Behind Closed Doors – Chapter 29 Teaser


Looking through the peephole, my grin widens when I only see a room service cart.

“Who is it?” I ask, even though I already know the answer.

“Room service.”

I’m excited to see him again and anxious to hear what he’s thinking after having a night to process our previous conversation. I hope he wants to continue the discussion, but if he has doubts, then this will be another step toward a friendship, which wouldn’t be bad for either of us to have. I can return to Berlin happy we’ve cleared the air between us after a year.

I know I need to tread lightly, because I’m as attracted to him today as I was two years ago when we met unexpectedly at the hockey game. My subconscious is all-in as I remember dreaming about him last night, leaving me a little needy and on edge this morning. I know it would be so easy to fall back into something physical, but if we’re actually going to give our relationship another shot, then we need to pace ourselves and figure out a new right way of moving forward. This is all great in theory, but the reality usually turns out to have a much different result.

After unbolting the door, I open it wide, standing back, so he can easily get the cart in the room. “I don’t remember calling for room service.”

“Then it’s lucky for you I happen to be walking by your door with breakfast. Good morning, Bella.”

He looks good, better than yesterday. I’m always a sucker for him in a suit, but when he goes relaxed-casual, I’m putty in his hands. He’s wearing a long-sleeved gray T-shirt that stretches tightly over his muscles and a pair of jeans aged in all the right spots. It would be so easy to reach up and peck his lips with a kiss as he pauses pushing the cart into the room. I want to, but while I’m busy weighing the pros and cons of a kiss, he surprises me, planting a sweet one on my cheek.

“You look beautiful. One of my favorite looks on you.” He winks.

It’s over too quickly, and he’s rolling the cart to the end of the bed as I follow closely behind. “Hey, good morning.”

“I hope you’re hungry. I’ve been busy in the kitchen.” Edward smirks as his eyes linger over my casual just-out-of-bed state.


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