Behind Closed Doors – Chapter 16 Teaser


I rush back to my apartment in the dark, early morning hours, knowing I need a shower and a change of clothes, something more professional, if I’m going to appear on Edward’s show. My current sexed up appearance wouldn’t be appropriate despite his encouragement it’s his favorite look on me.

I also need to spend some time doing a bit of research if I’m going to be prepared to debate issues about gun control and school safety. I have no idea who else is on the panel, but it’s a good idea to be prepared for anything.

“You’re up early.” Angela’s voice startles me.

I close the front door. “Hey. I’m surprised you’re up. I didn’t want to wake you.”

“I couldn’t sleep.”

I know she has questions regarding my whereabouts, but I’ve been evasive with my excuses lately, trying to make them about work, but I think she suspects something. Normally, she’s distracted by Ben, but it looks like I have her undivided attention.

“Well, I’ve got a limited time window and too much to do. I’ve been asked to fill in on one of those Sunday morning talk shows.”

“Oh? Which one?”

“This Week.”

“Edward Masen?”

“Yes, that’s the one. They had someone cancel at the last minute, and I’ve been asked to fill in for the roundtable discussion.”

“I didn’t know you knew him.”

“Oh, well, yes. We’ve met.”

“Where did you meet?”

Holy fuck. What do I say? My mind shuffles through our past year together, wondering what she’ll believe.

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