Behind Closed Doors – Chapter 6 Teaser


It feels a little weird being in Edward’s apartment without him, and I’m hoping with time, I’ll feel more comfortable in his space. I set my grocery bags on the counter and start making the cake first. Most of Edward’s kitchen items still have sales stickers on them, and cake pans are nowhere to be found, so I’m glad I thought to bring some of my own.

I’m pouring cake batter into three pans when I hear the front door open.

“Honey, I’m home!” Edward yells, coming around the corner with a huge smile on his face. “Now, this is a sight I could get used to seeing.”

He leans in to steal a few kisses. “Mmmmm. Delicious.”

“What do I taste like?”

“Vanilla cake.”

“Let me just put these in your oven.”

“That sounds so sexy.”

“You’re ridiculous. Have you ever used this oven? It looks brand new.”

“Uh, did I mention I’m not one to cook?”

“Yes, but Edward, surely you don’t eat carryout every night.”

“No, some nights I eat at one of the restaurants around here or at the studio. Other times, I eat at work events or meetings. Do I not look well-fed?”

“You look mighty fine to me.”

“That’s more like it. Now come here so you can properly welcome me home after a long morning at work.”

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