Along Came a Spider 2 – Chapter 6 Mini-Song Teaser

This isn’t a huge teaser of Chapter 6 from Along Came a Spider 2, but this song is referenced by Bella. So, I thought I would drop it here, because who doesn’t love the Eagles? I had no idea they are considered “country rock” as one of their genres. Who knew? Regardless, I love their storytelling and also the mystery surrounding this song about if there is an actual Hotel California. Fun fact: A “Hotel California” exists in Todos Santos, not far from where our gang is staying, with some striking similarities to the lyrics, but the band members claim there isn’t a connection. Don Henley set the record straight in 2013 saying it was a metaphor for the American Dream, which is a fine line between it and the American Nightmare. I also have another song teaser for the chapter, but for now I hope you’ll enjoy this one.

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