Behind Closed Doors – Chapter 28 Teaser


“Are you hungry?”

“Yes. What did you order?”

He unveils the domes from each place setting. “One of your choices: the burger and fries. And when you thought it couldn’t get any better—the roast chicken with fingerling potatoes. Which one do you want or we can split them and share? It doesn’t matter to me, but make sure you save room for…” Edward removes the plastic wrap from another plate and sets it in the center of the cart. “…a slice of blackout cake.”

“Edward—” Not only did he pick exactly what I would order, but he remembered my love for all things chocolate.

“Better than squid ink, right?” He smirks, giving me a glimpse at the man I once knew and adding some levity to both of our moods.

“Yes. This looks delicious and a million times better than squid ink.” I can’t wait. Grabbing a fork, I take the first bite, moaning as the rich ganache melts on my tongue. “What’s happened to the cocky TV host I used to know? You’ve gone soft.”

The playful look on his face fades and he pauses, choosing his words with great care. “He’s been chewing on the same bite of humble pie for the past year.”

“I’m sorry that was… I don’t…”

His shoulders slump, and he shakes his head. “Bella, when we found out you were kidnapped… and they released the still from the video… I… We didn’t know so many things for a long time, and what the White House shared was… I would guess minimizing the gravity of the situation.”

I lower my voice, trying to will away the tears, which are threatening as my throat tightens. “It’s been a tough year.”

He nods. “For both of us.”


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