Behind Closed Doors – Chapter 21 Teaser


I sit up and a wave of nausea rushes through my body. “Oh, shit.”

“Are you going to be sick? Maybe there’s a toilet nearby or a trash can.”

“I hope not. I’m dizzy.” I take a few deep breaths, hoping my head will clear. “I remember struggling with someone outside of the bathroom. You—you were gone, and I didn’t know where you went. I was looking for you.”

“What time do you think it is?”

“I have no idea how long we’ve been out. Hours? Maybe it’s morning or afternoon. Maybe this is one of those places below ground like the office where you never know what time it is.” I ease my legs over the side of the mattress and try to stand, but sway and grab for the edge before I fall. “Shit. Standing isn’t easy. I’ll feel my way around. There has to be a door somewhere. If I find it, then we can get it open and leave.”

Carefully, I walk along the edges of the room, stumbling in spots and catching myself before I land on the floor.

“Here.” I pause and let my fingers trace the ridges along the wall, realizing immediately what I’ve found. “This feels like a door, but there’s no knob on this side. Fuck. What the hell does that mean? Someone has locked us in here? What kind of sick joke is this?

I bang on the door repeatedly with my fists, which barely makes a dull noise, and my screams for help go unanswered. I’m exhausted from my exertion and out of breath when Rose gets my attention.

“Bella. Bella, stop. Come lie back down on the bed. I think we need to conserve our strength.”

“But I need to find a way out of here.” I pant as dread fills my system with resignation.

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