Behind Closed Doors – Chapter 15 Teaser


“I’m going to go grab a drink. Do you want anything?” Emmett asks. 

We are standing together, surveying the ballroom of the Washington Hilton, hosting our dinner this evening. It’s a black-tie event with plenty of tuxedos and sparkling, designer dresses as far as the eye can see.

“No. I need to locate Jacob. He texted me earlier to find him when I got here.”

Emmett nods and grabs my elbow before I go. “Hey, keep an open mind about Berlin. I think it may be the perfect opportunity for you and give you a chance to spread your wings without all the bullshit you deal with here.”

“I know. I’ll think about it. I promise.”

How can I forget? There’s an opening in our Berlin office they’re trying to fill, and Emmett recommended me for the job. I got a call a few days ago and did a telephone interview with the man who would be my new boss, Alistair Young. He’s Scottish and had me nearly swooning on his accent alone. It turns out he’s friends with Carlisle, who originally inquired on my behalf.

We hit it off, and I am tempted to say yes to his job offer, but my mind always goes back to Edward. I’m not sure where this thing between us is going even after almost a year. While everything is good, I don’t see anything changing our status, which makes me wonder how long we can continue in a relationship, solely behind closed doors.

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