing all the right, or maybe by now the wrong, places. But it’s Victoria who I bet will miss her dinner with Roy after choosing the Girl’s Best Friend vibrator.

In only a robe, Victoria eagerly kicked us out of our room, claiming she would be product-testing and report back later. Then she added the “Privacy Please” hanger to our door’s handle, sending Deedee and me into a fresh round of giggles. I’ll admit, I’m curious about that one too with its oral sex simulator. It features a clit sucker and G-spot massager. I have a couple of vibrators, but nothing like that one. Lauren claims it makes the guys’ road trips go by effortlessly.

I chose the warming oil that’s supposed to enhance everything. A version of . . . pregaming before the main event. And I have to admit, it’s working. Currently, I’m benefiting from the tingly, fuzzy, squirm-in-your-seat sensations coursing through me. Without a bra, every shift of the material of my dress against my already hardened nipples is heightening my arousal to new levels. It’s taking every bit of my willpower not to rip open Edward’s pants right now and ride him as if both our lives depend on it.

My eyes shift toward him, still waiting for a response while he’s staring at his phone screen.


“Yeah. Okay. You should sit on the chair. That’s a good idea.”

With his nod, I move to the cushioned chair with its modern styling and chrome accents. At first, I sit with my bare legs crossed. His grin indicates his enjoyment of the photos he’s capturing, moving his phone camera lower.

“Uncross and spread your legs slightly,” he whispers, low enough that I barely hear him.

Of course, he wants an up-the-skirt shot, and I’m here to bring to life any fantasies he may have.

“Now we’re getting somewhere,” I tease, but I doubt he can see anything from that angle.

Regardless, it’s enough that he readjusts himself, much to my enjoyment before removing his suit jacket.

“Getting hot?” I ask, giggling.

“You have no idea.”

I watch as he unbuttons the cuffs of his dress shirt, then rolls up the sleeves, exposing his tattoos.


He isn’t playing fair and he knows it.

“Now, you’re fucking with me?”

“Not with. I’ll be fucking you soon,” Edward promises with a grin.

Turning on the lamp on the nightstand beside me, he snaps more photos before I swivel into another position with my head and legs draped over each of the arms of the chair.

“How about this?”

“I like it. Cross your legs and hold them in the air, then turn your head toward me,” he requests.

With the new position, I shift my hips to get comfortable, then adjust the tight skirt section of my dress higher, which makes moving my legs a little easier. Once I settle into position, I turn my head toward Edward who hasn’t missed the reveal of more skin. I look directly into the camera, licking my lips as he moves forward to steal a kiss.

“Sorry. I couldn’t resist,” Edward admits.

“I would hope not. How about you sit here next and take some photos of me straddling your lap?”

I’m ready for another change in position, and the closer I can get to him, the closer I am to some sweet relief.

Edward waves a hand toward his tented pants. “At the moment, my lap has quite the situation going on.”

He isn’t the only one. My issues are a little farther south with plenty of enhanced sensations. Reaching out, I rub his erection gently and slide my hand over the silky material of his dress pants.

“I can fix that too,” I promise.

Once we switch positions, I ease the skirt of my dress higher on my hips, allowing me to straddle his waist. Edward takes a few innocent selfies of us with me kissing him on the lips or cheek. I have to be careful because the light teasing of his covered cock between my legs isn’t enough for me and I want to make this about him.

Sliding from his lap, I kneel between his spread legs as he watches my every movement with what I recognize as an underlying eagerness. I focus on unbuckling his belt, then pull it from around his waist before dropping it on the floor. While I open his dress pants with practiced ease, his eyes remain on my lips. They probably look a little different, plumper than what he’s used to seeing on me. Victoria recommended the technique I used, calling it a dick sucking lip where she encouraged me to line them a little past my actual lips, creating a fuller look than they actually are.

Or maybe he just can’t wait for my mouth to enclose around him.

Either way, once I free him from his boxer briefs, I appreciate his smooth, hardened length by curling my hand around him and giving him a few strokes. The motions force his eyes to close, but his moan at my salacious touches keeps my attention on his face while I jack his cock.

“Are you going to take a photo?” I ask. Pausing for a moment, my thumb teases the slit, spreading the leaking moisture.

Opening his eyes, his voice is noticeably lower and gravely—rough with want, but most noticeably a need for me to continue. “What?”

I nod toward the phone in his hand. “No dick pics? I can use my left hand, then my engagement ring will be in the shot. You might like that.”

Edward chuckles. “I forgot I’m supposed to be taking photos for a moment. Yes to everything you said. My luck they’ll be out of focus.”

After he takes a few shots, Edward reaches out, brushing his thumb lightly across my lips. “They look different . . . suck.”

Drawing his thumb into my mouth, I show him what I plan on doing to his cock as my tongue teases while maintaining eye contact.

After releasing a measured breath, he snaps more photos of my mouth before removing his thumb with a pop. Edward sets his phone to the side, but never takes his eyes off me as I guide his cock toward my lips, taking a tentative lick.

“Oh my God. You’re—”

He watches while my lips close around the head, sucking him deeper into my mouth, until his entire cock disappears, prompting an involuntary shift upward of his hips.

“Ah . . . yes!” Edward groans. “Your mouth feels so fucking good.”

I hum my agreement around his length, sending vibrations through him. Starting at a leisurely pace, I flatten my tongue, alternating between teasing licks and sucking his cock into my mouth over and over while resting my hands on his thighs. With the slight drag of my teeth along his length on my next pass, his hands grip the arms of the chair tightly.

“Fuck. I’m not going to be able to hold back for much longer,” he warns. “That was fucking fast.”

Pulling off his cock with a knowing smile, my hand takes over, upping the pace.

“Keep going?” I ask.

As if I would ever stop. I have him right where I know he wants to be, but maybe not quite on the edge of losing control as he believes.


“My hand or my mouth.”

“Mouth. Your fucking mouth. Doc—”

I replace my hand with my mouth, continuing the pace, then move my hand lower, massaging his balls the way I know he loves. His hand slides around the back of my neck and his fingers weave into my hair. Edward clutches me against him, prevents any further movements and pulses, filling my mouth with spurts that I swallow quickly.

“Holy fuck!” he pants.

After his hold loosens, I continue at a slower pace, drawing out his orgasm until he softens in my mouth. Once he slips from between my lips, I tuck him back inside his boxer briefs, then refasten his dress pants.


I use my thumb to wipe the corner of my mouth. “Good?”

“You have no idea.”

I grin. “Actually, I do, but I hope I’m not losing my touch.”

“Not a chance. Better than ever.”

Edward urges me to straddle his lap once more, then kisses the fuck out of my lips, undoubtedly tasting himself lingering on them before my tongue delves into his mouth. A hint of a smile spreads across his face once we part.

“Fuck, that was good. I can’t believe I took a picture of my dick with your hand wrapped around it.”

“Send that one to me,” I suggest.

“Who are you and what have you done with my fiancée?” Edward shakes his head in playful bewilderment. “You want my dick pics.”

“Of course I do. If anyone should have them, it should be me.” I slide my hand between us, caressing him slowly.

“I know what you’re trying to do. And I’m going to need a little recovery time. At least a solid fifteen to twenty minutes.”

There’s no containing my giggle. “Is it true that goalie sticks are bigger than others?” I ask, not-so-innocently.

“You’re dangerous. And for my sanity, just take my word for it that mine is. I still can’t believe you’re allowing me this. I love you so fucking much.” Edward cups my face with both hands, holds me in place, and kisses my lips again a little more roughly.

As we part, I make another suggestion. “While you’re busy with your . . . recovery time, how about some photos on the bed?”

I’m more than ready for some horizontal fun.

“Okay. I’m not sure if I can stand yet.” He laughs uncomfortably.

Once I stand, it feels as if my inner thighs are slicker than normal with my arousal from sucking his dick, something I love to do with the amount of pleasure it gives us both.

Moving toward the edge of the bed, I raise a knee, then pause. “Should I take off my heels yet?”

“No. I’m going to need photos of you in only those at some point. Then maybe while wearing them with my dress shirt. Or something like that.”


“She said okay. How did I get so lucky?” Edward asks no one, which prompts more of my laughter.

I crawl onto the neatly made bed, but before I can get too comfortable, he stops me.

“Fuck. Hold that pose and look back at me over your shoulder.” He watches the screen of his phone. “I love these. Okay, slide off the bed, lie across it on your stomach first, then roll over onto your back while watching me.”

I follow his directions, and he takes more photos before making another suggestion once I’m on my back.

“Raise your legs in the air and cross them like you did in the chair. It’s such a great view of your ass. I can’t resist.”

Edward snaps more photos of me from all angles, then turns on the lamp on the other side of the bed, filling the room with more warm light. This is definitely a leave-the-lights-on experience.

“Can I lower my legs yet?” I wonder.


Bending my legs with one under the other, I wait for my next direction while he watches me. Setting down his phone, he reaches out, removing my heels.

“I reserve the right to revisit these later.” Edward holds them up for me to see.

“Of course.”

After placing the shoes next to my purse, he returns to the edge of the bed, then eases my dress higher until he reveals my green G-string. Through lust-filled eyes, he pushes my legs wider, then grabs his phone for a photo of the small scrap of material with a white heart on it and his number in the middle.

“Doc,” he says reverently. “Where did you . . .”

His fingers hover momentarily before reaching out to find it drenched with my arousal. The warming oil is working a little too good. I can’t contain my moans with every soft teasing touch. But I nearly orgasm when he leans close and kisses me through the material.

“Oh, fuck.” I squirm, then reveal, “Um, it-it should tear easily if you feel the need to, I don’t know, rip it off me.”

His eyes find mine at this new information. I feel his fingers between my legs, toying with it until his knuckle nudges against my clit.

I close my eyes, blowing out a steady breath. “Some guys are into—”

With his quick tug that pulls at my hips, I release a loud gasp, feeling another brush against my clit and needing more immediately. When I notice my G-string in his hand, his smile grows.

“Fuck.” I pant, then chuckle. “Apparently, I’m into that too.”

I watch as he brings it to his lips briefly while the urge to close my legs, rubbing them together, is strong, but I hold off, hoping he will give me what I desperately need.

“Edward,” I plead.

“I’m keeping this.”

“It’s yours.”

“I think I would like more of these.”

“Me too.” I laugh. “I’ll order more.”

“Do they make them by the case?” He grins.

“I’ll find out.”

After tossing my G-string to the side, his eyes never leave that spot where I need him most, but my whole body is vibrating with a need for him everywhere. With a lingering lick of his lips, he looks ready to eat the fuck out of my pussy until I’m coming all over his face and screaming his name in pure ecstasy.

Fuck. I want that too. Right. Now.

“I don’t know how to do this,” he admits.

“Not true. I know for a fact, you do. You’re quite good at it. Incredible.” I wiggle my hips encouragingly, because if he waits much longer, I will combust at his tongue’s first touch. “Please.”

“No. I mean I don’t know if . . . Can I take a photo of you without anything covering you? Or with my fingers pushing inside of you? Or one of the look on your face when you’re finally falling over the edge? Can I use the self-timer and get us both in the shot with my face buried between your legs?” Pulling loose the knot of his tie, he tugs it from under his collar, drops it beside me, then unbuttons the top button of his dress shirt while looking around. “Something from above? Because my head would cover you. But, there’s nothing.”

I narrow my eyes in frustration. I can’t believe he’s making me wait, and press my legs together.

“Edward,” I whine. “If you don’t stop overthinking, I’m moving forward without you.”

“Unh-uh. I don’t think so.” He grabs his tie. “Give me your hands and cross them at your wrists.”

After he secures them together, he asks, “Okay?”

I grin. “No, I’m absolutely not okay. That’s the point. Help.”

He smirks, grabs his phone, and takes a few photos of my hands. “Leave them above your head.”

Raising my bound hands, I rest them above me, but there’s no containing my moan at the movement of the material rubbing against my breasts, which could be more than I can take.

“Maybe it’s time for a little confession.”

“Oh? What do you have to confess?” His crooked grin is back in full force. “This should be good.”

“Lauren—she gave us special gift bags on the plane for the trip.”

“And by special?”

“The bags were full of . . . pleasure enhancements. She suggested that we all pick something that we hadn’t used before and try it out this evening.”


“It may have been framed more as a dare,” I reveal.

“I see. And you chose . . . “

“A warming oil.”

His knowing smirk grows.


“And you’re feeling it now,” Edward realizes.

“Yes! Plus, you’re right. I’m not wearing a bra and the embroidered panels of my dress are rubbing roughly across my nipples with every movement. It’s such a fucking turn on that I’m positive it isn’t going to take much to push me over the edge right now.”

He traces a finger along my bare legs and hips, admiring my current needy predicament for a moment, then kisses my lips.

“I need you. Help. Help me,” I plead playfully.

Edward settles between my legs, dragging a finger lightly through my wetness. Looking up at me, he brings the finger to his lips, sucking it clean. Humming his satisfaction, he makes another pass.

“You want help, huh? You’re so wet.”

“Yes. Yes, I do.”

After coating his fingers in my arousal, he pushes a single finger inside me while watching my reaction, but it isn’t enough.

“More.” Adding a second finger, another moan falls from my lips. “Fuck. And that’s because of you.”

“What do you want?”

Easing his fingers in and out of my body, he sets a pace we both know will be impossible for me to hold off my orgasm.

“Edward.” His movements feel too good, and I tug against his tie, unable to free my hands or grab onto anything to brace myself. “I’m going to—don’t stop.”

“Not yet.” With his fingers still inside of me, he brushes his thumb across my clit, rubbing it with light circles.

“Fuck. I can’t.”

He removes his hand, leaving my hips searching for the ghost of his fingers, and I groan in frustration.

“I want your mouth,” I admit when my desperation overrides every thought of protest. “Put your fucking mouth on me.”

“So needy.” His delighted tone prevails before he laments, “I wish you were nude, but I’ll get you out of that dress once you come for me. Then my cock will be fucking you next,” he promises.


“Or maybe you should ride my cock. Would you like that?”

“I love your cock. I’ll ride it all fucking night.”

With those words, his fingers spread me open, covering me with his mouth, and I know my sweet relief is on the way.

“Mmmm.” He hums, lapping leisurely between my legs, using his teasing tongue to flick my clit back and forth.

But it isn’t enough. “Edward.”

“What do you need?”

“Everything. Faster. Harder. Deeper. You’re not helping.”

“I thought you said you were going to come as soon as I touched you,” he taunts.

“And you know exactly how to prevent that from happening.”

“Do I?” Edward asks devilishly. “Is it my fault I want to savor every minute of having you like this—needy and begging for me?”

He’s turned me into a writhing mess.

“Keep going,” I encourage with a lift my hips in invitation. “Help a girl out.”

Edward wraps his hands around my thighs, pinning them and my hips against the bed. Burying his face between my legs, he holds nothing back, licking my pussy relentlessly. His tongue alternates between probing inside of me and toying with my clit. It’s so, so good.

“Yes!” I chant. “God, yes!”

My toes curl. Every muscle tightens. My back arches as I succumb, granting him my complete submission over every ounce of my pleasure. My body has no choice, and it surrenders to his worshipful efforts.

And I know he loves it.

As pleasure rolls through my body, he anchors me to him until my shudders subside. While I catch my breath, basking in that floaty feeling he always makes me crave, my eyes follow his movements. Edward stands and loosens his tie at my wrists, then kisses my forehead, moving down to my lips.

“I’m going to roll you over.”

I nod before he readjusts my body. Once I’m on my stomach, he gathers my hair to one side, and I feel him lower the zipper of my dress. He’s quiet, and I suspect he’s taking more photos.

“Can you move to your knees?”

“Yeah. Sure. Give me a minute.” I smile and look behind me.

“Don’t let your dress fall off. I want a slow reveal.”

“Okay.” I’m a little shaky, but once I’m on my knees, holding my dress in place, I ask, “Do you want me from the front, back, or both?”

“I’ll take both. Turn and face away from the window.”

After I move into position, he sets his phone down and eases the sheer black material from my shoulders lower, but doesn’t remove the long sleeves from my arms. Edward reaches out, cupping my breasts over the fabric still covering them, squeezing appreciatively.

“So fucking beautiful. They look and feel bigger,” he remarks, watching his hands.

“You like that?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe. You’re curvier everywhere. I love it.”

“That’s probably all the chocolate I consume.”

“You and I both know that isn’t the case. Pregnancy could be my favorite look on you.”

I grin. “I’ll get back to you once we make it through this one.”

“You’re so fucking sexy. Knowing you’re pregnant with my kid in all of these photos could be the kink I never knew I had,” Edward admits, then mumbling to himself, “Maybe a little lower.”

Readjusting my dress with the flowers no longer covering my chest, he takes more photos, and I’m positive the sheer black material does little to conceal my chest. After he moves behind me, I feel his hand trace along the opening of the zipper, which sends shivers through me.

“Bend over. Hands and knees.”

Once I do, his hand glides along the curve of my back before I feel him, pressing the fabric of his dress pants between my legs.

“Fuck.” He tosses his phone next to me, then grips my hips with both hands. “Take a shot of us.”

I switch to supporting myself with one hand, then swipe to activate the camera app of his phone, tapping on the controls for a selfie. Staring at us on the screen, I marvel at the utter blissed-out expressions on our faces. My chest is overflowing the bodice of my dress while it’s nearly impossible to keep my eyes open with his insistent hard-on pressing against me. As I take photos, I feel cool air when Edward pulls away. Once he returns, his no longer cloth-covered cock slides easily between my legs.

“Don’t stop,” Edward grits out, repeating his actions. “I want photos of you―as I do this.” He pauses at my opening, then pushes inside of me slowly.

“Oh—” My breath catches, and I grip the comforter under us firmly with my supporting hand as he fills me, because it’s everything. “Edward.”

Tapping the button on his phone screen repeatedly, I hope I get the shot he wants, then drop the phone onto the bed once he’s flush against me.

“So fucking good.” Holding my hips tightly with his cock buried inside me, his breathing increases. “I have to move.”

After his first thrust, I grasp onto the bedding with both hands, attempting to brace myself in place and remain upright with every determined motion. Clutching my hips tighter, he moves faster and faster, pounding his cock inside me with near reckless abandon.

“Edward.” I gasp, struggling to maintain my position. “I thought I was supposed to be fucking you.”

He chuckles nervously. “You’re right. Sorry. I couldn’t resist you in this position.”

Edward slows, then pulls out, helping me upright. Moving to the hem of my dress at my waist, he gathers the material and pulls my dress over my head, leaving me completely nude. His hands roam everywhere all at once, from cupping my breasts to teasing me between my legs. No part of me goes untouched.

After a trail of kisses from along my neck to my shoulder, I’m surprised when Edward releases me. I turn around, realizing he’s removing his clothes, and push his hands away. While I work each button of his dress shirt open, his finger reaches out touching lightly my necklace he gave me.

“I love that you always wear this.”

With a kiss to my lips, Edward pulls the shirt from his arms, slides it on me, and fastens a single button just below my breasts. He tugs on the long sleeves, baring my shoulders and giving him a teasing view of the curves of my chest.

“Perfect. So sexy.”

Swiftly removing his open pants and hastily lowered underwear, Edward tosses them onto the chair next to the bed while his cock juts from his body, as if it’s searching for me. I reach out, enclosing my hand around him.

I smile. “You always feel so good.”

His hands move to my hair, and he removes the pins, holding it away from my face.

“Let’s get in bed,” he suggests with another kiss to my lips.

His cock moves out of my reach as Edward sets the pins on the nightstand, and all I want is to feel him inside of me again. I move to the edge of the bed and watch as he tugs the covers back before settling in the middle.

“Come here,” Edward urges me closer.

I crawl toward him until he guides me to straddle his waist, then tilt my hips, rubbing my arousal all over his dick. His hands glide over my thighs, pushing the tails of his dress shirt behind me.

“Where’s my phone?”

“It’s here somewhere.”

I pause my movements, locate it under the covers, then hand it to him.

He snaps a few photos, turning his phone around for me to see them. “Look at how incredible you look.”

After his pin removal, my hair is wilder. I know he loves it completely down, and there’s no denying the smudging of my lipstick. The rest of the photo is smooth, creamy skin with plenty of cleavage on display with the way his shirt hangs from my arms. There’s a teasing glimpse of the darker areas surrounding my nipples in the photos, which can’t conceal their tantalizing stimulation with him nestled between my legs.

“That woman is up to no good.” I smirk, knowing he’ll remember exactly where his cock is in these photos.

“Sounds about right. Or I should say, feels about right.” Edward raises his eyebrows suggestively.

The expression on my face—the way my eyes look, staring right into the camera—it’s full of unapologetic wanton lust while craving his ultimate unraveling. My body can’t resist his, as my hips automatically begin their teasing motions once again.

“Mmmm.” He groans at my relentless torture.

The sound is a low warning from deep in his chest, and Edward tosses his phone to the side. Using both hands, he grips my hips, following their movements until I pause to sink down onto him inch by delicious inch.

“So good,” I agree, as my body stretches to accommodate him.

Reaching out, I brace my hands against his tattooed chest, then move to his shoulders in order to maintain my balance. After unfastening the single button, his hands push back both sides of his dress shirt, roaming freely from my hips to my breasts.

With a lick of his lips, he smiles, cupping and squeezing them appreciatively. Edward guides one to his mouth, and my eyes close at the wet warmth of his mouth. When he latches onto a hardened nipple, I restart my tentative motions where we’re connected.

As my pace increases, his cock glides easily in and out of my body. Edward switches to my other breast, alternating between sucking and nibbling with his teeth. He tweaks, tugs, and rolls my newly exposed hardened nipple between his fingers, mimicking every movement of his mouth. With those heightened sensations, my nails dig into his tatted skin.


He hums around my breast, and I look down, finding his eyes on me. His hand reaches behind me, caressing my ass cheek lightly before traveling over my hip. My breath catches once my clit grazes against his waiting thumb with each tilt of my hips. It’s everything I need and not enough all at once. He keeps his thumb close, allowing me to control the amount of pressure I need.

Threading my fingers through his softly tousled hair, I tug his head backward, causing my breast to slip from between his soft lips. After I guide my mouth to his, my tongue explores, tasting every delicious nook and cranny. The warm tinglings linger along the edges of my rapidly approaching orgasm, and I pull away from his mouth as we exchange labored breaths.


“I know.”


“Not as close as you.”

Cocky fucker.

He grins proudly, then reassures, “Don’t worry. I’ll get there. Take what you need from me.”

This is the story of round two for us. Edward is able to hold off his orgasm easily, while mine is barreling toward us at an undeterred pace.

Replacing my hands on his shoulders, I ride him faster, and he removes his thumb from between us, much to my disappointment, using both hands to assist with maintaining my pace.

“Oh . . .” My head falls backward as it spins and my vision blurs. “I can’t—”

“I know, Bella. Hold on to me.”

Edward readjusts my hands, urging me to wrap my arms around his shoulders, and I grasp onto him tightly.

“Let it happen.”

Over the sound of my irregular breathing and rapid heartbeat pounding in my ears, his gentle words of encouragement between kisses everywhere his mouth will reach, coax me over the edge.

“That’s it. Don’t fight it.”

An electrifying sensation pulses through my clit, igniting an explosion inside of me. The warm tingles intensify, spreading throughout my body.

“I love you so fucking much,” he croons.

I plunge into an abyss of euphoria as waves and waves of pleasure crash through me until I’m unable to move as my muscles seize, tightening around his cock.

“So beautiful.”

Edward peppers me with kisses and holds me against his chest as I attempt to resurface. Once I do, he smiles knowingly, then flips our positions until he’s hovering above me while I bask in the numb feelings of pure bliss.

Hooking my legs higher around his hips, he changes the angle slightly. The devilish grin is back when he warns, “I’m going to finish fucking you now that you’ve had your fun.”

His words put a lazy smile on my face while he drives his cock into me repeatedly, jarring my body with the force of every thrust. Through half-lidded eyes, I reach up cupping his stubbled jaw while my eyes travel over his handsome face.

“I love you,” I whisper, because it’s my only thought.

It’s enough to halt his thrusts for a moment, and he kisses my lips.

“You feel incredible. I’m surprised you can still form words after that one,” Edward teases.

With his arms bent at each side of my head, he holds his weight off me before resuming his determined movements. My fingers drift across his swirls of ink, followed by my tongue that traces along his neck to his jaw, tasting the salty layer of sweat covering him. He smells incredible—woodsy, spicy. It’s that cologne he wears that I find impossible to resist.

Everything about him is addicting.

I push my fingers through his hair gently when his brow furrows and eyes close. Once his mouth falls open, Edward’s hips smash roughly against mine while he fills me with his release. This pleasured look on his face is just as intoxicating, but too soon, it fades to one of overwhelming relief.

“Oh, Doc,” he growls.

I trace my fingers over his perfectly chiseled features and smile when his eyes open, finding mine.

Edward chuckles, leaning close to kiss my lips. “I’m going to need food after that. You can’t keep me here all night as your boy toy without replenishing my reserves. I’m not a machine.”

My smile widens. “I’m glad I came,” I share softly.

His grin soon matches mine, then he trails tickling kisses along my neck, leaving one on my shoulder. “Me too, but I’m also glad you’re here.”

“You’re a dirty boy.”

“And you’re a dirty girl.”

He shifts his position, then stands, disappearing for a moment before returning with a washcloth, cleaning between my legs with great care. Edward returns the cloth to the bathroom, settles on the bed next to me, then tucks me against his side, wrapping his arms around me. After he places a kiss to the top of my head, I release a contented sigh.

“This is perfect.”

“I agree. Where’s my phone? Wait, I think it’s under my back.” Edward slips a hand under his body, then produces his phone. “I want a photo of my fiancée spent from ravishing me.”

I chuckle at the thought. “Ravishing you?”

“You need a break before we continue or you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.”

“I’m not that out of shape. I can keep up. And this better not be you trying to prove that I need to start going to the gym.” I narrow my eyes, but there’s no keeping the smile from my face.

He squeezes me a little tighter. “We’ll see.”

Once he takes a few photos, a comfortable silence fills the space before I ask, “Did-did you find anything in your suitcase . . .?” My voice trails off, leaving the question hanging between us. If he had, I think he would have said something, which is why I believe he could use a little prompting. While I regain my bearings, I need a distraction if he wants this party to continue since our immediate urges have been sated for the moment.

“In my suitcase?” Edward repeats, then his hand tracing mindlessly along my back stops.

“Yeah.” I clear my throat. “Um, our arrival was a last minute decision. So, I actually tucked your Valentine’s Day present into your suitcase before you left.”

His face fills with confusion momentarily. “No. I didn’t find anything. Where did you put it?”

“The inner zippered pocket. I think it’s near the handle.”

A touch of eagerness emanates from him at the idea of another gift. He returns my smile, grabbing my crumpled scrap of what once were my underwear from next to us, then slides from the bed to open his suitcase. After stashing my G-string in a pocket, his eyes scan for the location while standing there in all his muscled and tattooed naked glory. I grab his camera and snap a photo of him facing away from me, then send it to my phone quickly.

After tugging open the zipper, Edward turns toward the bed and grins, holding up the small maroon-colored box. “I found it.”

“Come back, then you can open it.” I pat the bed beside me, setting his phone to the side.

Once he climbs next to me, I sit up, barely still wearing his dress shirt, and fasten a couple of the buttons. At my nod, he eagerly unhooks the gold latch, then opens the hinged lid. Once he sees what’s inside, his eyes find mine.