Behind Closed Doors – Chapter 14 Teaser


With my new phone in hand and my afternoon completely wasted, I enter the lobby of my hotel and decide to locate the bar, because at this point, having a cocktail is probably in my best interest.

“What can I get you?”

I look around and notice an unusual amount of couples in the bar.

“I don’t know.”

“How about one of our specials?”

I look over the drink menu and question the large number of drinks with “love” or “sex” in the titles. “Kind of unusual names, don’t you think?”

“Not on Valentine’s Day. I can’t make them fast enough.”

“Valentine’s Day?” Shit.

“Yes. It’s today.”

Double shit. “I’ll take a ‘Sex in the Driveway’ then.”

“Coming right up.”

When my drink arrives, the obvious falls from my mouth. “It’s blue.”

“Yes. Like a ‘Sex on the Beach,’ but without the cranberry juice.”

“Well, I’m positive it will be the closest thing I’ll be having to sex tonight.”

“No Valentine’s dinner date?”

Oh, God. Alec asked me out for dinner on Valentine’s Day? Holy shit. I’m glad I dodged that one.

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