Behind Closed Doors – Chapter 20 Teaser


“Bella!” Hilda shouts from the other room.

“I have to go, Carlisle. Thanks for listening.”

“All right, Bella. Keep me in the loop and be safe. Oh, and Bella—”


“Happy birthday. We’ll have dinner on my next trip to Berlin.”

“Thanks, Carlisle. I’ll look forward to it.” I end my call and wonder what has Hilda yelling for me. After pocketing my phone, I find my roommates at our kitchen table. “What’s up?”

Rosalie grins. “You’ve been keeping secrets from us.”

“I don’t follow.”

Hilda crosses her arms over her chest. “Vy didn’t you tell us it vas your birthday? Halistair just texted me.”

“We should make plans. I’ll call Binyamin.” Rosalie takes out her phone.

I groan not wanting to make a big deal about my birthday. Last year Edward and I escaped to Arizona for a few days together. I was so happy to enjoy the hot desert sun and be us without having to look over my shoulder, wondering if we were recognized by someone from the small fishbowl of D.C.

What a difference a year makes. While those memories are special, they are also bittersweet, and I know if I don’t give in to their plans, they will get out of control. Maybe if I’m involved, I can contain their ideas.

“Nothing too wild. I’ve got interviews scheduled for this afternoon and tomorrow,” I hedge.

Rosalie suggests, “What if we all meet up after work? Have drinks and a little dinner. Maybe a cake—”

I hold my hands up in surrender. “All right, but that’s it. Nothing fancy; think easy and casual.”

Hilda smiles. “I know the perfect place. I vill text you the address, Rozalie.”

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