Behind Closed Doors – Chapter 7 Teaser


Emmett and I have made it through a dozen oysters, crab cakes, and a pile of calamari, plus a Black and Tan for each of us, when a familiar face walks toward our table.


“Hi, Alice.” I’m surprised to see her, but not as much as I am to see her dinner companion.

“I’m not stalking you really, Bella. The universe must be trying to tell us something. Miss, would it be okay if we took the table next to my friend?”

“Sure. No problem.” The hostess leaves menus at their spots and Alice moves to the booth side to sit next to me.

Alice doesn’t miss a beat and makes a quick introduction. “Bella, I’d like for you to meet my cousin, Edward Masen. Edward, this is Bella Swan. She’s a reporter for the Post, and we met at the White House Women’s Luncheon a little while back.”

“Nice to meet you, Bella.” He appears unmoved by my presence as he gently shakes my hand.

Oh, dear. This should be interesting.

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