Behind Closed Doors – Chapter 19 Teaser


I’m thrilled when my work visa and residence permit arrives, making my stay here more permanent. It’s been two months since I landed in Berlin, and I’m settling into work and my new home with Hilda and Rosalie nicely when the texts begin.

Perhaps he’s lonely, but I snort at the impossibility of that thought and try to ignore his attempt at a conversation, since I’ve said all I need to say. Instead, I reach out to a friend who is more like a sister and I will always need in my life.

The six-hour time difference means it’s late, after midnight for me, while she’s just made it home from work.

“Tell me about life in Berlin.”

“Angela, it’s incredible. Everything here feels more real—raw and gritty. As if I’m on the frontlines and on the cusp of something groundbreaking rather than stuck in an office building only focused on my next deadline. I understand why Carlisle travels so much.”

“How’s your boss?”

“Generous and kind.” I giggle. “Incredibly sexy.”

“Like Emmett sexy?”

A smile spreads across my face at her admission. He’s always had a bit of a crush on Angela, and I’m happy to know that he hasn’t gone unnoticed by her. “No, definitely higher levels than that.”

“You’ll have to send me a picture. Are you getting along with your roommates?”

“Absolutely. Rosalie is a dream, but her work is just unbelievable. One picture captures so much. Wait until you see it. We’re working on a project together.”

“And your other roommate?”

“Hilda. Oh, God where to start.” Let’s hope the bottle of wine we shared earlier doesn’t reveal too much truth as I can hardly hold back.

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