Behind Closed Doors – Chapter 12 Teaser


I’m antsy when I knock on his door, but when it opens, Edward takes my breath away. He looks like an outdoors catalogue model in his hiking boots, jeans, and plaid shirt. But it’s the scruff that nearly sends me over the edge.

“Hey.” I reach up and rub my hand along his jaw, standing on my tiptoes to give him a quick peck on the lips. “I like this.”

“Hello, beautiful. The start of a beard at your request.”

I’m dressed similarly, but he wins hands down, in my opinion. “I’m not sure I can outdo you on this one—you look like some type of rugged fantasy I never knew I had. All you need is an axe and a snow-covered cabin.”

“You want me to chop some wood for you?”

I grin. “I can definitely go for some chopping.”

“You’re in a good mood.”

“I’m excited to see you and spend an entire week together. Are you packed and ready?”

“I’ve already loaded up the Range Rover. I was just waiting for you and your bags. Let me lock up and we’ll get on the road.”

We take the elevator straight to the underground garage of Edward’s apartment building and store my items next to his in the back.

Once we’re on the road, I try to get a little more information from Edward, who has been very tight-lipped about our destination.

“So, we’re heading to—”

“The middle of nowhere.”

“No W-iFi?”

“Wi-Fi is unavailable and your electronic devices are unwelcome.”

“Lucky for you I didn’t bring my laptop. Is there at least electricity and running water?”

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