Behind Closed Doors – Chapter 18 Teaser


We’re at Feuer und Eis, which translated means Fire and Ice—a bar owned by Siobhan’s husband, William. The main room is lined with a flickering inferno of massive computer screens and lights, casting dark shadows on dancers from the red and orange flames. The place is packed and the dance floor is a hot, steamy mass of swaying bodies.

The ice bar is the complete opposite and enclosed in another room blanketed in blues and grays. Massive blocks of ice are used for seating and the room is kept at 10 degrees below zero. They have fur coats and gloves available for keeping you warm, but we’ve been hitting the Jägermeister ever since we arrived, which has us feeling no pain.

William has been talking with Alistair ever since we got here. Apparently, they are close friends, but I don’t miss when Alistair’s eyes follow me as we move about the dance floor.

Maybe I’m overthinking his interest and he’s just looking out for me. I know I need to stop being so cautious and start taking some chances when it comes to my life. I’ve been playing it safe for too long by not taking risks or speaking up, and look where it got me with Edward—another failed relationship.

I glance at Alistair again, wondering if I should ask him to dance. He’s extremely easy on the eyes, but before I can make a decision, I notice another woman pulling him from his seat and onto the dance floor.

Shaking off my indecision, I dance with Rosalie, Hilda, and Maggie. George is busy working the room, but he finds us too. We alternate between rooms, and it seems my time between shots is getting shorter and shorter before returning to the dance floor and losing myself in the music.

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