Spiderday Chat on Clubhouse

One of my favorite things about our fandom meetups would be the conversations I’ve had with so many wonderful attendees. It seems as if there’s never enough time, which leaves me wondering . . . are you on Clubhouse? I’m trying something new, and I will be hosting my first chat on Saturday, September 30th. Want to be part of the discussion or just listen?

Simply, download the app, sign up for free on your mobile device and verify your account. Clubhouse is an audio-only chat room, and you can listen from anywhere. Join me in “Spider’s Web” on Spiderdays (Saturdays) at 1:00 p.m. EST.

For thirty minutes, we’ll discuss this week in hockey, Twilight, fanfiction, or whatever is happening in our corner of the world. I’ll answer questions from readers, share my unusual love for going to the dentist, and if we’re lucky, have an occasional special guest. I hope you’ll check it out. ❤️

Spider’s Web or “house” can be found by following this link:

You can RSVP for our Spiderday chat here:

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