TwiFic Fandom Awards – Round 1 Voting Open

My gratitude and many thanks for the TwiFic Fandom Awards nominations of Spider, Doc, and myself. 🎉🥳 It’s truly an honor to be included and thank you to the TFFA team for the time they devote to organizing these awards for our fandom each year. ❤️

This year’s nominations include:

Favorite All-Time FicAlong Came a Spider 1 by ghostreader24; Behind Closed Doors by ghostreader24

Favorite Drop Everything FicAlong Came a Spider 1 & 2 by ghostreader24

Favorite Empire RecordsAlong Came a Spider 1 & 2 by ghostreader24

Favorite Minor to Major Leagues – ghostreader24/Kay Richard

Favorite Potential Best SellerAlong Came a Spider 2 by ghostreader24

Favorite Snuggle FicAlong Came a Spider 1 by ghostreader24

Favorite Veteran Author – ghostreader24

I can’t thank you enough for the support I’ve received, but a special shoutout to my rockstar beta, Midnight Cougar and my devoted pre-readers: AnakinSMom, NKubie, EdwardsFirstKiss, and princeselisa. They all work tirelessly on each chapter I post. I’m incredibly lucky to have them on Team Spiderward.

Round 1 voting is now open through Sunday, February 26, 2023. I hope you’ll follow the link below or click on the banner above and share your love for this fandom by voting for your favorite stories and fandom members in the various categories. 💕

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