Behind Closed Doors – Chapter 10 Teaser


We are dressed casually in jeans and T-shirts, as you would expect from tourists, in an effort not to be recognized by anyone we know. It’s a minefield of possibilities here at Reagan National Airport.

Edward is wearing a hat and sunglasses to disguise his easy to spot copper-colored hair, while I’m tucked inside a hoodie with sunglasses too.

I see Senator Caius Volturi stop at one of the airport bars, no doubt arriving from Florida after spending the weekend with Dori and the girls. While Edward spots Irina Denali with Tanya’s husband, Laurent Dubois, walking hand in hand toward a gate for a flight to Paris.

With my eyebrows raised at the pairing, I wait for Edward to confirm what we are both thinking.

“I don’t know what to say, Bella.”

“I told you Tanya wasn’t the happily married woman you think she is. Why else would her sister and husband be here—clearly together?” I look back at the pair and catch him placing a sweet kiss on Irina’s forehead. “Holy smokes, he just kissed her.”

As Laurent and Irina disappear from my view, I notice her slide her hand into Laurent’s back pocket without a care or concern to who may see them. A pang of jealousy courses through me at their public ease together, which leaves me wishing I had that with Edward.

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