Behind Closed Doors – Chapter 24 Teaser


“Miss Swan, you have a phone call.”

“Thanks. Hello?”



“Oh, thank God, Bella. How are you?”

“Uh, I’m exhausted, but glad to be here—wherever that is.” I wave my hand around, even though he can’t see it. “Europe is as specific as anyone will get, but I know we were in Greece or close to it when they caught up with us. We’re getting ready to board a plane for Germany.”

“I know.”

“Of course, you do.”

“I’m getting ready to get on a plane myself. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Dad, I’m fine—”

“Bella, don’t object. I need to see you in person.”


“Here’s Harry.”

“Hello, Bella.”

“Hello, Mr. President.”

“Hey, none of that. It’s good to hear your voice.”

“Thanks, Harry, and I understand you’re the reason we are here.”

“It was an easy decision, Bella.”

“What will happen to them? K and S? Z didn’t make it, did she?”

“Zafrina Dias died during your rescue, and her sisters, Kachiri and Senna, will be sent back to Berlin. Our State Department is working with the Germans since that was the location of your and Miss Hale’s kidnappings. They will be prosecuted for illegally capturing and detaining two U.S. citizens.”

“Rose and I gave our statements. They were recorded on video.”

“I understand, but you will be asked many of the same questions after you arrive in Germany, and may remember more over the next few days when you are in a less stressful environment and given a chance to rest. If you recall anything new, do not hesitate to tell them. We want to build the strongest case possible for you and Miss Hale.”

“Okay. Thanks, Harry.”

“Is everyone taking good care of you?”

“Yes, they are. We met with the doctor, then we were able to eat a small meal and clean up. I have to say I appreciate the change of clothes, but camouflage isn’t my color.”

“I would imagine it isn’t.” Harry lets out a hearty laugh, then his voice softens. “Sue and everyone here at the White House are overjoyed you are safe. It has been a very stressful time for all of us. Your father has already left for his flight and is eager to see you.”

“Thanks. Please tell everyone I said hello and I look forward to talking with them over the next few days once I’m back home.”

“We’ll look forward to seeing you then. D.C. isn’t the same without you.”


“You’re coming back to D.C. with your father, correct?”


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