Fanfic Anniversary – 4 Years!!

The Twilight bug bit me with the original books in 2009 thanks to my daughter’s interest at the time. She has since moved on, but I’m still here and will probably be hooked forever. LOL I found both the books and the movies captivating, but there was something about these characters that I couldn’t let go. I stumbled onto SM’s original incomplete copy of Midnight Sun and devoured it. Still searching for more, I found fanfiction. I have read countless stories and fangirled my favorite authors for years. But eventually, I tried writing my own stories using these beloved characters, and it’s been four years since that fledgling start. I never had any aspirations to be a writer throughout my lifetime, let alone a published author. And at last count, I have logged over 800,000 words across eighteen stories. Wowsa! What a ride it has been! Thanks to my readers, my pre-readers, and my beta for continuing to support me. 💜

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