TwiFic Fandom Awards – Winners Announced!

The winners of the TwiFic Fandom Awards were announced yesterday. You can click here for the complete list of winners, but it’s time to pass around the box of Timbits and raise your coffee mug to celebrate! LOL 😂

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me and shared your love for this fandom by voting for your favorites. It’s always an honor to be included among the lists of nominees, but I’m stunned since this is my first time ever winning a TwiFic Fandom Award – Second Place for Favorite Minor to Major Leagues. Yay! 🥈

I want to thank everyone for your continued support and also share a special shout out to Team Spiderward, which includes my dedicated prereaders: AnakinSmom, princeselisa, EdwardsFirstKiss, NKubie, and of course my rockstar beta, Midnight Cougar. The number of words I’ve sent to them this past year for Spiderward is staggering. With their help, we were also able to publish my fanfic, Off the Grid, as an original fic too. 🥳

My thanks to the TFFA team for the time they devote to organizing these awards for our fandom each year. 💜

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